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Cameroon separatist fighters torture, threaten abducted University football players before releasing them

The over 15 football players were severely tortured and forced to do a video pledging their allegiance to the separatist’s self-styled nation, Ambazonia, before they were released.

The 20 players of the University of Buea football club, including some from the General Hospital Buea, who were kidnapped on Wednesday by separatist fighters, have been reunited with their families, 24 hours after they were abducted in the troubled Anglophone region in Cameroon.

”They were set free just after 8 PM this Thursday evening, but they are in an unstable health situation,” Nicolas Asongu coach of the football team told kick442

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  1. Liars. Government sponsored terrorists staged the kidnapping of the students

  2. They deserve it somehow. Why did they not obey simple orders?

    • @joshua

      Finally you agreed with me,you are a terrorist kikikkkiki ki By forcing people to join your big mami Pima organization. Therefore when they refused to join your madness you re kidnapping themmmm big shame for you .

    • @Joshua
      you are an idiot. What do you mean by simple instructions? You lunatic , Suffer will kill you. I am sure you are one of those benefiting from ransoms. Have you not realise that ambazonia is gradually disappearing? A Group of bandits A lost fight. Have you been counting the deaths?

  3. This is a lost cause for so-called amba boys.
    They will wiped out sooner or later. just a matter of time.

    • Restorationists (Amba fighters) are not the kidn.appers. The game’s staged by LRC and their enablers, it has been busted. If one looks carefully it will be discovered that each time the staged kidn.apping is done, its the colonial administrator that rescued them and the alleged kidnapped are taken to governor or DOs offices and when released they are warned not to talk to the press. Tactics of LRC & Funny isn’t it?

  4. The abductees must distinguish between criminals clothed in Amba boys’ outfit and real Amba boys. It is immoral to use the name of Amba boys to commit crimes!

  5. Attributing all the bad things that now happen in Southern Cameroons to the Amba Boys is not making the situation any better. All these blaming games could be stopped, no pre-conditional dialogue is being initiated.

  6. This is not cool..
    What have University students got to do with this mess..?

    These are the results of a sick country, a sick government and in all a failed state..
    What is typical of this Cameroon:
    – A tribe is in power for over 35 years..
    -dont have any clue on governance
    – promote hatred and descrimination..
    – Always playing the hate game game with a fake divide and rule system…
    – Anglophones , then bamis, the north, ..always same dirty language for years..

    Instead of bringing all cameroonians together to meet, put heads together and look for a way forward, they keep on making stupid statements like Cameroon is one and indivisible..Its a matter of time, we will beat the AMBA boys–Its over 3 years now-IDIOTS…
    Cameroon is falling apart and we should wake up now…

  7. Again, a country is not built on muscles…
    When you take untrained, uncivilized, primitive troops and send in a trouble region, without analysing the root cause of the problem, dont doubt when such results come out..
    An old man on diapers with a brain that is almost death is the king of cameroon..
    His brothers spend time stealing money and are not even interested in what is happening in the country..
    A gang from the forest has just hijacked the economy and the politics of a one rich and prosperous country..
    Today we come out, pretend, make noise and dont even want to say honestly the cause of the problem..

    SOme dreamers still come up here and claim all will be under control soon..
    Keep dreaming as the country falls apart

  8. LRC forces are everywhere in Buea and its environs, so how did that number of persons get kidnapped and an alarm was not raised? How were they transported? None of the boys could shout out for help?

    Who is fooling who.

    The only people we are interested in are those working for LRC, their colonial governors, DOs, military.

  9. No negotiation with terrorists ambafools . KikikkkikikikikI small war past them , now they are kidnapping innocent people


    The atrocities of FAKE Amba boys will NEVER EVER prevent the resolution of the Anglophone Question this time around.


  11. Slowly and steadily Cameroon, the great peaceful oasis in a turbulent region, is catching up with El Salvador as the murder/kidnap capital of the world. Welcome to Vivre Ensemble.

