Cameroon seeks investors for its high aquaculture potential areas

Business in Cameroon | The Minister of Livestock Dr. Taïga recently issued a Request for Expression Of Interest (EOI) to prequalify national and foreign operators who want to invest in the Cameroonian fish-farming sector.

The said investors will develop those undeveloped areas identified as having high aquaculture potential, seafronts, riverine zones, and reservoirs. These areas are namely the Dibamba river (left and right bank), the Nyong river in the Mbalmayo area, the Sanaga river in the Monatélé area, the Lagdo, and Lom Pangar reservoirs and the seafronts between Kribi and Campo, and between Limbe and Idenau.

Interested investors should send their applications (written in French or English) to the Directorate of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Fishing Industries in Yaoundé by October 16, 2020.

Cameroon has a fishery product deficit and heavily relies on imports. For instance, in Q1-2020, it spent XAF38.9 billion to import 57,008 tons of frozen fish.

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  1. Why then did we go to school if we can not develop a simple industry like fish farming which demands very elementary technical know how because all the equipment is prefabricated already?dont talk to me about government, this is a domain that can be exploited by individuals who chose to invest their time money and resources in it. If aliens invest in domains like this where shall we accumulate capital to invest in industry. In oder to control this sector we need to first control the production of insects, soybean, corn,all used in making fish meal.once we can guarantee steady production of fish feed, then we are ready for commercial fish farming.if the feed is thought and produced scientifically in line with Nutritional content. Then success is around.

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