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Cameroon smuggling arms, mercenaries to Nigeria — Ayade

Daily Trust | Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade yesterday accused both the seceding Ambazonian Republic in Cameroon as well as the Cameroonian government of smuggling goods and arms through 27 illegal routes to Nigeria.

Speaking in Calabar after the weekly security meeting, the governor blamed the security challenges on the crisis in Southern Cameroon.

“Let me bring to the knowledge of Cross Riverians and indeed Nigerians that 80 percent of security issues we are dealing with is a as result of the war just by our borders.

The Southern Cameroon guerrilla warfare is basically the Amazonians trying to secede from Cameroon. And as a result, there is an influx of persons into the country through over 27 illegal routes, who smuggle in goods of different kinds, sell them and use the money to acquire arms, recruit our young men and women and use them as machineries to fight back home.

“I will not hesitate to cry out that Cross River State has been left hanging and crying in this crisis. Aside from the humanitarian effort in addressing the issues in food security in the refugee camps and the communal skirmishes, the state has not received any special incentives knowing that a war at your backyard is a war in your house,” he said.

The governor urged the Federal Government to upgrade military platforms and fully fund the police fully to tackle the rising cases of crimes in the state.

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  1. Why are u afraid that the war will enter your house? your president have already got himself involved in the war since January 2018. Wata..na..Wata

  2. Those Ambafools must be aware by now that they are fighting a losing cause.
    Let’s say this turn to a full blown war, do they actually think they can win?
    Look at Syria, well armed militia, well financed, still in 7 years Assad is still in power and going no where.

    • Mannorun…
      You promised that we would run, well we are still here and H2O is still H2O.
      As usual with your Larepublique education it is difficult for you to analyze properly, comparing apples and oranges as usual.
      Let me educate you as usual:
      1- Syrian Rebels are not fighting to restore a state which existed for 1 decade in the 1950s or at any other time after the Sykes Picot line
      2- Larepublique has no common Defence arrangement with Russia
      3- Russia can’t finance another 6 year bombing spree for Nkunkumah as he did for Al Assad.
      4- The open plains of Syria are far easier targets for aircraft bombing raids than the jungles and valleys of the glorious Epasa Moto!
      5- The cohesion of Arab Syrian troops is no be-smeared by tribal interests and nepotism

      • @Epée Dipanda

        this nymfuka has nothing good to offer ” how many peoples had been killed by Syria regime ” and where are the USA , UN ,EU AND OTHERS INTERNATIONALS COMMUNITIES .

        By the way let me mentioned that an IGBO man scrub up your foremothers and we have you ” terrorist”

        • Alert here comes the madman @bamenda wannabe commenting again without taking his medication. Please take your medications fils de pute

    • 6- Morale in the Syrian Army is high since they do not fear Ambazonian Odeeeshi
      7- Nigeria compared to Turkey is a much weaker supportive Neighbour
      8- Recep Tayep Erdoghan who supports Al Assad so as to prevent the formation of a Kurdish state is likely to be in power for a long time while Buhari who broke international law by handing Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe over to Larepublique may lose the next elections. He already had 17 senators from his part defect to the opposition.
      9- France does not support Biya and therefore will not finance his stay in power even though they would like Ambaland to continue in slavery
      10- Wata NA wata.

      For the above reasons, our struggle cannot be compared to the Syrian struggle.
      Putin knows it
      Nkunkumah knows it,
      We all know it so get used to it

      • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

        Lucid analysis bro.

        As for Buhari, the lazy Naija youths will decide his fate in the 2019 general election with their PVC.

  3. I am in Cameroon and I have seen all what is going on first hand.not like you guys over there.this issue has gotten out of hand and if an immediate ceasefire is not called for, I predict a civil world.let the government stop deceiving it self that sending troops to the nw and sw will help calm down the present tension. The truth is that 90% of the population is in support of the ambazonian force but no one can voice it out. This problem started on the table and I suggests it should be immediately be solved on the table. Time is against this government. I see blood all over Cameroon if the government does not call for a dialogue now.

  4. Hopefully @bamenda wannabe is there to so that brave boys of Amba can take care of his sorry ass once and for ever

  5. Your president sold our leaders to dictator Paul Biya.You should blame your president Buhari for supporting a dictator to kill our people.

  6. Those of you doubting the coming of Ambazonia should spend more time grooming yourselves for destitution, the likes of which you have never known. Oil will be coming down from Chad waiting to be refined and shipped back up to the Buzus and tueregs, but it will be sitting in tankers waiting them to apologize for helping Biya to hang around and kill us. Meanwhile, the little we refine, is just enough for our needs. We will sell Chadian oil at a 60/50 split and pay the Chadians in Ambas currency which will be non convertible like the Russian currency. We will be a hard nut to crack. With the exception of the Western region, every other person East of the Mongo will only have a day pass to Ambas land. “Come for morning go for evening”. You will be tracked by a digital device. Idiots.