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Four Cameroon police killed by suspected separatist bomb -govt

June 16 Reuters | Cameroon’s government said on Sunday that separatists in its restive English-speaking region had detonated an improvised explosive device that killed four police and wounded six.

“The government condemns in the strongest terms this criminal act, perpetrated by armed bandits and terrorists with no faith or law,” the statement said. It also said the attack occurred along a road near the district of Eyumojock in the south west of the country late on Saturday.

There was no immediate reaction or claim of responsibility from any separatist group.

What began as peaceful protests in Cameroon’s southwestern Anglophone region in 2017 have degenerated into near daily violence between the forces of Cameroon’s mostly French-speaking government and several separatist groups.

The English-speaking Northwest and Southwest of the country complain of being marginalised by the French speaking majority.

It is rare but not unheard of for the separatists to use bomb technology, but this would mark their first deadly strike using a bomb.

The attack came after both sides claimed to be open to dialogue, which rights groups doubt will happen under current conditions.. Prime Minister Joseph Ngute has said the government would be willing to talk to the rebels, but would not consider their demand for secession.

Eleven movements representing Anglophone Cameroon, including the main armed factions, last month said they were willing to enter mediated discussions with the state.

The United Nations estimates that, since 2017, about 1,800 people have been killed and more than 530,000 displaced with 1.3 million in need in the region.

Cameroon’s linguistic divide has existed since the end of World War One, when the League of Nations divided the former German colony of Kamerun, in central Africa, between allied victors, leaving most of Cameroon French-administered but a small part run by Britain. (Reporting by Josiane Kouagheu Writing by Tim Cocks. Editing by Jane Merriman)

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  1. Sooner than later, ex-convict Atanga Nji will display his FAKE Amba boys over CrTv boasting that they have surrendered bombs and bomb-making materials to members of the so-called commission on disarmament.



      Recently, LRC senate president went to France to discuss with his French counterpart the so-called “crise Anglophone”.
      However, the same LRC senate president has refused to discuss the “crise Anglophone” in his own senate. He and Cavaye Djibril prefer to shout “interference in the internal affairs of LRC” when the EU parliament and others discuss the “crise Anglophone”. Only France has the right to discuss the “crise Anglophone” since LRC is still a colony of France.

      Southern Cameroonians will NEVER EVER allow their homeland to be part of this Départements et régions d’outre-mer,( DROM) of France.
      Simply put, the war will decide the fate of this INFORMAL cohabitation

    • **** CASE STUDY: FRU NDI ****

      The writer is neither a supporter nor a sympathiser of the chairman.
      That notwithstanding, the shabby treatment meted on the Chairman by the evil LRC junta is worth mentioning.
      A few days ago, the Chairman and a powerful delegation went to Victoria to visit SONARA.
      They were refused entry into SONARA by the gendarmes FOR SECURITY REASONS.
      The Chairman then asked them whether he was considered as a security risk by the powers that be. The Gendarmes replied they were simply following orders from Yaounde. The chairman then told them that LRC has something to hide.

      ** MY TAKE **

      LRC indeed has something to hide because the incident in SONARA was NOT due to a technical fault.
      It was either:

      1. sabotage by Kamtoists


      2. A bombing by Amba boys

    • As a corollary, the Minister of labour has informed the workers of SONARA of the instruction of Dictator Biya, viz:

      1. ZERO ” chômage technique ”
      2. full salaries including bonuses for ZEO work done

      The above–mentioned instruction is credible and compelling to highlight because RECENTLY 12.000 (twelve thousand) CDC workers were sent on “chômage technique” with ZERO salaries. The president did not care about the workers of the CDC. After all, they are considered as second-class citizens by Dictator Biya.
      Dictator Biya took his decision on SONARA because more than 95% of the workers are Betis and Bassas.

      The social injustices in the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is sickening. A “VIVRE ENSEMBLE” is therefore not sustainable.

    • This is what Kumkum Pass Garri wrote yesterday, the 15.06.2018:

      “Drop your weapons and seek amnesty or wait for us to identify and kill you!”

      A day after he wrote that trash, Amba boys N-E-U-T-R-A-L-S-E-D 4(four) LRC terrorists and wounded four others.
      Little wonder, the so-called Kumkum Pass Garri has not commented on this dramatic development.

      His next slogan will surely be:

      “Drop your BOMBS and seek amnesty or wait for us to identify and kill you!”

      Of course, LRC terrorists do not have a monopoly to use force.
      The bomb technology of Amba boys will take this sh*thole war to a higher level.

      Sooner than later, bombs will be exploding in buildings and night clubs in Yaounde if Dictator Biya continues with his military adventurism in SC.


  2. Mais très très bonne nouvelle.le combat prend de la hauteur.

    • Tu es tellement bete!
      Qu’en diras-tu quand leurs camarades neutraliseront tous ces terrorrists d’ici peu et leur complices avec? Tu viendras crier au “génocide “”?
      Pourquoi vous etes toujours betes coe cà vous ces ‘Ambationiens ” de merde ?

