Cameroon govt, anglophone separatists start ceasefire talks

AFP > MSN | Cameroon’s government and the leaders of English-speaking separatists have begun ceasefire talks, the rebels said Friday, an unprecedented step towards stemming near daily violence that has killed more than 3,000 people in under three years.

The anglophone Northwest and Southwest regions have been gripped by conflict since the separatists declared their independence in October 2017 after decades of grievances at perceived discrimination by the francophone majority.

The main separatist leader and self-proclaimed president of “Ambazonia” — the name given to the breakaway state — Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe said that the negotiations started with government representatives on Thursday evening.

“Nine of our leaders in detention were invited to meet with a team from the government of La Republique du Cameroun on initiating a ceasefire following the United Nation’s request to bring an end to the war in Ambazonia,” Ayuk Tabe, who is in jail serving a life sentence, said in a statement sent to AFP by his lawyer.

“Once significant progress is made, the interim government of Ambazonia will update Ambazonians,” he said, adding that he remains committed to the independence of the two regions.

The nine leaders are self-declared members of the “interim government of Ambazonia”. All are in jail in the capital Yaounde, sentenced last August on “terrorism” charges.

The Cameroonian government neither confirmed nor denied the meeting had been held, but a senior UN official told AFP that it took place.

Despite international pressure, it is the first meeting between separatist leaders and the government since the conflict broke out in the two regions, which account for about a fifth of a population that is overwhelmingly French-speaking.

– Surprise development –

President Paul Biya’s government has previously refused to negotiate with the separatist leaders.

It held a “national dialogue” on the conflict in October, but most separatist groups refused to participate, many pointing out their leaders remained in prison.

In early March, the UN called for a ceasefire in the two regions, in part to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

But the appeal went unheeded, with military operations even seeming to intensify — the army said it killed 24 separatists in two raids last month.

The sudden softening towards negotiation therefore took many by surprise.

In the statement sent to AFP, the separatist leaders said “no war has ever been wrapped up in the battlefield” and that “real, sustainable peace and independence are a product of the negotiation table”.

The statement, which is addressed to separatist militants, said the Thursday meeting was “an initial confidence-building procedure” and that the leaders’ position on a negotiated ceasefire was made “clear and unambiguous” to the government.

Cameroon’s anglophone protest movement is fragmented into several groups, with the most radical not recognising the “interim government of Ambazonia” and refusing any discussion with the government.

The revelation of the talks — meant to remain secret, at least at first — comes as four people were injured by a homemade bomb in the capital Yaounde, which has been mostly spared the violence of the separatist conflict.

– Abuses on both sides –

Both English-speaking regions were once part of British colonies in West Africa called the Southern Cameroons. They joined French-speaking Cameroon after it gained independence from France in 1960.

After months of protests in late 2017, decades of resentment boiled over into an armed campaign for independence that was then met with a brutal government crackdown.

There has been almost constant violence in the two regions since, and more than 700,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.

Rights monitors have said that abuses have been committed by both sides.

The country’s armed forces have become mired in a series of high-profile atrocities related to the conflict.

On Thursday, the National Union of Cameroon Journalists condemned the “confiscation” of the body of anglophone TV reporter Samuel Wazizi, who died in custody after being detained in the Southwest Region’s capital Buea in August last year.

The army only revealed Wazizi’s death last month after international pressure, saying he had worked for the separatists and had died of “severe sepsis”.

The union accused the authorities of never releasing Wazizi’s body to “hide the bodily harm that the journalist suffered during his incommunicado detention”.


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  1. Good step forward. At some point the dialogue has to be open and convincing. Part of the negotiation has to do with Biya stepping down as he has been consumed by the infirmities of age. You don’t need a French stooge pulling another trickery.

    Biya is suspect on his intentions. This conflict has dragged on and cashflow is not there. IMF reported that of most African countries the Cameroon diaspora is now contributing significantly less than other diasporas and much less than it used to. Most Anglophones regardless of their affiliations choose not to invest heavily back home. Some do, I know. Stop it.

    Most Doualas and Bamis oppose Biya and are not coming home because of arrest on arrival at the airport. Biya’s regime no has a bad name, no tourists coming. No cash, more taxes. Stupidity !!

