Samuel Wazizi

Cameroon Refuses to Hand Over Body of Journalist

YAOUNDE VOA | Cameroonian?rights and press groups are alleging a military cover-up in the death of journalist Samuel Wazizi, after the military on Monday refused to hand over his body to the family. Cameroon’s military in June admitted Wazizi had died at a military hospital in August last year after months of silence on his?whereabouts or condition. Supporters of Wazizi, who was arrested for allegedly collaborating with anglophone rebels, have accused the military of torturing him to death — a charge they deny.

Spokesman for Cameroon’s military Serge Cyrille Atongfack says they will not hand over the body of journalist Samuel Wazizi to his family any time soon.

Atongfack says no family member or lawyer can have access to Wazizi’s body now because it has been sealed. He says the body was sealed to allow investigators to determine the cause of death, as ordered by Cameroon’s President Paul Biya. Before Biya ordered the investigation, says Atongfack, Wazizi’s family had 10 months to remove the journalist’s body from the mortuary but they refused.

Wazizi family member and spokesman Tah Javis rejects Atongfack’s claim, which conflicts with the public record.

He notes the family had been seeking the journalist’s whereabouts since his arrest and disappearance last August, when they filed a complaint, but authorities did not respond.

The military — under public pressure — in June finally admitted that Wazizi had died at a military hospital just days after his arrest.

Javis says the family immediately went to court.

“The family filed a case in court for the court to actually grant that Wazizi’s body be handed over to the family or be brought to Buea,” he said. “The person who actually kept the corpse in the mortuary was the government. And, till now, the government has not contacted the family officially.”

French Ambassador to Cameroon Christophe Guilhou said President Biya in a June 5 meeting promised an investigation to determine the cause of?Wazizi’s death.

Family members, their lawyers, and colleagues accuse the military of torturing and killing Waizizi — a charge the military denies.

President of the National Trade Union of Cameroon journalists Denis Kwebo says the military’s months of silence and refusal to hand over the body is clearly a cover-up.

He says the government confiscated the body of Samuel Wazizi to hide evidence of torture the journalist underwent before the military killed him. Journalists are reiterating that a national, independent commission should be set up, says Kwebo, to investigate what killed Samuel Wazizi.

Wazizi was a presenter for Chillen Media Television based in the southwestern town of Buea.

Cameroon’s military arrested Wazizi in Buea for allegedly supporting anglophone rebels who want independence from the French-speaking majority.

Cameroon’s four-year separatist conflict in its western regions has displaced more than half a million and left over 3,000 people dead.

Rights groups have accused both sides of committing atrocities in the conflict, including abductions and murders of civilians.

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    Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE and UNSTOPPABLE war will rescue Southern Cameroonians from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.

    • Kumkum Pass Gari

      Thanks to the Cameroon government for getting rid of that oxygen thief called Wazizi.

      • Wow, you’re such a certified fool drenched in despot love. It’s not about Amba but about a hostile regime. I have never been on the Amba platform but I understand how we got here.
        Numbskulls deflect, slice and dice and find faults which erupt as a consequence of a man who refuses to leave power after having NEVER won an election since ’92.

        Kum Kum is intellectually asinine like the dope heads in the REGIME.

  2. Isn`t it time, for those who claim to do investigative journalism to step up the plate?
    The sales of body parts, is lucrative business. What about that? Isn`t the market so

  3. OnVaFaireComment

    Les kmer francophones ne sont même pas venus lire cette information pour en comprendre la gravité

    LRC is doomed.. God have mercy on us
    Biya, you’ll be judged for what you’ve done to your people, be it on earth or in heaven

    • Kumkum Pass Gari

      All Ambazombies will be judged and brought to justice!
      Ambazombie terrorist Wazizi was given a small loaf of free kumkum to swallow and he could not handle it.

      May God continue to show the Cameroon government and military innovative ways to get rid of all oxygen thieves( Ambazombie terrorists nyamfukahs) rom the Nw and SW of Cameroon.

      • Kumkum or whatever you call yourself, do you know you are talking and making fun of a human life, somebody’s child or husband or father? You’re so sickening, a moron of the first order. You were not good to be born. Wasted sperm!

      • where is this mad idea from?
        Do you know what you are talking about?..
        Do you have any facts that this young man was collaborating with Amba fighters?..
        Before you come in here ans start running your mouth, please be careful..
        A family is mourning of their love one because of injustice, you are here running your mouth like a retarded child..
        Please be careful when you make such public statements about a young death man..
        I dont wish this to you and your family..I can only say be careful when you make such statements about a journalist ..

        • Biko,

          Do you have facts against the contrary?

          If someone had told Sako Ikome’s 7 member congregation that one day their big coat pastor will embezzle money meant to “free” ambazonia, would they have believed?

          The age old propaganda that anglophones are saints in this matter is a bold faced lie. All cameroonians are complicit in our condition. the tropical anglo-sacksons aka ambazians have decided the gun is their answer. And we are living the consequences….

          anti-regime/anti-amba/Pro-Africa black leg

  4. Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE and UNSTOPPABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.


    • The mother of all blunders of Dictator Biya was to have started an UNWINNABLE and UNSTOPPABLE war against SC.
      Simply put, that evil BULU Dictator inadvertently opened the window of opportunity for Southern Cameroonians to kick out LRC occupiers from SC.
      Dictator Biya speculated on the possibility of a BLITZKRIEG in SC. Unfortunately for him, the INVINCIBLE Amba boys gave him an OPEN-ENDED war. he war can last for decades since Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora will continue to upgrade the weapons of Amba boys. The latter started fighting with dane guns. Now, they are fighting with AK47, BOMBS and IEDs. LRC terrorists are being sent back to their country in droves in body bags.

  5. Brothajoe: yes i have facts ..
    EQUINIOX lined out the facts which were contrary to that of the Govt..
    Investigative journalist have not seen any prove that WAZIZI was involved in any activity with the AMBA boys,..
    – dont forget he was never caught..He went to the police and was later picked up by the military, tortured and killed..They were hiding his death until EQUINIOX announced it..
    And now u want to come and support the Govt that is fun of telling lies?..

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