Children killed in attack on Cameroonian school

Big News Network | Attackers have opened fire on a private school in Cameroon’s Southwest Region, killing at least four children, according to officials.

The unknown assailants stormed the Mother Francisca School in the city of Kumba on Saturday. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

“They attacked around noon. They found the children in a class and they opened fire on them,” Kumba sub-prefect Ali Anougou told the Reuters news agency.

At least nine other pupils were wounded and sent to the hospital. There were fears the death toll could rise.

The Associated Press news agency quoted Anougou as blaming separatists who have been fighting the military in parts of western Cameroon for the attack.

Cameroon’s two Anglophone regions – the Northwest and Southwest Regions – are home to a large minority of English speakers in a country where French speakers are the overwhelming majority – a situation that is the legacy of the decolonisation of western Africa by France and Britain more than 60 years ago.

In late 2016, long-standing complaints of political and economic discrimination against English speakers by the central government spilled over when lawyers, students and teachers began calling for reforms.

The government’s lethal response to the protests provoked rebels to declare in 2017 independence for a region they call “Ambazonia”, triggering a stronger crackdown by the authorities.

Both sides have since been accused of committing

atrocities in a conflict that has killed some 3 000 people and forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes.

Anglophone secessionists have imposed curfews and closed schools as part of their protest against President Paul Biya’s government.

Last year, officials blamed separatists for kidnapping dozens of schoolchildren, charges the separatists denied.

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  1. Eric Tataw, Tapang Ivo Tanku Sako Ikome, Chris Anu, Mark Bareta, Ebenezer Akwanga, Joshua Carr, Emmanuel Ndong, Cho Ayaba, congratulations to you!

    You odeshi gods and goddess in ingland must be feasting . Remember that one day you will pay for the crimes you are committing against our people in the name

    UNSTOPPABLE and Kongosa, I hope you dream of Buea and Maryland tonight…your cult is doing exactly what you said countless time they plan to do.

    Well done.

    • BrothaJosephus,

      How long have you been saying this sh&thead Bameta disease MassaYo? Wicked killers and genocidaires. I will not rest until the planner and executor of this evil, the colonial SDO, Chamberlin Ndong is killer.

      • See this dull one with belle like Onitsha pig. That blood way you don di mix with Heineken don make you even more duller.

        Paul Nilong, Eric Tataw, Ikome Sako, Chris Anu, Ebenezer Akwanga, Cho Ayaba, Tapang Ivo Tanku, Mark Bareta and you will pay.

        You wanted international attention, right? Na e dis! Dull drunk of a cultist that you are.

  2. Severally, Ambazonians have been told to suspend this school thing because this is war time.
    From every indication, they like being in pain and suffering. At least, this would have been
    avoided, by just doing this – obeying.
    Everyone, knows that the military, breaks doors open, pulls people out and shoot them.
    Although not acceptable, it is better than going out there, to look for it.

  3. How can we be killing our own children?

    Wish I had a gun and be face to face with a man like Ayaba Cho, I’ll empty the magazine on his head…

    • I’ll have to find a way to get to Norway and say hi to Ayaba Cho, I can stand this sh**t anymore…

      • Where your people? the originals; Casara, crye, ras, espero…

        • This Bamileke man Zam-Zam can only pretend with his konny face. Is not today your army start slaughtering people? Zam-ZamWhere were you when kids were slaughtered and dumped in River Naka? Asshole.

        • Children murderer….shame on you M32, shame on you.

          BIR, please wipe out any Amba you come across. Don’t make them prisoner, kill them…

    • Didong lep pipo with voom.

  4. #EndAnglophonecrisis in Cameroon Now

  5. Lrc is doing everything possible to see to it that we are called a terrorist organisation including leaving campuses that they pretend to guide for their thugs to move in and kill our innocent children.they will all pay for it,the blood of our loved one will never go in vain.God punish lrc.

  6. Of course, Atanga Nji boys were responsible for the massacres. They think they can stop the war with such despicable acts. The international community is now aware that LRC is a sh*tholecountr ruled by CRIMINALS . Those criminals rule by deceit, deception and terror.
    Next week, those criminals will surely present Atanga Nji boys to the world.They will claim to be Amba boys and accept responsibility for the massacre.

    LRC has become very desperate since they have realised that the BIRs can NEVER EVER defeat the INVINCIBLE Amba boys.


      LRC is ruled by the most corrupt, dishonest, faithless, deceitful, arrogant, foolish, stupid, despicable, evil, demonic and insensitive CRIMINALS on planet earth..

      A country ruled by deceit, deception and terror is likened to a house built on sand.
      It is common knowledge and a celebrated fact that a house built on sand cannot stand for long.

      Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE; UNCONTROLLABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.


  7. We can never be one and indivisible if a collective and inclusive dialogue is not hatched to bring to end this madness. We will never know peace because those who have picked up guns to reclaim their rights will never simply be told and forced by military action into subbordination. We see this with Boko Haram and the never ending jihadists wars taking place around the world, but unlike the jihadists, there are clear ways by which we can quickly return to peace if not of the greed and ego of a government run by lunatics. This is a horrible incident by all acounts and as justice is being sought, we must not forget that the full blame of this heinous crime lies with Biya’s tyranincal and failed government that never listens to the people. Those heads must roll alongside the culprits.

