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Cameroon imposes dusk-to-dawn curfew in restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Sept. 9 (Xinhua ) — Local authorities in Northwest, one of the two crisis-hit English-speaking regions of Cameroon, on Sunday declared an indefinite curfew in the entire region.

“Movement of persons and property is hereby restricted as from the date of signature of this present order from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. within the Northwest region till further notice,” the region’s governor, Adolph Lele Lafrique, said in a statement.

“During the said period all off-licenses, snack bars and nightclubs shall remain closed. Motor parks shall remain closed and night travel suspended,” the statement said.

The decision was taken after a driver was killed on Saturday during an attack on transport buses as gunmen attempted to cut the Northwest region from the rest of the country.

“They (gunmen) asked all the passengers to lay in the mud face-down and brought a bulldozer which they used to cut the road into two,” a witness told Xinhua. “Five buses were burnt in our presence.”

Fighting is intensifying in the two English-speaking regions of Southwest and Northwest ahead of the Oct. 7 presidential elections.

Armed separatist forces who want to secede from French-majority Cameroon to form a new nation called “Ambazionia” have vowed to stop the election from taking place in the two Anglophone regions.

According to the government, over 100 security personnel and an unknown number of separatist have died in the clashes; some military officers estimate that more than 200 armed separatists have been killed.

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  1. Les Camerounais francophones pensent-ils réellement qu’il est normal d’avoir le même président depuis plus de 40 ans? C’est si elles accordent à Paul Biya un autre mandat de 7 ans. Tout le Cameroun devrait demander à Paul Biya de partir et de laisser les Camerounais ramasser les morceaux de ce pays qu’il a détruits. Biya doit partir!

  2. Do Francophone Cameroonians Actually believe that it is normal to have the same President for more than 40 Years? That’s if they accord Paul Biya another 7 years term of Office. All of Cameroon should be calling for Paul Biya to Go and Leave Cameroonians to pick up the pieces of this country he has destroyed. Biya must Go!

  3. SLOWDOWN AND THINK . BARBARISM IS SO DEEPLY SEATED IN THEIR MINDS . LOOK AROUND THE WORLD AND SEE WHAT YOU do . all of you are powermongers and powerdriven so you escaped to others land when you considered that enough power and position was not given to you in your job places to execute and to dominate others .What on earth are you still bearing titles of recognition from your homeland. (NTOUMFONS ECT) when are you going to denounce these titiles. Fons are hiers..Belonging to special families. OTHERS ARE SUBJECTS TO FONS AND FOREVER. Everyone with anyduty post in that land ; MINISTERS DIRECTORS AND ALL ABUSE POWER personalises all and puts the others in pooverty are they looking for a revolution or they are retaliating? U ARE ALL IN POWER FOR TOO LONG: ALL EMBEZLERS

  4. YOU SEE, because u have accepted to work for an organisation or a master, please read well your work contract. hope you have one. if not ask for one. be educated and informed.
    are u fooled to carry up what ever ammunition to kill .? soldiers are recognised and for u i doubt.
    call parents churches and the those u can, to help u change and get a profession with a contract of work.

  5. 30 million people subject to one man rule! The problem in Cameroon is not those fighting the regime but those who are complicit to the horrors of daily life in Cameroon. 65 ministers, and all those in power in Cameroon, is this the Cameroon you took an oath of office to serve or a nightmare? No roads, no clean water, corruption, unemployment, brain drain, borrowing nonstop, begging, debt beat country etc. What will be your legacy to your Country? A patriot, an Accomplice or a coward?. We can do better together. Its not to late. NO MORE YEARS 7. Nothing was accomplished in 35. You had seven times that much time and Cameroon is worse off during your tenure! Per capita income of $1 a day today compared to $2 when you started.Time for retirement.

  6. The World can now see why Southern Cameroons WANTS out of LRC. See the so-called High way. What a shame to call it a highway. Highway to hell. The Bamis should be warned! Do not eat with the devil for devil is a liar. Remember when Ahidjo and Biya slaughtered Bamis and Southern Cameroonians protected you? Sooner than later 1 or 2 Generals would jump the failing regime and be on the side of SC and Southern Cameroons flag would be raised in Buea!

  7. @ngohele ”soldiers are recognised and for u i doubt.”..Of course Ambas Boys are recognised.That is why Amnesty International called them seperatist fighters,not ”terrorist”…Of course they are combatants.They are recognised.It is your union with SC that is not recognised.So,that makes your forces,forces of occupation.

  8. Let them impose a 24hrs curfew,that won’t change anything. There will be no elections on Ambaland come October 7. This decision will also affect them too. Full scale war is awaited on that day.

  9. This is the work of Atanga Nji, how can the Amba boyz have enough time on a busy highway with government military patrols and stop buses, fake not by Amba boys but by Atangaji /LRC Military


    Dictator Biya recently created a so-called “REGION MILITAIRE” in Bamenda in order to intimidate the “secessionists”. A few kilometres from the headquarters of the “Region militaire”, the so-called “secessionists” used a caterpillar to desroy the only road linking “one and indivisible” LRC with “one and indivisible” SC. The significance of this brave action cannot be overemphasized. The “secessionists” have once more proven, beyond the reasonable doubt, that THERE IS ZERO MILITARY SOLUTION TO THE ANGLOPHONE QUESTION. The war is UNWINNABLE and a sheer waste of precious time, energy and innocent souls.

    Believe me or not, the FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine. There is nothing Dictator Biya can do to prevent it.


      **** BREAKING NEWS ****


      • you are very stupid to say nonsense..fake amba boys rob pple for small change and not destruction of roads and buses.its 2000% your amba boys orders and mind you..when u talk of leaders of SC…the leaders are the people fighting here and mind u..diaspora is jst playx a dormant part cos when I mingle with them and here their thoughts, make God help and so call diaspora to come and say they want to take control i.e. if the struggle is won…
        cos at the back of their mind they know they are the ones risking their lives and have the natural right to rule the people when the time comes.
        so do not sit and watch the stupid channel in south Africa… we know all what is happening here and bet u the worst will come if they win the fight!

  11. we need a serious uprising in subsaharan Africa like the Arab spring in North Africa. It is not normal that , someone like Biya who came to power peacefully at a very young age, do not wish to hand over to another person and go enjoy his retirement in peace .In subsaharan africa , starting from Cameroon, to Equatorial Guinea, Congo Brazaville and the Chadian president , they all have gang up against their own people. It is time for them to go. starting with Paul Biya of Cameroon.Arab Spring refers to the democratic uprisings that arose independently and spread across the Arab world in 2011. The movement originated in Tunisia in December 2010 and quickly took hold in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

  12. # kill anyone who don’t want to abide by this decision!