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Cameroun : sept élèves et trois enseignants enlevés par des séparatistes

APAnews | Sept élèves et trois enseignants ont été enlevés lundi à Bamenda et Buéa dans les régions du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest par des milices séparatistes luttant pour la sécession du pays, a appris mardi APA de sources concordantes.

Plus de cinq millions d’élèves avaient repris, lundi, le chemin de l’école pour la rentrée scolaire 2018/2019, une occasion mise à profit par des séparatistes pour sévir.

Parmi les enseignants enlevés, il y a le principal de la Presbyterian church and science school (PCSS) de Bafut dans le Nord-ouest.

D’après des sources policières, c’est sur le chemin de retour après ce premier jour de classes que les sept enfants et les trois enseignants ont été enlevés par des milices armées se réclamant de « l’Ambazonie », un « Etat » virtuel créé par des sécessionnistes.

« Nous condamnons fermement tous les actes de violence perpétrés sur les élèves et les enseignants. On ne peut pas priver les enfants de l’éducation qui est un droit humain fondamental », a vivement réagi un responsable local de l’Organisation des Nations unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture (UNESCO) exigeant « la libération sans condition des élèves et des enseignants enlevés».

Depuis deux ans, des séparatistes multiplient des actes de vandalisme contre des symboles de l’Etat, des enlèvements et des assassinats contre des forces de défense et de sécurité ainsi que des populations civiles soupçonnées de ne pas adhérer à leur cause.

Réagissant à ces kidnappings, la ministre des Enseignements secondaires (MINESEC), Nalova Lyonga, a déclaré que « l’éducation des enfants est non négociable », encourageant les parents à envoyer leurs enfants à l’école.

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  1. You can’t force students and teachers to go to school in the heart of insecurity. Send your own children to school in Ambazonia mme minister bla bla bla …….No right thinking parent will dare to send his or her child out with the current insecurity.

    • What kind of backward thinking is that? No one is forcing anyone to go to school, but only crackhead Ambafools are killing innocents children for daring to attend school. Instead of blaming the criminals in hiding in the bushes, and in Europe, you are blaming those who want normalcy to resume.

      • @ Mannorun 77 I didn’t take side but I am just being objective looking at the insecurity situation that prevails. If I may ask you, who are those responsible for burning villages and sending villagers into bushes? Is it the so called criminals as you claim? Or is burning of people and properties another way of protecting people so that they can conveniently go to school and learn? You take side blindly even the so called LRC military who are supposed to protect the people are worse that the “criminals” as you claim to call them.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @Etangti MO

          7 students and 3 teachers who voluntarily went to school were kidnapped by terrorists.
          Your comment on this terrorist act is: ” You cant force students and teachers to go to school in the heart of insecurity”.
          No one forced the students to go to school. The students went to school because they cherish their education. Why are terrorists kidnapping students and teachers who voluntarily want to pursue their education?

          Children in Palestine have been going to school for 70 years in insecurity!
          If the Palestinians abolished education in 1948 as part of their resistance then all Palestinians below 70 years of age will be completely uneducated.

          Your comment is proof that you are either totally dumb or a terrorist!

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @Etangi No get brain

          Are you kidnapping students who want to go to school in retaliation for villages being burnt by the Cameroon military?
          Where the 7 students and 3 teachers who voluntarily went to school and were kidnapped by ambazombie terrorists responsible for burning the villages?
          Should the terrorists be praised for kidnapping students and teachers and raping them because the military burnt down villages and property?

          Etangi No get brain!

      • You are right. Somebody told me that the Ambazonians agreed to let children go to school. First day they already kidnap some. That bunch of mimbo drinkers should leave those children alone. They better target Biya if they have the balls, but I know they don’t.

      • Mannorun77,
        Under the best of circumstances in your non war cities such as Douala, Nkongsamba and places in the north, school are so delapidated and roads to schools are nonexistent. Instead of worrying about what will happen to Amba kids, why don’t you tell Paul Bump Head swollen Jaws Biya to use the money in cleaning his own mess before worrying about use. When was the last time he took a drive to Ambazonia to see the magnitude of his failure?

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          Did the ambazombie terrorists kidnap 7 teachers and 3 students because the schools in Douala and Nkongsamba are so dilapidated and roads are non existent?

          Are ambazombie terrorists retaliating against non existent roads and dilapidated schools by kidnapping students and teachers who want to exercise their human right to education?

          Children who cherish education have no problem learning in dilapidated schools with non existent roads.