    • Nonsense. Keep killing your own and blame Paul Biya. The man is in his palace drinking wine and waiting for his day to come.
      It has been 4 years of no school for kids. Someone please tell me how this has advanced your cause. Tell me how this has impacted Yaounde.
      Not only you are turning anglophone and you, but also the intl community. Even your own leaders starting to distance themselves from this horrific crime.
      Stop listening to yourself, and listen to others. You have adopted the wrong strategy and have failed, now you are punishing your own.
      Your leaders made names for themselves and money in the process, and they no very well they can never go back to Cameroon or be forgiven. So they will NOT turn back. But fur you why are you encouraging the killings your own?

      • James, you know you are making a point when you hit a nerve. I am not a part of any drive to shed blood in Cameroon. I am up for creating a country where resources are equally distributed, where authorities are held accountable for their actions. I support the attainment of these values, not the idea of anyone picking up guns and killing innocent people. I have never celebrated the dead of victims, be it killed by the army or Amba fighters. Don’t you think that it is ridiculous to have an old recluse lodged in a palace, whose penchant for signing ridiculous decrees has brought Cameroon to its knees? Don’t you think it is your right to demand accountability? Don’t you think the chaos in Cameroon is the result of the bad governance directed by the lack of oversight by Yaounde?

  8. I cry for my home town kumba children in Fiango are been slaughter by this savage mad Beti. Bulu pigs, dis same people slaughter children in Gurbu northern zone investigation clear the Amba boys they were trying to discreet, now they’ve bring their madness to kumba, our landscape shall be free GOD willing u animals will pay for your crimes

  9. @Zam-Zam Amba have been calling for school boycotts,yet some children have been going to school.Amba have never gone inside any school to kill children becos they stubbornly went to school against the wish of Amba boys.It is not now that some Amba leaders are of the opinion that children should go to school,that Amba will go and kill children in a private school becos they went to school….It is LRC’s gov’t that have killed those children.

    • Kongosa,

      stop for di pretend….ah know dis matter dan touch you wor-wor too…

      • Don’t mind the ostrich; ZZ. He can stick his long neck into poto poto all he wants to, but there are videos of Paul Nilong and Eric Tataw calling on attacks on schools.

        Kongosa, no be 2017 this oh. We go expose that Amba sect after wet wetin those odeshi boys do for K Town.

  10. Ambazonia terrorism on anglophones. anglophones wise up.
    will go down as the worst ever revolution.

  11. Soon, the Biya / cpdm regime will dole out envelopes to the bereaved families.
    And parents and their children, will forget the pain and anguish they are facing.
    It will happen again. Money and the devil attached to it will make it posible.

    • Atleast the Biya regime will send them envelopes. what will your facebook comedy regime send?. comedy revolution. 4 years nothing to show of. anglophones are tired of this ambazonia madness

  12. Mwambo (Buea son)

    My condolences to the families. Such an egregious and gruesome act. Senseless beyond comprehension. How a nation descends into such chaos is bewildering. Wow, Cameroon!!

    Cameroon was the second most peaceful country in 1982 after Sierra Leone. Then Sierra Leone descended into unimaginable bloodshed for almost twenty years while the world watched. Today, the once second most peaceful country is at a crossroad. The whole thing is a mess.

    How can people of any political, social or ideological leanings comfortably support any form of bloodshed is incomprehensible.

  13. Mwambo (Buea son)

    Father Oluoma of Nigeria: “If a minister/President steals money from the state meant to create jobs, build roads or hospitals and if people die in road accidents or hospitals or from poverty, has he not killed?”

    If a man rigs elections, amends the constitution to stay in power for life, is he not expecting political strife and chaos down the road? Isn’t this man responsible for bloodshed directly or implicitly?

    1992, ’97, 2004: Biya was roundly defeated but he used the military, killed and stayed on.

    1997: With so much bloodshed an international attention, Biya extended presidential term from 5 to 7 yrs & two terms and swore that he would leave. He faltered on the promise.

    2000: Abdou Diouf was defeated and he left for the sake of PEACE in Senegal.

    2000: JJ Rawlings left office at 53.

    • Mwambo (Buea son)

      2018; Joseph Kabila left office after 17 yrs & handed power to the OPPOSITION. He was 47.

      2018: Biya rigged again for another 7 yr term that will see him to age approx. 94.

      2018: Ellen Johnson left office, handed power to the opposition.

      Mugabe maneuvered to make his wife president, he died leaving a very improvised Zimbabwe.

      Look at Ghana, Liberia, Senegal and imagine for a moment the “What IFs” had these leaders taken the unfortunate route of “me alone” lifetime presidencies. Does the civil war of Liberia & S. Leone remind us of what bloody outcomes mean for Africa?

      Africans don’t matter to the UN, EU or any organization. They all exploited the people (slavery & colonialism) & the continent.

      Today Africans die in the hands of their people; presidents or militia.
      My condolence!!

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