  2. @Mwambo our struggle has never been about wether biya stays in yaounde or not.the ideology of a people living a life free from oppression,and being able to manage their destiny has been the flame behind our struggle.

    Another point to take note of is that,anyone who is in a compromised position as of this moment doesn’t represent us.all prisoners of British southern cameroons decend should be released before any meaningful talks can hold.

    • @ Palapala,

      I am evaluating the situation and just how effective any talks could be. Biya is keeping Amba leadership as a bargaining chip. He has never been trustworthy and over the years he has believed in his mastery of beguilement with French conspiracy. Remember he pleaded to amend the constitution from five yrs to seven and max of two terms, and how he vowed never to renew?

      At this point of negotiating a way out, Biya is not the guy. He has no love of country or people and has no intentions of ever seeing S. Cameroons secede, not even to return to federalism which was an option he had many years back. Biya knows the people are now a long way gone and his dictatorship has been a failed one. Rigor & Moralization was a French ploy.

      You tread carefully man. My takeoff point is Biya.

      • @ Mwambo, i still stand by the point i made earlier that by or no biya,the fight for our total liberation must move on by whatever means.

        We are fighting for our sovereignty,and biya isn’t the only la republican that is against that.i think we all know the forces that are against us achieving that goal.

        There has never been a time in history whereby one la republican has advocated for our state and theirs to be two separate entities.take a toddler from lrc today and he will still advocate for us being their slaves.

        We will sit on the negotiating table with whoever lrc brings but from a point of strength,and not from a point of weakness,and they know they can’t win.
        There are points i might not also want to elaborate on here,but use your head man,thanks.

  3. Hahahaha. Tricks of French-Biya gang. No genuine negotiations can occur while Tabi and others are in jail. Ambazonians are not as foolish as you may think. Only Dr. Sako and the interim government can negotiate.
    Stop wasting your time Mvondo and gang. You will be paid in your own coin at the end.
    Let those who kill innocent people live forever.
    Time will tell.

    • Mvondo: The only recognized leader of the Interim Government for Southern Cameroon (aka Ambazonia) is Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe. Never, ever mention the name of the con man and thief Sako Ikome. That scammer Ikome Sako stole abiut $1 million contributed for refugees. Also, he is not a “Dr.”. Where did he go to school? he is not even working in the USA. Don’t be a shithole SHEEP.

      Ikome Sako is a thief and scammer. He is nothing better than a con man.

    • Here comes the sheep brains. Samuel Sako the thief/ scammer working underground to hand over Ambazonians to Biya through Maffani Mussonge? You slimy idiot. Wasn’t Buea and the rest of Fako very calm until last week the no nonsense ADF declared and shut down the Mutengene-Ekona-Limbe Mile4 perimeter? Sako is a persona non grata in Ambazonia. He shall be hanged for the generals him and his big mouth secretary Anus have deceived and killed starting with Braveheart Gen Ivo to the Bui 24 they wiped out in cold blood. Sako is the worst thing that ever happened to our revolution. I urge you to take your dull head and read the publications of the Oxford University, UK Home Office, US senate reports and the Norwegian Institute of Human Rights. Sako the thief is a con man and he shall pay kindly

    • Here comes the sheep brains. Samuel Sako the thief/ scammer working underground to hand over Ambazonians to Biya through Maffani Mussonge? You slimy idiot. Wasn’t Buea and the rest of Fako very calm until last week the no nonsense ADF declared and shut down the Mutengene-Ekona-Limbe Mile4 perimeter? Sako is a persona non grata in Ambazonia. He shall be hanged for the generals him and his big mouth secretary Anu have deceived and killed starting with Braveheart Gen Ivo to the Bui 24 they wiped out in cold blood. Sako is the worst thing that ever happened to our revolution. I urge you to take your dull head and read the publications of the Oxford University, UK Home Office, US senate reports and the Norwegian Institute of Human Rights. Sako the thief is a con man and he shall pay kindly

      • Short man,

        Ayaba Cho is a genocidaire who must be brought to book. Same with Akwanga…

  4. Ambazonians you have come this far because of the no nonsense stance of the ADF.They are the only body still keeping Ayuk Tabe relevant. Only your guns will free you. Go to TTOF and triple your groundnut monthly contributions. Do not blink. These devils mean no good nor have any peaceful intentions. The UNGA is coming up in September and they are laying grounds to conceal their barbarism and convince the world
    progress is being made. Your biggest credit is that Dr Cho Ayaba
    understands so well the working mind of Biya and his CPDM coons. Do not blink! Any discussions on the table shall be backed by boots on the ground. That’s exactly what it means negotiating from a position of strength. Not the Facebook political noise makers and con pastors. Long live Ambazonia. Long live freedom.

