Angeline Toungsi, a Cameroonian tailor, sews cloth face masks at her workshop in Yaounde, Cameroon on April 9, 2020. /Xinhua

Cameroon to boost local production to deal with COVID-19 economic impact

cgtn | Cameroon will boost production of locally made goods as part of new measures to handle the economic hardships resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, the country’s Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana has said.

He said the Made in Cameroon initiative holds the key to the successful economic growth and recovery in the country, which is hit by the pandemic.

“We need to consume what we produce and produce what we consume,” Atangana told reporters on Friday in the capital Yaounde a day after the country’s Cabinet Meeting recommended the promotion of local production.

Cameroon needs more investments in food and local manufacturing sectors in a bid to promote domestic production and stimulate local consumption habits, he said.

Government intends to support local companies, accelerate the supply of large irrigated areas, supply improved seeds to smallholder farmers and subsidize fertilizer, Atangana said.

Containment measures against COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon have seen the overall volume of trade in the first half of 2020 dropped by 16 percent, according to the country’s trad ministry.

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  1. **** ANOTHER PROOF ****

    “Cameroon to finally recognise Dual Nationality
    The preliminary draft of the code states “Any Cameroonian who has another nationality retains the Cameroonian nationality, unless the latter is renounced”.

    *MY TAKE*

    The recognition of dual citizenship by Cameroon is another crystal clear proof that Dictator Biya i D-E-A-D.


    because that evil BULU Dictator had vowed severally that double nationality can only be achieved in Cameroon OVER HIS DEAD BODY.
    Now that he is dead, the de facto President, Ngoh Ngoh, decided to appease Cameroonians with this dual nationality stuff.

  2. A man dies or is incapacitated, but is never replaced. Can Ngole Ngole, come once again
    on Equinoxe tv, and lecture the rest of us, what this kind of rulership or democratic
    practice is called in political science? This is a challenge question to the professor, who
    knows it all.

  3. I often laugh when i hear people saying we should produce what we consume, and consume what we produce.what they do not understand is that we are in aconomic warfare. If we do not have clear plans to capture hold and control outside markets with our products. We basically have no chance because ours will be conquered and controlled. Secondly without going from production of raw materials, farms, industry, commercialisation. We have no chance.

nec consequat. leo. sit porta. libero