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Cameroon Senate retains 84-year-old speaker, Niat Njifenji Marcel

africanews | The Cameroonian Senate on Thursday (March 14) reelected Speaker Niat Njifenji Marcel for a one-year period according to reports.

The 84-year-old veteran politician has served in the role since 2013. State broadcaster, CRTV, said he was a sole candidate in the vote to lead the lawmaking chamber. The senate has 100 members – 70 voted into the house and 30 appointed by the president.

After the end of an ordinary session in Yaounde, he garnered 92 out of 100 possible votes. Seven votes were not in favour of the motion whiles one senator was absent.

He was subsequently sworn in and he took charge of the current session, a local news portal Cameroon 24 confirmed. The speaker is among a group of senators who other than being voted, were appointed to the senate by presidential perogative.

President Paul Biya appointed him senator in 2013 when the upper lawmaking chamber was established. He is a member of the ruling party, the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (know by French initial RDPC).

By law he is the next in line to succeed the president in the case of death. He would lead as head of state till polls are held but he is not permitted to contest in the said polls.

He has previously served a head of the national electricity company and minister in the early 1990s. He has also served as mayor of Bagagngte, his place of birth in western Cameroon.

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  5. what i mean is that there is no connection between the fact Niat Njifenji,is the president of cameroon or national the assembly,and what i can do to creat a company with the potential to go global in my village.thereby uplifting my people by giving them work,arming them with skills through perfect technical training.it is in a process like this that one contributes practically to elevate the well being,image and pride of a people.let us take the domain of african cuisine to make our point.up till now,great dishes invented by our grand mothers like,NANG TARI,NANG FOREH MBOPE,EKWANG,have not been documented,refined,and technical solutions to reduce preperation time from 30 to 10 minutes found.with this done,it is possible to creat millions of restaurants world wide employing africans.

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  7. Backed by a wealth of experience – begging for foreign assistance to fight internal enemies, treat internal diseases, build internal luxuries, play internal politics and sports – Niat Njifenji and Cavaye Yeguie Djibril have a Golden Opportunity to pass legislation that will clearly define what constitutes interference in the internal affairs of Cameroon.

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