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Cameroon’s Anglophone regions observe unofficial ghost town

africanews | Capital of Cameroon restive South West region, Buea, was deserted by residents in observing an unofficial ghost town ritual that has been in place for over a year.

Neighborhoods in Buea were totally deserted as at the morning of August 6, 2018. Human and vehicular movements were absent across divisions.

Photos shared by journalists and residents on social media showed that Buea was observing a ghost town. Other areas in the adjoining North West region are said to have observed same.

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    This is crystal proof that Fraudster Ekema is simply a NON-ENTITY.
    That dull man vowed that ghost town will never take place under his watch. The so-called “secessionists” proved him wrong:
    The FAKE Amba boys, created by him and ex-convict Nji, could not prevent ghost town in Buea.

    Fraudster Ekema could only use his FAKE Amba boys to “kidnap” Buea chiefs in order to deceive Dictator Biya and his LRC citizens.



      Fraudster Ekema’s slogan, “LEAVE SW ALONE”, could not prevent the ghost town in Buea.

      The so-called “secessionists” are in charge of SC. Not Fraudster Ekema, not Dictator Biya, not ex-convict Atangana

  2. Then the ghost town on october 7th, ie. lrc fake presidential election day, will
    move from `mami water to PAPA WATER` ghost town.
    I like that.

    • Then SC, will be taking orders from the Holy One, who will be walking on that PAPA WATER
      and declaring to the people of SC, that `your victory`, is around the corner. Just stay
      focussed and determined. Yaweh has heard your cry and seen your blood run down the

  3. 1st October
    Wata NA wata

  4. Coward fighter

  5. It’s IG controlling Southern Cameroon not Fool Ekema or Atanga Nji these two criminals are going to see their days are numbered

  6. Those Amba fools are just controlling nothing at all. Is beheading innocent people controlling? No its terrorism. People in the NW and SW have no freedom anymore because of you fools. They need to hide for you and the Army because you are NOT better than the Army. You torture and kill everybody who don’t agree with your stupid plans. Is this what you want? That’s already dictatorship before you start. Forcing people to follow you is exactly what dictators do. But what can you expect from mimbo drinking Amba fools? You are not different from Boko Haram. I’ve seen a movie of you Amba fools forcing an old Fon to say what you want him to say while his wifes (many of age) were forced to sit on a bench with naked breast. Shame on you!


      As a white man from Belgium, you lack the moral authority to lecture Southern Cameroonians.

      In the period from 1885 to 1908, a number of well-documented atrocities were perpetrated in the Congo under the personal rule of King Leopold II of Belgium. To date, your country, Belgium has not paid reparations to the victims of your troops.

      Your marriage to a Cameroonian lady does not give you the locus standi to lecture Southern Cameroonians.

      You should better concentrate your efforts on the Flemish separatist Movement (Dutch: Vlaamse Beweging) in Belgium and stop meddling with the legitimate struggle of the marginalized people of SC.

      • Said it before I understand your fight to be treated the same as the Francophone as I know from my visit to Cameroon that you are not treated the same as them. But what happens now is not the solution, violence will not solve the problem.


          If you are objective enough, you will agree with me that the violence originated from LRC.
          Lawyers, teachers and UB students were raped, forced to swim in sewage water, beaten for simply exercising their right to demonstrate.
          On the 22nd of September and the 1st of October 2017, LRC Terrorists perpetrated genocide in SC.

          Southern Cameroonians were therefore compelled to defend themselves.
          Self-defence is a right enshrined in the UN Charter and in international law.

    • Keep quiet siwine. What do you call what you did in Congo? Bastard

  7. IG does not control anything with your fake pictures here, peoples are just running from the bullet raccoon.

  8. why u cant mentioned those terrorists who are stealing to people boutiques, burned churches, rape kids and others.

    you are at the war but kidnapped for Ransome hahahahahahahhahahahahah who is fooling who.

    water na water

  9. @Korup Forest IG is not there to try to impress who ever.Amba is not trying to be better than the Cameroon military.They are Amba.U either love them,or hate them.Francophones have not backed down on their love for the Cameroon army becos they burnt down anglos houses and behead Samsoya who do not agree with them.We,anglos,will not back down on our love for Amba boys becos they behead army and thrash any anglos that does not support us.That makes the two of us.
    If u don’t like what is going on,give a referendum,lets settle it,and stop this bla bla bla…..