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Lejeune Mbella Mbella

Cameroon: NGOs Exaggerate Separatist Crisis

YAOUNDE VOA | Cameroon is accusing the international NGOs of exaggerating the crisis in the country’s two English-speaking regions. Separatists there have been fighting the government troops since 2017, alleging years of marginalization by authorities of the mostly French-speaking country.

External relations minister Lejeune Mbella Mbella said Thursday his country has been the object of ceaseless attacks from international NGOs, rights groups and aid agencies over its handling of the separatist movement.

This week, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told lawmakers in Paris that he is disturbed by the growing loss of human life in the regions.

On Wednesday, Refugees International said the Cameroonian government has refused to recognize the severity of the crisis and that international donors may be forced to reconsider their contributions.

The United Nations estimates at least 1,800 people have been killed and more than 530,000 displaced since fighting broke out in the English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions in 2017. It says about 1.3 million people are in need.

Mbella Mbella said the figures are exaggerated to give the impression Cameroon is not able to handle the situation.

He said the government, with the assistance of its international partners, has distributed humanitarian assistance including goods of basic necessity, school books, planting seeds and building material to 75,000 of the 150,000 internally displaced persons.

Mbella Mbella did not give a number for those who have died but said it was Cameroon’s duty to lead peace efforts to ensure that stability and peace return to the regions.

He said the government is capable of doing that as a sovereign state without the intervention of other nations.

He said although it has been accused of committing atrocities, the Cameroon military has only been protecting its citizens from separatist fighters and defending the territorial integrity of the country. He said the military has been very professional in executing its task against what he termed barbaric fighters.

Mbella Mbella accused some rights groups of wanting to destabilize Cameroon by giving an impression the crisis is escalating and the government is not doing enough to resolve it.

One of the groups accused was Human Rights Watch.

Ilaria Allegrozzi, a central Africa researcher for HRW, was refused access to Cameroon last May, on the grounds she did not give proper information about the crisis.

She says the group should be allowed to do its work, which is essentially to promote human rights.

“We have tried to establish and open frank dialogue with the government and we will continue to do so. By enabling human rights organizations to operate without obstacles and without difficulties, Cameroon would demonstrate its willingness to allow rigorous and independent scrutiny of its efforts to adhere to international human rights law,” Allegrozzi said.

Alice Nkom, a local human rights lawyer, says humanitarian needs are rising by the day because the crisis is worsening and the military option taken by President Paul Biya is not a good one.

“He is still deaf and dumb when it is about peace or dialogue. He wants to use soldiers and give them the mandate to do what they can do with guns,” Nkom said.

Biya has said he is open to dialogue with the separatists but will not discuss the division of Cameroon. He has branded the separatists as terrorists.

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  1. When LRC terrorist forces beat, rape and order girls to swim in mud, that amounts to protection of the population;

    When LRC terrorist forces shoot and kill a 4-month old baby, they do that to protect the population.

    As I said before, until we start killing LRC citizens in our communities, this nonsense will not stop.

    Remember, beginning in September 2019, any LRC citizen choosing to stay in Ambazonia will be doing so at their own peril. Well, it goes both ways–all Ambazonians in LRC MUST come back.

    All LRC students wanting to enroll in Bamenda and Buea universities will not have a place to stay as we will not allow them to stay in our communities. Please, pass this message to them.

  2. Fortunately for ministers like Lejeune Mbella Mbella, the press has been so hassled and intimidated that they hardly ask the hard, probing questions.
    And so the minister can afford the luxury of stating that Cameroon’s military have only been protecting civilians from separatist fighters. Where did the fighters suddenly come from? Whom are they fighting? Where do they reside?
    Left unsaid is the fact that the civilians began the show with peace plants while the military descended on them with AK-47 and that for reasons not quite clear, the citizens took up bows and arrows and dane guns and finally Kalashnikovs, prompting the heavyweights to switch to peace plants, Minister Stands Nji Paul leading the way, followed by Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute.

  3. May force and wisdom always guide the people of Southern Cameroons (AMBAZONIA). Freedom is a human right.Together we stand to win, separated, we may easily lose. We shall prevail against all odds.

    Bravo to all la ripoublique agents who comment all over the internet. You are enriching our content for the argument against you froggies when the time comes. Thank you for helping the people of Ambazonia in distilling all the insults you can. C’est vraiment génial. Vous nous fournissez des arguments solides qui vont nous permettre d’exposer aux yeux du monde entier le relationnel de façade qui existerait() dans la ripoublique francophone du Cameroun. Merci pour vos contributions. 98% na FRENCH, No UNION.

  4. Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens,
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery.

  5. To all the agents of Mr. Biya, have YOU ever asked yourself why:
    1.) America with all its military might could not defeat the Vietnamese?
    2.) The Egyptians with all their military might could never stop the Israelites?
    3.) For 3 yrs and counting, it is difficult nay impossible by the military prowess of Mr. Biya to have control over the people of West Cameroon?
    Your answer may not be good as mine….perhaps it is blowing in the wind, but the fact no mortal can dispute is this; THE ARMY OF THE OPPRESSED WAS DESIGNED (BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE WORLD WAS LAID) NEVER TO BE DEFEATED IN ANY WAR.

  6. This minister is telling lies.95 % of the most savage atrocities committed in The Anglophone regions is by the Cameroon army.Mr minister fails to know that satellite images exist and will prove him wrong.The government thinks that by lying it can win the sympathy of the international community.After committing such wanton atrocities why can they not be bold enough to accept their responsibilities? Did a government supporter not boast on tv that the Cameroon army is capable of wiping out the American army?Cameroun is ruled by an occultic criminal gangster regime whose only force of experience is to kill torture and silence its own citizens.

  7. The sovereignty of STATES must no longer be used as a SHIELD for gross violation of HUMAN RIGHTS…

    Chanting slogans like cameroon is one and indivisible does not justify any RAPING, KILLINGS and BURNING of Property

  8. Allow international human rights investigators to come and investigate and interview the local population.You cannot be a perpetrator and a judge at the same time.The Cameroun army is protecting the population by killing them and burning their houses?

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