          Are the ambazombie terrorists kidnaping teachers and students because Biya has not taken a drive to the South West and North West to see the magnitude of his failure?

          Nsahlah you are either very stupid or a terrorist!

  2. @etangtiMo. exactly I want to understand how no schooling helps this cause…if you say the LRC dont care about us, why not leave your own to attend school and be educated and help you tomorrow when u “so call win the land” happens?
    You know I do not support either party in this mess but if you think terrorising the very people you claim to protect,then I wonder what good will come out of it. your boys even go as far as kidnaping people even after they have helped the cause financially or in another way. so its becoming crazy and I do not know how this will help anybody in the end!

    • @Williams I don’t think you read well. Who is terrorizing who? That’s the question you should first ask yourself? When you understand who is initiating the violence then you can come for a talk with me.

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        @Etangi No brain

        The 7 students and 3 teachers who were kidnapped by ambazombie terrorists are being terrorized by the ambazombie terrorists!
        Students who want to go to school in the North West and South West are being terrorized by ambazombie terrorists!

        The ambazombie terrorists who kidnapped Ngomba Eric (Shakal) and the other teachers and students are terrorizing the entire population of students and teachers in the North West and South West who want to go to school

        Why is it impossible for you to see these simple facts?

        Etangi No get brain, You are either totally dumb or a terrorist!

  3. When a government declares war on its own citizens then chaos ensues.
    Today the same government is unable to guarantee the security of citizens but is asking parents to send their children to school.
    If the government cared about children and the parents then how come a demand to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in 2016 resulted in the caring government declaring war?
    The consequences of war are;
    Over 150villages burnt
    Over 400,000 Anglophones displaced
    Over 70,000 refugees in Nigeria
    Over 5000 killed
    Over 5000 missing
    Today Nalova PhD who asked the military to come into the university of Buea to beat and rape students and Atagana Nji who oversaw the massacre of children in Pinyin are asking patents to trust them and send their children to school.
    Who is fooling who?

    • Mme empty mouth aka @Lum you have been raising funds to finance terrorists in the NO/SW for the past 02years so they prevent students to be educated the government granted you scholarship to study in the US you ended up doing Streep tease instead of blaming yourself for your failures now you want to inoculate idiocy to our brothers in the NW/SW you are a cheater long live to education !!!

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      The subject is 7 students and 3 teachers who voluntarily went to school because they cherish education were kidnapped by ambazombie terrorists!

      If you are trying to tell us that the ambazombie terrorists are retaliating against the government of Cameroon then you are absolutely stupid or a terrorist!

  4. @Colby Why only schools? why not ask Ambasonians to allow gov’t workers in NW and SW to work? As we speak,majority of gov’t workers in the NW and SW are not going to work becos of insecurity,and everyday u come here and hammer on schools.Is it now that u realise that children were suppose to go to school for the 2018/2019 academic year? What was your gov’t doing during the 3 months holidays?A gov’t declares war and turn around and ask parents to send their children to school.Can u send your own children to school in the present atmosphere?The gov’t have now kidnapped students,claiming that it is Ambas Boys.The security of every child is primordial to every wise parent.Tell the gov’t to call for a cease fire,and dialogue,so that children can go to school in a calm atmosphere.

  5. kidnapping will not solve the situation “those bastards ambasonias” believe slaughter peoples are the solution your mami pima big times you heard me.

    • Bamendaboy,
      The only Mami pima you ever saw was that of your mother when you were coming out of the womb. Sadly, your eyes were closed, but you still had a pick. Schools in Yaoundé, Douala, Nkongsamba look more like pig stalls. That is why you push your kids to come to school in Ambazonia. Now that we have the doors shut, you begin to run your mouth about us kidnapping. We have not degenerated down to your level to go killing children That is the modus operandi of the illiterate armed forces of La Republic.

  6. Fools, These are the Job of Biya Terrorist, who is this gov,t fooling here?. How can Amba Boys reomove students and teachers from classes for torture when there is a green light for Schools to re open in SW and NW regions of cameroon. It is true that those benefiting from this war wouldn,t bring an end to it. All the Propaganda here from the Military to blaim on seperaties.Unfortunately for the gov,t the People are smarter and know your tactics. there are eye withness reports that told BBC that it was the Military commiting all These atrocities to Point fingers at seperaties.

