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David Polyansky

Former Cruz aides working for Cameroon

Politico | FORMER CRUZ AIDES WILL WORK FOR CAMEROON: Two former aides to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) have signed on to represent Cameroon’s government in Washington despite recent allegations of serious human rights abuses by the government. David Polyansky, Cruz’s former chief of staff; Catherine Frazier, another former Cruz aide; and Jimmy Soni, a former Huffington Post managing editor who later worked for former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, will advise Cameroon’s government on public relations. They’ll promote a “positive and favorable image” of Cameroon’s government through digital ads and “by placing targeted op eds in conservative-oriented outlets in order to foster a robust and growing partnership narrative into the future,” according to a contract filed with the Justice Department.

Catherine Frazier(R) Ted Cruz (L)

— Cameroon has found itself saddled with a less-than-positive-and-favorable image in recent months. The Trump administration has stopped providing as much military aid to Cameroon’s government because of what Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, the head of United States Africa Command, described in congressional testimony in February as the “alleged atrocities” it had committed. Mausi Segun, Human Rights Watch’s executive director for Africa, wrote last month that Cameroon’s government had responded to separatist threats by “burning hundreds of homes, killing civilians, and detaining and torturing alleged separatists in a gendarme-run prison in the capital, Yaoundé.”

Jimmy Soni

— There’s a long history, of course, of Washington lobbyists and public relations hands representing governments accused of committing atrocities, dating back to Paul Manafort’s work for Ferdinand Marcos, the infamous Filipino dictator. Polyansky, Frazier and Soni are representing Cameroon through Clout Public Affairs, a division of Axiom Strategies, a consulting firm run by Jeff Roe, who managed Cruz’s presidential campaign. Cameroon also retains Squire Patton Boggs to lobby on its behalf.

— Asked about the Cameroonian government’s human rights record, Clout defended its work. “Clout is pleased to be working with Cameroon to highlight the strong and developing relationship between our two countries,” the firm said in a statement. The firm noted that Cameroon had “been a longtime partner to U.S. military operations in Africa, and serves as a key ally in the United States’ effort to combat the radical Islamist group Boko Haram, which has for far too long victimized and ravaged innocent civilians in the region.” The contract is worth $55,000 a month.

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  1. The enemies of the Cameroonian people should continue working to maintain the people in slavery. No matter how long the night is, there shall be light. These shameless Americans are only interested in their $55,000 a month and careless about the suffering masses. Let’s see how the cash strapped regime will foot the monthly bills with its economy sinking every day. There’s no where on earth when there can be economic progress and development when the people are choked to death.

  2. America represents the Good and the Evil!

  3. This is another crystal clear proof that the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has become very desperate.
    Dictator Biya has realised that:

    1. his terrorist soldiers can NEVER EVER defeat the “secessionists”
    2. the so-called commission on disarmament has been dismissed by GENUINE Amba boys as a NON-ENTITY
    3. the so-called commission on bilingualism is another white elephant project with ZERO, I repeat ZERO usefulness
    4. the economy of the country is in shambles
    5. the coffers of the public treasury is almost empty
    6. creditors are now reluctant to lend money to LRC because of uncertainty and high risk of default

    The Dictator is looking for a face-saving way to end his sh*thole UNWINNABLE war.

    Simply put, Dictator Biya has finally realised that GARRI PASS KUMKUM

    • It means Trump will hear directly about the ambazonia atrocities. And designate ambazonia a terrorist organization. He will also deport head chopping Eric tataw and the rest.

  4. With the magnitude of blood bath going on in Cameroon, one wonders if the republicans have added indifference to their resume of callousseness or is just outright stupidity? Is money all that the republicans know? I watched year in and year out as the lone black candidate (Allan Keys) struggled to represent your party for the presidency but never got a vote. I thought was discrimination. Little did I know you were blood suckers two. Wanting to clean the image of Cameroon! This is an all time low. I will remember what to do with my vote come 2020.

  5. AMERICA a country build on the inslavement of africans worries about the respect of humans?up till today african americans have not been paid compensation for the inslavement of thier ancestors by obess aryans who did not want to work to creat wealth for themselves.this is a good sign of respecting human life right?
    even worste the inslavers were paid but not the inslaved.

  6. At home, the NW / SW elites – Yang, Atanga Nji, new / old ministers, press etc etc,
    have held a meeting in Yang`s house in y`de, to do everything for schools to reopen
    at all cost. This is to show the UN, that things are normal and they have succeeded.
    Fellow Ambazonians, this september school reopening, must be challenged to the
    highest level. Our future is very important is very important and the blood of those
    our brothers / sisters, can not go in vain. Are we fools, from 2916, to stand for
    our rights? Our liberation for today / tomorrow, is now and only now. Don`t be fooled
    by anyone, we can succeed only when we don`t lose our integrety. And that integrity,
    is to stay strong. Strong by obeying orders from the IG only. Tomorrow is our goal.

    • There is no IG. Any orders from a cabal of corrupt thieving pastors shall not be obeyed. Hope you witnessed the mami wata ghost town that swept through the entire Ambazonia today Tuesday despite Chris/Sako prohibition. Wake up and start preaching for a Restoration/Revolutionary Council/Committee or what ever name you call it that shall make decisions on the basis of suffrage having everyone on board even if they don’t like each other or cannot get along. The leader shall come from GZ not the diaspora.

      • L’enemie,

        now that your movement is dead you are now thinking about GZ.

        The eyes of people are now widely open, whom are you going to fool again?

        Time wey ah bin be di kosh IG, you bin be di kosh me.

        Hahahahahahaha, some man suffer pass me for dis forum ah die…

        • ZamZam

          You are a provocative idiot for trailing me with nonsense. No movement is dead until reach Buea. We know all those you CPDM criminals have corrupted to sell their people and we will abandon them like dry sh&t. You are wicked and stupid for spreading fallacy while our refugees and families are still hiding in the Bushes and Nigeria with entire villages burnt down. Does the devil you are think that those in the bushes and Nigeria don’t want schooling? What will they eat, where will they sleep once they start going to school? You wicked manipulative devils are killing prisoners and you stand here to tell me our movement is dead? The 2 days mami water ghost town should have shown you the signs but then a manipulator will always remain a manipulator. BAS is what is dying you idiot.

        • L’enemie,

          your movement is dead, your notorious lies have all been exposed. No country wants you—child-eaters. You punish children for 3 good years, out of wantonness.

          Bareta is gently becoming mad, just like Tapang and Tataw. The blood of Anglos, especially children, will haunt you until the last man standing.

          Wuna loss sense sotey beat woman dem their lass witi stick, cut pickin dem hand, cut pipo dem head, for no nating—CHINEKE go shu wuna some ting.

  7. It is a fight to liberate ourselves from mental slavey, torture, servitude etc etc from the
    hands of an oppressor. Therefore, no one should think it is the responsibility of just some,
    to defend homeland. Groups and groups will spring up and this is the way it should go,
    until victory comes. Bastards, should also come onboard, because the SC, is full of them.

  8. Heheheheh. I comment you delete, delete the truth if you can. Even without us or the IG our spirits and shadows shall rise to expunged evil from our land. The land of our ancestors….it is their fight and we…mere pencils in their hands

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