    • Tapang aka Dot.

      Your appointment with Homeland security is imminent….man no run.

      A warm arrival awaits you in Cameroon. Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki

      • Are you really this daft or is it blind hate for truth? Btw, I am not your Tapang Ivo or whatever you want me to be. Idiot.

        • Did that hit a nerve? Lol! I am daft but not as blinded by my ego to think i can proclaim a country because my feelings are hurt.

          Tapang or not, you all sound alike….


  5. good step toward peace. bravo to the government

  6. Black people world wild need a free zone to escape!
    The only place on earth where a black person can feel free an at home, is AFRICA.
    It is our duty as AFRICANS to make our continent a welcoming place for the entire black race.
    The west is on fire right now and it is just a matter of time before they start to chase you people out of Babylon.
    Some people here act like if They are blind or dum! Don’t you se what is going on right now all over the world?
    The time is NOW for AFRICA to raise, and AFRICA IS RAISING.
    We need every African child to join us for the building of the continent.
    Americans of African descendent are moving back in masses to the continent and buy land and investing big for the future. So do those born and raised in th UK.
    What is YOUR escape plan????

    • Hej
      There is a movement out there called Bla xit!
      “The year of return ” is stii going strong.
      Travel to Ghana and se for yoursel what is going on there..Travel to the Gambia and se…
      Senegal, Liberia etc….
      Black enlited young people are leaving Babylon and are making things happening in the motherland.
      Stop wasting time and get yourself out!
      Don’t let 2021 find you in the crumbling west world.
      You don’t have to go back to Cameroon if you don’t want to, but you must get out before it is too late.
      I am going back as soon as they open the frontiers with all my family.
      When are you moving back to Africa?
      Africa is our future. There is nothing in the west for us.
      Stop the excuses. Pack your stuff and leave!
      Africa is big. Just chose a place.

  7. Ps:
    I will be residing in Ghana for a year before moving to Cameroon, depending on how things will progress.
    For those who are interested to move, or even visit Ghana, I will publish some links here if the @dmin allows me.
    I’m working together with some “African-American ” entreprenors in partnership with Ghanans entreprenors as well to encourage and help some to have a smooth move back to the continent.

    • Africans for African is a great idea. For blacks anywhere in the world to be proud & respected, Africa has to be their beacon of hope. But this can’t happen when Africa is run by stooges kowtowing colonial powers.

      I invest now in Ghana along with another friend. A lot of Cameroonians are heading that direction. I discussed with some of my guys in EU and everyone is pumped up about taking the next move to Ghana.

      Cameroon is politically primitive. The Ghanaian president is a visionary and spoke eloquently about Africa’s future and against foreign siphoning & intrusion. Biya has failed and Cameroonians must disinvest & divest out of Cameroon to force change.

      The IMF made is clear, only the diaspora can save Africa from huge borrowing and the ills of decades of loan sharking.

      No to Biya!

    • Truth and Facts

      very good!
      We need more people with constructive ideas here.
      Most people here unfortunately are only interested in insulting and calling people names.

  8. There’re only two ways forward, the priority being total separation…the second which constitutes an uphill task to convince Ambazonians at this point to agree on, two state federalism. Ambazonians are disgusted by the arrogance of Francophone Cameroon and it will always be extremely difficult to co-exist moving forward.

    Ambazonians have learned to express themselves with dignity & to stand by their decisions with decisive fortitude, even with the odds piled against them. That’s the spirit moving forward, why it is clear that even with a two federal system in place, living together will be tough.

    The Atanga Njis, the Issa Tchiromas have been humiliated. What happened with we can never negotiate with terrorists? Yaounde is crumbling under a war they started that they can never win.

