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Cameroon’s Gaelle Enganamouit starts first football academy for girls

BBC | Gaelle Enganamouit, star of the Cameroon women’s side, has opened the nation’s first football academy for girls.

Her Rails Football Academy is named after the deprived Yaounde area she grew up in called ‘Railway’.

“I will start with my money and support from sponsors but the problem is not money, but training,” the 2015 African Player of the Year told BBC Sport.

“I will give everything to train my younger sisters and to help them grow.”

Enganamouit, who now plays in Norway for Avaldsnes IL, is determined to help open doors for others from a similar background, she has support from Cameroon National Football Academy the country’s football federation.

“My motivation is my background. I may be a big player now, but all know I am from the ‘Railway’, and things were not easy for me,” she explained.

“That is why with the opportunity I have today, I have decided to help others.”

She added that this is a project she holds close to her hears and she will do every-thing to make it work.

The academy in Yaounde, which was officially opened on Friday, intends to recruit 18 players in each of three categories under-8, under-13 and under-17.

Unlike some other academies the girls will not be expected to make any contribution at all to their training and education.

Enganamouit already has plans for the future.

“We are starting in Yaoundé, but we are calling on the players from the other regions to be patient for the academy will in future include you,” she insisted.

The first set of players for the academy will start by continuing to live at home while going to school and training at the academy but in the long term the plan is for the students to live on site.

The academy is the latest step on Enganamouit’s journey to help young girls in Cameroon after starting the Fondation des Enfants des Rails in 2016 which organises an annual football events for girls in during the festive period.

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  1. Good Initiative. Each One Teach One. The Problem we have in our society is not a scarcity of professionals but a scarcity of professionals who are swilling to share their knowledge and skills with the next generation. Everyday I people on this forum bragging about their intellectual abilities but I am still to hear about any preschool or primary school anyone of them have started. Please lets not be selfish. Share what you know with someone in need. God Bless all my bigbook people!

  2. Good girl! The is no joy better than giving back something in appreciation and return for all your blessings .

    • Good girl! There is no joy better than giving back something in appreciation and return for all your blessings .

  3. I felt really happy about this. How much does she even earn? Yet, she creates a beautiful project free of charge for young girls. Hopefully, our male athletes can learm from this. Imagine if most of our male athletes had been creating academies? Today, we would’ve had a competitive youth league. Does anyone has any info about Henri Bedimo’s academy?

  4. Cameroun football is dead. no amount of academies will salvage it

    • just thinking thar

      Cameroon is the current Africa champion in the male category, how can you say Cameroon football is dead?

      • JTT @ well who ever posted that dosnt follow the African nations cup!
        The female team played and was also organised very well too .

  5. Fantastic she just gets it together and trys to do this, being well imformed on what is needed to get into professional football,as a player or the whole team that supports the industry,first hand.
    Personaly i prefer part time training facilites sleep overs concentrating on long weekends school holidays and minibus pickups until 16 , rather than kids missing out on local schooling ,friends and family ,because they could certainly missout on this later if they end up playing or working abroard later on .


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    • Objectionable as a military take over may sound, it is interesting to hear how Kelly the spokesperson puts it:
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  7. At the same time the deceitful Witcher Lum is encouraging people of the NW /SW not to enroll their daughters in the upcoming football Academy because this compatriot is not an Anglophone thunder will fire all your lineage !

    • Old thug Colby, I see Lum is living in your head rent-free hahahah

      • No @kintan this desperate lady can’t sent any comments here without tribal statements these are people encouraging hatred that is why I have to put her on her place we have to focus on constructive criticism not fool speech.

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