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US charges three for supporting Cameroon separatists

Yahoo! | The US Justice Department announced charges Monday against three men who allegedly helped fund separatist fighters in Cameroon and supported the 2020 kidnapping of Catholic cardinal Christian Tumi. The three men, US citizens of Cameroon origin, are accused of raising $350,000 for arms and bomb-making materials for the …

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Cameroonian Professor Ranked World’s 2nd-Best Mathematician

The Heritage Times | Abdon Atangana, a professor from Cameroon, has been ranked as the second-best mathematician in the world. The 37-year-old was listed as being in science, technology, and engineering’s Top 188 in Stanford University’s ranking of the Top 2% of Scientists in the World, which was published on …

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Cameroonian in Toronto who wanted $60K for his business got $600K instead after investors tasted his Jollof

Face2Face Africa | Gilles Tchianga is originally from Cameroon and went to Italy to pursue his first degree and postgraduate education in food processing. Afterward, he left Italy for Canada in search of better opportunities. Canada did not exactly meet his expectations in terms of job opportunities when he first …

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Dette publique : la Chine se taille la part du lion sur 177 milliards d’intérêts payés par le Cameroun en 9 mois

Investir au Cameroun | Au cours de la période de 9 mois allant de janvier à septembre 2022, le Cameroun a remboursé ses dettes pour un montant total de 910,2 milliards de FCFA, dont 78,9% de dette remboursée à des bailleurs de fonds extérieurs. Sur cette enveloppe totale, révèle la …

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