    • eyalow,

      I see you have not stopped drinking heineken for breakfast. If your big belly doesn’t explode, it will be your sheer dullness..

      you live in a country that sold Africans yet you claim people living in cameroon cannot live with each other. are the pipo your boys drove to francophone area coexisting with aliens? are the francophones in bamenda coexisting with aliens?

      you tink any sane person will allow the likes of ayababoon, craze anus, pasto saco, sicksicksiku, and all the other sychophats to rule a kontri? you must be drunk?

      what is the difference between atanga ji, issa tifroma and tapand and his twin garri masta? stop drinking heineken for breakfast and go and fight in lebialem with film marshall.


  9. @Mvondo Who is Dr.Sako? The man who came to the Ambasonia revolution to make money? Dr.Sako cannot negotiate while Sisiku and Co are still in jail.We are not stupid.Sisiku is very close to Biya than Sako who is millions of miles away.Why should Biya leave Sisiku who is close to him and go and negotiate with Sako who is far away? It means it is Dr.Sako we want to sell Ambasonia to LRC. The Swiss process of negotiations failed because Dr.Sako the scammer wanted to team up with Cho Ayaba to go and negotiate in Swiss while Sisiku stays in prison but Cho Ayaba refused.Thats why Biya has come back to Sisiku that he sentenced to life imprisonment. What a dramatic twist. Yes,prisoners don’t negotiate and i want u to be rest assured that Sisiku will not negotiate while in jail.

    • Kikikiki, Mvondo…can Ayaba, Sako, Anu, even Ayuk negotiate?

      What are they going to talk about during negotiations other than we want our own country. How?

      No, meik wuna sef-sef wuna calculate’am. Which contri for dis grong fit go shidong for on top table witi some group of con men, wey dem want for create a contri within a contri? Man liké Cho, once dem go explain’am for yi in very simple logic sey CMR cannot divide, no be na end of dialogue dat so? Ifi pipo for inside negotiation room no even lukut, Ayaba go charge sotey carry chair for air for nakam for on top man yi head. How you fit negotiate witi da kana pipo? Eske wuna even know sey conflict resolution (negotiation) na major for university?

      Eske Cho know book? Ah mean da correct book, no be da parrot book wey dem teach we.

      • Barrister Ball-a be don tok’am hoha…Ayaba Cho dem call yi enabler. Barrister bin tok sey, meik we first teik da federation matter, secur’am first, b4 we open eye again. Sef Munzu bin tell wuna, but eske ova trong head fit meik wuna mov’t think liké normal pipo?

        After all the killings and misery, cam coté witi me sey the highest for any negotiation go up witi federation, dem go try for gee yam all kan-kan names, but all man go know sey na federation.

        See very simple thing for understand, but ah di so-so wonder why wuna mov’t no di fit for understand simple aremetiks.

        Poh-poh Fongum Gorji Dinka, bin don tok’am hoha…you can never win dis thing through tchav’em but through book. Big-big book. And the win yi di mean’am, na federation, form of autonomy. No be na 2 separate contris…

  10. @Bah Cho…I want u to please ask this gov’t why they declared war on an enemy they know they can’t win…..

    • Shouldn’t you be asking your head slicers their country wouldn’t exist without a young havard student’s idea?

      When will your ancestors in ingland endorse your virtual country with a million generals?


  11. **** A BUNCH OF COWARDS ****



    because they immediately started BEGGING for negotiation after TWO bombs exploded in Yaounde

    As a reminder, this same crime syndicate had vowed SEVERALLY that they can NEVER EVER negotiate with TERRORISTS.

    The inexplicable and greatest paradox that defies all human logic is that LRC has tagged Ayuk Tabe et al. as terrorists and extremists. However, LRC is now BEGGING to dialogue with the same Anglophone “terrorists and extremists”. That is the inexplicable paradox that beats my imagination.


    • Two crime-syndicates are negotiating about the fate of 25 plus million africans and this one dey here di writer ledger.

      we don suffer for this tropical anglosaxons and equatorial gaullists their hand too much.

  12. @Brothajoe ..Remember,i told u that u will be the one to cry last. ”When will your ancestors in ingland endorse your virtual country with a million generals?” Ha ha ha ha ….Of course our ancestors in England endorsed our virtual country the same day your ancestors in France endorsed your virtual territory that u called NW and SW..

