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Cameroon launches platform to boost youth employment

YAOUNDE, Dec. 9 Xinhua | YouthConnekt, a platform intended to boost youth entrepreneurship, job creation and social cohesion was launched in Cameroon on Monday.

Cameroon’s Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutso, said the initiative will connect and empower Cameroonian youth with skills to fully take part in the development of the country.

“We have realized that many Cameroonian youths are not connected. We are now offering them this platform to connect to opportunities wherever they are found,” Foutso told reporters.

Over 5,000 youths including football star, Samuel Eto’o, attended Monday’s launch ceremony in the capital Yaounde.

YouthConnekt is a joint UN-Government initiative that seeks to connect young people to diverse socio-economic and political opportunities in order to optimize their empowerment and facilitate their full participation in development.

The initiative launched in 2012 in Rwanda is present in 12 African Countries.

“I encourage every young Cameroonian to seize the opportunities offered by YouthConnekt following the launching of the initiative in Cameroon. Our dear and beautiful country will be built in peace with the youth,” Cameroonian President Paul Biya tweeted immediately after the launch ceremony.

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  1. Feyman president who can not deliver, even when he is given time in his hands.
    Ruling a country for close to 40 yrs, and everything is in the negative. Pure bad

  2. This FEH man in the name of Biya is always coming up with ideas during elections..
    He started fooling the youths again with BLA BLA BLA…
    The youths dont have any future in cameroon..
    The country is governed by old Gangsters with diapers…
    Brainless peope who have disconnected with the reality for many many years..
    The strange thing is that many of the youths have just accepted alcohol, Bread , sardine and dance…
    The youths of southern Cameroon have seen joining Amba movement as the only alternative to make ends meet..
    Joining the revolution with all the dangers of being killed gives them the possibility to feel they are being respected and heard ..
    If these old people are not chased from Cameroon, the country will fall apart real soon..

  3. If you no dey for equipe de shiba, e like you dig am leke ground beep, no way.

  4. Paul Biya is serving satan, and all of us know nothing good comes out of the devil. Those who have ears should hear.

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