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Cameroon offers cash and training for new farmers [+video]

Young people in Cameroon are being offered free training and a $200 grant to take up a career in agriculture. For some, it’s already paying dividends. Sam Holder reports.

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  1. from my experience,what often lack our farmers is not capital but strategy.for example,sunflower takes three months from planting to harvesting.its lowest yield is 4 tonnes per hectare .the four tonnes per hectare can be sold for 500.000 cfa withen three months.but if the farmer has a pressing machine,they will make two times and a half this amount from oil and waste matter for fish and animal farming.compare this to planting coffee ,cocoa or palm nuts and waiting for four years to start the first harvest.and you understand what i mean.

  2. @ Bah Acho;
    Try “our farmers lack”.

  3. JOHN DINGA,that is the profession of our idiotic super degree holders from havard and la sorbonne.incapable of connecting pipe born water in thier villages,when secondary school children are building and lunching sattellite systems in japan.ignorance is not when one can not read and write the language of others,but when the mind is fed with wrong information.what is the use of our super degree holders today?all of them without exception are salaried workers.who says salaried workers,says voluntary slavery.can good,french,english or portuguese save them?

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