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Cameroon to produce bitumen for local, regional markets

APAnews | Cameroon has issued a notice for the expression of interest for a partnership in establishing a bitumen production unit, the Ministry of Public Works (MINTP) said in a statement to APA on Monday.

Designed for local and sub-regional use, this unit would, according to the government, reduce the cost of road works, create direct and indirect jobs, reduce imports, improve the balance of trade and develop the value chain.

The state thus intends, through this international public tender, to promote, encourage and supervise initiatives through facilitations, “even the taking of shares or sharing of risks of public/private partnership, through a suitable legal framework.”

This idea took shape during a cabinet meeting in Yaoundé on May 25.

At this session of government regulation, MINTP had explained that the rising cost of road infrastructure in the country was largely due to “changes in the price of key inputs such as cement, iron, bitumen and aggregates.”

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INS), imports of cokes of bitumen and other oil residues increased by 304 percent between 2017 and 2018, representing expenditures up 303.7 percent on the balance of payments.

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  1. when will you people stop talking and go to work..
    This country dont have roads..
    Ring road is only on paper…
    Lots of projects are on paper as done and yet u keep on fooling the people with fake news…

    We want to see actions now..

  2. Tout ce que nous demandons est clair et net.
    *Les termes de la séparation. POINT*
    2 seperate states en bons voisins.
    English = Southern Cameroons (AMBAZONIA)
    French = La republique francophone du Cameroun

  3. A very incompetent corrupt killer regime of wicked moron cameroon has been exporting crude oil since 1977 more than 4 decades but don’t have roads bitumen is a by product of crude yet we can’t tar our roads which facilitate development, equatorial guinea next door discover oil in the 90’s has express highways with 3 laneway but we’re struggle to build 2 laneway in the two major cities, proceed from crude when prices was more than $120 a barrel for years nobody knows were the cash when,infrastructures development the country is far behind even some non crude oil producing countries, overall GDP is very low standard of living is horrible high cost wide spread poverty all over the spectrum quality of health / foodstuff security very low energy supply, zero industries to transform raw material

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