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Cameroonian Family Of 8 Die In Their Sleep In Cross River State

Information Nigeria | According to reports, a tragedy occurred in Ikom local government area of Cross River state after a family of eight died in their sleep.

It was revealed that the dead persons were refugees who fled Cameroon following the trouble in their area and sought solace in Cross River state after crossing the border.

According to information gathered online, the family might have died from generator fumes considering the manner of their untimely times.

The corpses were discovered this morning by their neighbours after noticing their absence.

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  1. Tragic.
    Faut un peu arreter de nous balancer les images des morts comme ca tout le temps sans aucun filtre.
    Respectez les victimes en couvrant au moins leur visage.
    Les mèdias Africains en général devraient apprendre à respecter les victimes. On ne voit presque jamais les corps des victimes en occident exposés de la sorte.
    De grace.

    • Truth and Facts

      @Bikutsi Indeed!

    • BIKUTSI….even though your remark is pertinent.our mistake is expecting results without investing in the process that produce the desired results.patriotism is thought,cultivated and implanted in the minds of people by having them internalize concepts and ideas that put their nation first.how can our journalist protect the image of our people if from birth they are brainwashed to believe they are so call anglofools or francofools.where is patriotism in all this?where is a collective language and spirituality that cement us as a collective entity to be defended by all.more than 90% of cameroonians who went to british and french occupation schools see themselves as french or british.cameroon does not exist in their consciences.

    • Wolowos Bikutsi, you pass ma power. I no fit believe say you who called for the extermination of all Ambazonians is unable to handle these subtle images of moments caught in time. Minalmi. Esequee we fit killam all for you without observing the most gruesome images mankind can behold? Minalmi!

  2. Good journalism is not only about “Breaking News” . It provides also the basics to explain WHERE, WHEN,HOW, WHY, WHAT, WHICH, etc.
    Certainly it is not rocket science to investigate what this one family – of all the others – ate, drank, touched, and so on.

    • have u ever heard of the phrase ” Investigation is still going on to determine the cause of this tragedy”? thats good journalism. Be patient! May their souls rest in perfect peace

      • By the way, didn’t the preliminary probable cause mention “Generator fumes emission”?

        • As you may have noticed, my commentary was made direct, not annexed to anyone else’s. If speculative journalism or any of its aspects meets your needs, you do not have to foist it on others!

  3. With the CPDM orchestrated evil having no signs of an end, it’s cousin the little devil called SDF wants elecam to go and install a ballot box in cross river!!!!!!! Can you imagine? Mbah Ndam has ran away from his constituency to go and represent people in yaounde. It’s time to wipe out all these criminals called politicians in Ambaland. My heart is so heavy for the departed. RIP.

    • Are you then going to cross over to Cross River to stop the vote?

      Mme Walla and Cabral had the solution to free our country—register, massively, and vote, and let’s see if 2018 is 1992.

      We go march to Buea come rain come sun—no be na Graffi Vs Sawa dat dong di start again for Buea small-small?

      Wuna go tok small time sey na Ekema yi fault, no be so?

      As if Ekema go shidong watch wuna, comot from wuna holes dem for BUSH then cam tap yi oya, then pour san-san for yi garri, then yi clap hands for wuna. No be so?

      Ifi wuna di mimba sey da kana tok di comot na for Ekema yi mop, mek all wa sense pass king dem wash dem mop. Fine-fine.

      Blunder upon blunder—wuna continue for kidnap and kill Fako chiefs dem—how wey wuna no di hear word.

      For start fire be very easy. BUT for loss’am?…

      • ZZ
        C’est vraiment pas la blague. J’ai dernierement passé 2 semaines à Limbé. Je n’ai rencontré personne qui supporte ces soit-disant cessessionistes. Tous les otochtones les califient de malfrats et gang de bandits.
        Les jeunes en particulier sont très radicaux contre les resortisants du NW qu’ils appelent “graffi”.
        Quand on lit les commentaires et on suis les réseaux sociaux, on a l’impression qu’il y a un front commun ‘Anglophone’ mais C’est totalement faux!
        La réalité sur le terrain est autre chose.
        Le SW en général ne veut rien à voir avec le NW.
        S’il y a une guerre civile comme on la voit venir, ce serait entre ces deux camps.
        Les signes sont là. Faut que les gens reviennent á la raison, parceque si cà déclanche là bas, les dégats seront énormes.

        • Oui Bikut!

          C’est pas un secret de polichinelle…l’histoire du pétrole ne peut jamais être si facile comme nos idiots de l’étranger pensent. Il vont juska tueur les chefs traditionnels, et croire que les autochtones vont trouver ça très amusant.

          Le maire mm de Buea n’est rien, c’est seulement un pt gueulard…les vrais gens mm ki contrôlent Buea/Fako sont à Y’dé, et ils ne parlent pas trop. Ils attendent seulement au tournant, sans faire trop de bruits. Et ce ki est vrai pr le Fako est également vrai pour d’autres département du SW.

          L’histoire-ci ke les vagabonds de l’étranger ont commencé va les laisser en mi-chemin, et leur propre piège va couper leur têtes…

        • Hihihihi,
          Biku tu m’amuse a mort.
          So SW really hate NW and are ready to begin a civil war against them but are so much in love with Beti Bulu nobi so?
          You see what desperation can do? Now you are imagining things.
          Anyways Ekema the monkey’s so called Bakweri summit was a failure. Take it from me. If there was any need for evidence of support in Fako for the struggle it is the declaration by many Bakwerians that any chief opposed to struggle and who actively causes the arrest and death of others is fair game.
          Go figure that one out.
          Remember; Wata NA wata

  4. RIP my People,that devil Biya and his gov,t will answer to justice sooner or later.
    May God help our peolple thru this struggle.

  5. Unbelievable, I heard chilling stories from Rwandese during the genocide in 1994. Then I later read Gerard Prunier’s ‘The Rwanda Genocide.’ That reality has finally made its way home. What then is left for the African to endure? ‘Are my people dogs?’ (Honorable Wirba)