    • @Tes..who gave greenlight for school resumption? na shah u don drink abi..when the boyz are telling everybody to leave buea and other towns in both regions then u come here to fall of school. even of its the gov’t doing it, who gave them the handbook?is it not the amba boyz who started with kidnapping and torturing their own pple?
      today a friend of mine got robbed in the name of supporting the cause..a I na by force all man must follow cause? where is the freedom of choice the so called separatist are promising in their gov’t?
      @Lum..u come here every day with funny stats..I wonder where u get them.this is the kind of brainwashing u give to these kids to go loss their lives. so biko, please be giving citations to your stats and “fact”
      let’s not fool ourselves we are all doom for failure!

      • @WillamS
        The government is responsible for the security of the citizens no one else.
        When the government declared war on citizens how did the government intend to guarantee the security of children and their parents?
        If you have Tchiromarized statistics please post them for all to see.
        Yes we are all doomed to fail because a black African government in the 21st century has embarked on a recolonization Francophonization agenda against the will of the people of southern Cameroons
        Why would a government declare war on citizens asking peacefully to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms?
        The development of any nation must include basic freedoms and responsibility of citizens.
        Intimidation, brutality and war are not elements of nation building.
        Self rule is our basic desire!

  7. @colby on the contrary u sound like the failure insinuates in your post, what kind of a real man insulting a female such profanity all the time in a public forum portray a low social stratum or level in my view, for is one thing to disagree with others point of view with constructive criticism without using obscene languages, especially to a woman don’t wanna engage u for that matter, an for your information must of us activist in dis struggle of liberation of Southern Cameroon are very successful in our own right some lawyers,military, engineers, business development manager like myself, doctors like @lum has identified in dis forum as medical practitioner ,nurses, regular blue collar workers in all work of life etc thus our collective efforts is to change the status quo liberate our

    • @FEY
      Thank you Ma Broda!
      When people have no facts they start to attack your person.
      We are here to tell them the truth as our people know it.
      English in Courtrooms and classrooms in Southern Cameroons was the initial request in 2016 in a constitutionally bilingual country. There were no supposed terrorist, no one attacked the unprofessional military.
      The governments reaction was brutality, killings, burnings, rape, maiming, extortion, blackmail,etc
      The people of southern Cameroons have lost all hope and trust in the Yaoundé tribal government and are opting for a peaceful separation.
      We saw videos of the military executing women and babies because of a false accusation of being wives of Boko Haram, we know they will kill our children in the same fashion
      Who is fooling who?

  8. People from the oppressive Regime that exploited our resources while keeping our people in total misery, killed thousands and buried in mass graves because they question that bastard despotic leadership, others imprisoned, some in the bushes escaped for their lives, others in foreign landvillages burnt down to ash, rape our sisters, etc and GoD willing we shall not stop until total liberation of Ambasonia

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Forever Stupid

      Is that your justification for sending ambazombie terrorists to go kidnap 7 students and 3 teachers who voluntarily went to school because they cherish education?
      You shameless coward terrorist!

  9. the stupid & cowardice is u @Africans for Trump whatever that really means, just like I said last year in dis forum i can debate on any topic as long u and co keep it civil without throwing your baby tantrum so I can expose you’ll ignorant, firstly the interim government position of school resumption is clear will be up to parents to decide whether to send their children to school, secondly any reasonable government should know in the middle of war-like/ combative atmosphere were Amba boys are fighting la republique terrorists army sending children to school is putting their lives at risk ,like putting the cart before the horse, the reasonable action to your stupid Regime was to negotiate ceasefire to bring calm before talking about school but since the despotic bastard regime don’t care

  10. About the children educational programs other than using them as human shield to spread useless propaganda like the ones u insinuating in your post, About Amba boys responsible for kidnapping without any evidence to support your stupid calms , same thing went your terrorists rapist army cut on camera burning villages, molested given snake beaten to the same students & teachers u now out of a sudden care about their educational career bunch of wicked bastards hypocrites , who do u think u fooling your cowardliness , it’s even likely your terrorists soldiers staged the kidnapping as to blame our brave Amba boys

  11. @ Separatists. S Cameroon was never a country my friends, stop writing bull. S Cameroon is part of the republic of Cameroon that was separated by colonialists for their national interest. It was never a country on it’s own. (Show me a world map with a country called South Cameroon). Every Cameroonian has the right to go to any part of Cameroon be it the English or French colonized area. You can never divide Cameroon by colonial lines. English and French are languages imposed on us by the colonial masters and are not our languages. The Biya regime is the problem and not the Francophones. You idiots are not different from the Biya regime. Both of you are headed by brutal dictators. Leave our students alone. Since you have no balls to confront Biya, you take your anger to our kids. Cowards.