  12. All claims by gov`t, is that the dumb military, is out there protecting citizens.
    How thus all this, come about? Lies upon lies, to kill all Anglophones.
    But my guess, is that the US move though slow, is steadily going to grow
    to some Abuja kind of supprise soon. Did the embassy, make soom move not
    long ago? With all the noice from Tilapia Tchiroma at the time to distort facts,
    how come the US, is at it again?
    Ngole Ngole Elvis, is still one of the faces, behind the mask. Did anyone, see
    and hear him talk during Tibor Nagy`s visit? The man and his likes of the
    Anglophone community eating fat from the tyrant, should not be fogotten as
    long as this Biya war passes. They are all not politicians but `.butchers of humanity`.

    • Kumkum pass Garri


      You are the dumbest living terrorist creature on earth!

      The US government has all the resources to protect its citizens yet thousands of people are killed each year in the United States!

      Despite all the security and technology available to the US government they could not stop the September 11 terrorist attacks!

      Johua, Your comments on this forum is evidence that you are one of the terrorist kidnappers!

      Kumkum massa is waiting for you!

  13. Yeah, boy. that is the Biya legacy, that he thinks history should write down against
    his name, to make him great. Others had it, but that never made them popular, in
    any good way. He belongs to the old school of fools, killing his own for nothing.

    • @Brandino

      See me this brainstorm, idiot like you . Sh!!t no wipe last . You can talking shit because you lives at the west monkey.

  14. When the journalist, Ambe Macmillan Awa was kidnapped in Bamenda,he talked to the press after his release.Even his wife talked to the press.And Ambe Macmillan said that Amba boys did not hurt him.When LRC stage any kidnapping,they never allow the supposed released abductees to talk to the press,why?

  15. Do not be fooled.
    Mirror propaganda, done by Hutus in Ruwanda being perfected by the hypercentralized Yaoundé tribal government.
    Stage kidnappings, get government surrogates to propagate the narrative that the victims of government torture are the criminals.
    2016 Students at Buea University were beaten, dragged in mud and raped in broad daylight by the tribal militia called army.
    Today war statistics;
    5550,000 internal refugees
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    20,000 killed
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon
    300 villages burnt.
    The tribal government wants us to believe that students were kidnapped from a school were the governor, D.O, S.D.O, minister of defense and chancellor of the university are all from one tribe.
    Who is fooling who?
    Very Low IQ

  16. Firmware updating….. please Wait…… 10…20….

    Vous aller bientôt manger des cailloux.


    International Right to Self defense. All Amba Families Shall Be equiped With M21 or AK47 like in ISRAEL.
    SELF DEFENSE IS A HUMAN RIGHT. Long Live Ambazonia. SElf Defense is a RIGHT. For Our Land. We Go Stand and Win The battle. 3 Years Done, Na Already Big Big Victory.

    You are burning our Houses now. HeHe, On arrive. Our Time is CominG.

    C’est fini le Njomassi
    C’est fini Les Bamenda
    C’est Fini Banana
    C’est Fini CDC
    C’est Fini Esclavage


  17. Next target is to BURN sonara. BURN SONARA. PUT FIRE FOR SONARA. Ne dat money tree di keep dem for our AMBA LAND.


    Dry DEM. Don’t Buy anything Brasseries du cameroun or anything coming from Ripoublique. BoyCott ALLL la Ripoublique Poisoned Stuff.

    All your patch work is pretty amusing.
    Patch commission bilingue
    Patch Enam anglo caniche qwe qwe
    Patch commission armement
    Patch decentralisation
    Patch école anglophone SONARA.
    Tout est patché dans cette Ripoublique francophone de M*E*R*D*E
    Tous les patches ont des chevaux de troie et sont buggés.


  18. @ Brandino, How long will you continue with this your foolishness. This kidnappings are carried out by your Ambazonia thugs. It’s not the gov’t. I know people who have been harassed by these your thugs right in their own homes demanding ransom or their kids will be kidnapped. This your barbarism has to stop or the rest of us will start fighting back. If you have a problem with the Biya gov’t go and fight Biya and leave our people alone or you don’t have the balls to fight Biya.

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