    • See you in Buea, the regional capital of the SW region of the republic of Cameroon. lauhing in graffi


  13. @Brothajoe ”I am daft but not as blinded by my ego to think i can proclaim a country because my feelings are hurt.”…. There u go again..Biya is the first to proclaim a country he called LRC in 1984 with a virtual territory NW and SW included in that his country…He did that,counting on his military to maintain it that way…The military seems to be failing him as the man is now begging to talk with a man he sentenced to life imprisonment…..

    • Kongosa,

      The issue is YOU not Biya. You are not as different from the regime as you claim but what do i know? Lol.

      What is the difference between you, pasto sako, craze anus, tapang, and fame ndongo? there is none. you are all bloodthirsty sycophants. tifs, liars, etc.

      none of you have the nerve or the mind to lead a revolution. njangi house struggle na njangi house struggle.

      big shout out to general nambere and the others who have seen the light.

      Kongosa, if you have the balls, go and fight. we will call you Lt Col General Adminiral Kongosa. Kikikikikikikikikiki

      • The last time I checked the government of Cameroon have never called for a cease fire they have remained straight on their say that terrorists are the ones who took guns to fight the regime therefore must lay their weapons down if they want peace to reign in Bda/Bea. I used to say when idiocy becomes endemic the wip remains the only medicine anyway let’s see what will happen next.

        • who will the government negotiate with? how many presidents does facebook ambazonia has? how many generals? or they should negotiate with finger cutter activist or thief purser tapang ivo. massa amba people find place sleep. SW people donc wise. B’da people feet continue the suffer

  14. @nelson Sisiku and Cho Ayaba will negotiate.Sako and Chris Anu has no forces on the ground.They were counting on Field Marshall.Field Marshall have been bought over by Paul Tasong.No fighter now on ground zero recognises them as their leader.

  15. Sako has never been a prisoner,so,he has no locus standi to negotiate freedom.

    • primitive illiterates, your slave father has never been a prisoner but a enabler beggar, staying in a dirty, slum village all his worthless life as a coward peasant glorifying genocidal biya all his life without clean drinkable water, now the younger generations are fighting for their wrongful doings, is Sako your lrc slave family? when did your genocide president served in jail?

    • Kongosa,

      You go reach Buea so? White and e former security guard pastor go get wuna even before sicksickkuh chop sardine for kondegui!!!

      Yet, you want anglophones to follow you to your cult.


  16. prisoners do not negotiate, any negotiaton must be outside of Cameroon, there cannot be peace without justice, Ambazonians have a IG, interem Gogernment with President Sako!,restoration council, SCOOP, ARC and other learned invididual, Sisiku has no command,no self defense,no money to negotiage a bag of potatoes let alone 7.9 million diehard patriotic Ambazonia people,the UN, AU have failed,we are fihting with our guns, will power and determination, we shall take back our Ambaland by force from lrc and force UN to mandate our country which they failed in 1961 by force, Ambazonians do not need UN,AU or any country to give them freedom, we know how to get it after fighting for 4 years without fear

  17. Dear White,

    In a few months, US Homeland Security will show up the new house hard working people’s contributions bought for him.

    He will wish he remained a security guard and kept his 7 member congregation.

    Mark my words, we are coming for you who sit in the US and commit crimes against innocent people in the name of a cult.

    Tapang Ivo Tanku, Eric Tataw, Chris Anu and Sako Ikome, your time is coming….

    anti-biya/anti-amba BLACKLEG

  18. @White Sisiku is the one who declared the restauration of the independence of SC,not your con man and impostor Sako.The self defense forces on ground are fighting in respect,to defend that independence that Sisiku declared.They are not fighting for Sako.The only fighter who politicised the fighting claiming to be fighting for Sako is Field Marshall.And from the best of my knowledge,Field Marshall is no longer fighting.Sako should start by telling his bakweri people in Fako to fight,from there,i would start believing that he may have fighters who are paying allegiance to him.Are u saying that the Manyu ghost warriors in Mamfe recognises Sako as their president? Of course not.Let the Fako people fight first from there,we would start believing that there are fighters who may be loyal to him

    • Kongosa,

      you have seen nothing. south sudan has 700 generals. Your facebook country with half a dozen presidents and 134 generals is close behind. Kikikikikikikikikikikiki

      you will fight yourselves to your graves. badluck pipo.

mattis ut vulputate, id, dapibus odio