Dubai visitor from Cameroon arrested after he smuggles drugs inside spices

Gulf News | Defendant caught with 2.6kg of drugs after officers noticed an abnormal thickness in bag

Dubai: A visitor was caught in Dubai International Airport carrying 2.6kg of marijuana hidden inside spices in his bag.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday that the 24-year-old Cameroonian visitor was caught in January this year, after officers noticed an abnormal thickness inside his bag.

“I stopped the defendant, asked him what was inside the bag. He claimed that it had food supplies and spices. I searched the bag and found 12 plastic rolls full of marijuana,” said the Emirati employee on record.

According to an officer at the Anti-Narcotics Department in Dubai Police, the defendant admitted that he had brought the drugs from Cameroon and that a Nigerian worker would have come to receive it.

“He said that a woman in Cameroon asked him to deliver the bag to her brother in Dubai who had sponsored a residence visa for him. He was in touch with him on WhatsApp,” the officer said on record.

The 29-year-old Nigerian co-defendant was also arrested as he came to the airport to receive the first defendant.

Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the Cameroonian defendant with smuggling and possessing 2.6kg of marijuana, while the Nigerian defendant has been charged with criminal abetting.

The next hearing will be on September 21 and the defendants will remain in police custody.

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  1. Great job Dubai police these donkeys were thinking they are in NSIMALEN airport kikiki…

  2. I hope they will not say it is the fault of mvondo biya? Kikikiki we have land those who want to be rich should toil it.

  3. This should be the French speaking Cameroonian criminals. Together with the perpetrators back in Cameroon, the inter pol be contacted to fish them to Great Dubia to answer. They’ve been doing it for long. Quick I’ll gotten money. 99 days for the thief.

  4. This is a totally set up. No one will carry drugs to Arab Gulf on his first time visit. And no drug dealers will come to the airport himself to receive his items. Both are set up

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