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Cameroon publishes provisional lists for general elections

YAOUNDE, Dec. 10 Xinhua | Cameroon’s electoral body Elections Cameroon (Elecam) published late Monday the provisional lists of political parties to run for legislative and municipal elections scheduled next year.

A total of 470 candidate lists were submitted by 35 political parties. 451 lists have been accepted, according to a statement of Elecam.

Candidates of the ruling party, Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), are reported to be running unchallenged in 17 constituencies. Specifically, in the Center region where the capital Yaounde is located, CPDM runs solely in 7 out of 11 constituencies.

In the troubled Anglophone regions where a separatist conflict is ongoing, mostly CPDM, and Social Democratic Front (SDF), a major opposition party deeply rooted in the English-speeking part of the country, will take part in the elections.

Another major opposition party Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) did not show in the provisional lists.

According to Cameroon’s electoral code, these provisional lists are subject to appeal before the Constitutional Council.

The twin elections will take place on February 9 next year amid threats by separatists to disrupt the elections in the two troubled English-speaking regions.

Government has assured hitch-free elections nationwide, stressing that “all necessary security measures” shall be taken to ensure that the elections take place peacefully.

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  1. In LRC elections will take place. In Southern Cameroons,…. nah…

  2. Allahu Akbar!!!!

    Amba boys and Amba girls will surely prove, on the 09-02.2020, to the whole wide world that ” one and indivisible ” SC and ” one indivisible ” LRC are TWO different countries with TWO different peoples.
    Simply put, the so-called ” one and indivisible ” LRC is a country situated east of the mungo and is different from ” one and indivisible ” SC.

  3. “In the troubled Anglophone regions where a separatist conflict is ongoing, mostly CPDM, and Social Democratic Front (SDF), a major opposition party deeply rooted in the English-speaking part of the country, will take part in the elections.”

    How many times shall we find ourselves in this LRC election mess? Are these enablers and accomplices too big to be eliminated?

    It is now abundantly clear that Fru Ndi has no intention of not standing in the way of this revolution as such MUST be eliminated at all cost. AGAIN, FRU NDI MUST BE ELIMINATED, NOW!!!!!


    • Supported. All enablers, should be eliminated just as lrc is doing to our side.

      • Shame on you!!! What would be the point of flogging a dead horse????

        • When was the horse dead? When he ran for president in 2011?

          When he defiantly attended the so-called National dialogue?

          When he told Chris Anu that it was because of SDF pressure on Paul Biya that the National Dialogue was organized and then the Special Status?

    • Wuna lef Ni out of wuna madness. Ni no be ever send wuna for go start some foolish war b4 wuna start think how for ndohmoh.

      Wuna so-called leaders dem craze all over small 2million Dollars contribution yarri. Ifi dem turn-turn see 2 trillion Dollars, just imagine wehti go happen—dem go send all man back to early man time.

      I be dan cease for be Ni yi fan, but da repé get sense for yi head pass all da wuna épésé leaders dem…

      • Nothing no fit convince me, ever since day one for dis crisis—na Atanga Nji witi Ayuk dem bin stage dis wahala for make Biya win witi ease. Dem bin turn-turn see how wey Mme Walla witi Cabral Libii (not the new Cabral tho), dem bin be di mobilize youths dem for the final battle. Out of the blue moon, conman Ayuk appear then ask all Anglo youths for no register for elections, ask dem for enter witi tcha’vem for bush. Daso for divert attention then chakara all plans for the final battle.

        Eske wuna dan ever hear Ayuk make any noise from prison? Yi sef-sef know sey Atangana Nji dan outsmart yi for dem 3 card—Ayuk bin throweh all yi jokers for on top table, but yi bin forget sey Atagana Nji na very wounded coni man, wey yi no fit ever throweh all yi jokers for on top table…

        • @Zam-Zam. That wan na tok for garage. Di problem for S. Cameroon nobi mata for Cabrali and Walla. Even if it takes a thousand years, we shall come out from the shackles of France.

        • @Time Will Tell,

          wuna try chill small massa…we di deny all man. Ni, all man be abide, Mme Walla, na woman, Kamto, na Bami, Popol, na ballok. Wehti we want’am? Ayuk witi Nji na twa men dem, we go forgive dem too. Na the SYSTEM.

          Eske wuna even know seh Northern Cameroon bin exist?

          Make we gee Kamto, Bakassi, yi own chance b4 we judge yi. Wuna lef Ni, all CMR know wusai their enemies be. Make we lef Ni, yi bin try yi best.

          Sef poh-poh Biya make we lef yi, YES. We go do how?

          Wa kontri get for matter, and na wa only kontri for dis grong, CAMEROON.

          But I go die for CAMEROON/Africa.

          If we want shidong like spectators for dis grong, for chakara wa paradise, na wa problem. But make we no blame no man—CHINEKE bin dan gee we all thing and yi lef we…

  5. As long as Fru Ndi`s cows were killed by people he calls Ambaboys and his house touched
    in the village, plus the boys holding and questioning him in the bush, not even satan will
    convince him to ever support SC quest for independence. Not even the support he was given
    in 1992, can prick him.
    Just see how the sdf, is`going 4 b4 4 back.


      Are we talking about Ekema Patrick again? NO. Is Ekema Patrick’s squad breaking into and sealing stores in Buea again? NO, NO. The chapter on him is closed.

      The chapter on FRU NDI needs to be closed. Until then this nonsense with him will continue.

  6. Kill all freemasons in Cameroon!!!!!!!

  7. Election in la republique is just a funny game to distract the people.
    One must have time to waist to pay attention to stupidity.

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