    • @KONGOSA

      Hahahahahahahahaha good news for you lol . give us 2 weeks you will be the one pointing finger on the government.

      Small fight past you , now u re using explosions. Hahahahahahahahaha and u re a big fool

  3. If Cameroon is dying a slow, painful death, the nation’s many Goebbels or “Chemical Alis”must share some of the blame, not just the “hierarchie”. They and they alone know why the head of state’s instructions are not simply instructions but “hautes instructions”. President Paul Biya is a normal human being like everyone else. Why project him as a deity?

    And if the good example comes from above, should the payment of insurance premiums for SONARA not be one good example that can send the message down the line to aircraft, buildings, vehicles and ocean-going vessels? How can the payment of bribes to officers in uniform at check points substitute for vehicle insurance? Was SONARA properly insured so that the nation can take comfort in reconstruction being paid for by the insurers?

    • Biya’s servile supporters have worshipful praise for him, a result of what they gain from gaming the system. They fail to understand that massive corruption creates financial destruction, economic stagnation and the commoners suffer. The result is what you see in any dictatorship; chaos & righteous indignation.
      Remember the mantra, “Rigor & Moralization”? It was a lip service from a man who would rig every election, violate the constitution & usurp the will of the people. Because there were no shots fired, naïve minds think it was OK then, not knowing it set the stage for the problems of today. It was brewing.
      ENAM is a Pay-nine-million-FRS-to-get-in institution, road police are bribe collectors, tollgate workers are authorized peculators for the governors & ministers. It is Biya’s legacy.

  4. When we say such a war cannot be won by the fake Government in Yaounde, some fools come out here and shout that all the terrorist will be killed..
    Today 3 years after the declaration of war by Mr Biya on the people of southern Cameroons, the government is still not making any progress..
    Keep singing songs of one and indivisible country when people are dying everyday..
    A very stupid government , believing in force, sending troops to kill its own people , calling them terrorist…
    And worse of all some idiots are buying that stupid ideology..
    Poor boys with chak-Vum and no shoes are killing trained drunkards called Military??..
    What a shame to this failed state..

    • It is the duty of any Gvt in this world to defend and protect its territory and its people against any agression.
      All those terrorrists and their komplicera will be neutralise.
      You can’t kill the police/army, without them comming back after you.

      • Simple question, who started killing who? When lawyers and teachers went out to protest legitimately, were they carrying guns? Did they kill anyone? Wasn’t it lrc who locked them up and called noble men like Agbor Balla terrorists? When Southern Cameroonians came out in droves with leaves to signify peaces during a legitimate protest, were they carrying guns? Wasn’t it the fake barbaric government that opened fire on innocent people from overhead flying Helicopters? Now that things have turn on their head and gone down south lrc is now using the blame tactics and conjuring the need to protect its territory to victimise Southern Cameroonians, who in the beginning never wanted separation but federation. Ambazonians didn’t start this war, lrc out of arrogance put us in this total mess!

    • @biko

      You re always talking nonsense. After killing those 4 brave polices offices have you heard the government complaints no no no no . Just wait for retaliation nyamfuka. More villages will be burn down.

  5. The unfolding of events are taking us directly to the inevitable.

    The fake union was doomed to fail.

    Ambazonia shall be FREE

  6. SONARA fire don kill la ripoublique

    Serious fuel shortages in the Republic of Central Africa (Bangui)

    La ripoublique is drowning in the pool of the bllood of the people of AMBAZONIA.

    La ripoublique go crumble very badly

    Ambaland shall be free against all odds.

  7. Please, take the IED to the Mungo bridge and blow off the damn thing.

    Next, the day that one of these IEDs will explode in a crowded area in Douala shall be the day that the Biya regime will fall. This should be the next target.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. `The government condemns ……………………… this crminal acts, pepertrated by armed bandits
    and terrorists with no faith and law`,…. Conclusion: the rogue gov`t, is not sure of what really
    happened and who is responsible. The usual lies telling from y`de.
    A new dimension to Biya`s war. He must be writing another book, like the famous communal
    liberalism that has transformed Cameroon to an Eldorado, the Biya legacy. The completion will
    come in 2035, just a stone throw away.

  9. Non
    Il y eu zero morts.
    Les Amba boys have all been neutralized

  10. This government can’t kill all Anglophones in Cameroon.
    4M Anglophones are affected by the war
    300 villages burnt down
    600,000 Anglophones displaced internally
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    50 Anglophones kill per day to a total of 1800+ yearly(50×356)
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon or missing
    There are 8M Anglophones in Cameroon and this government can’t kill all of them.
    So no matter what lies are told to the majority the hypercentralized tribal government will eventually dialogue with the Anglophones beginning with Sisiku Ayuk in jail.
    The world intervened in Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa, Hutu Ruwanda and soon it shall be Franco-Apartheid Cameroon.
    Self rule our mantra in this century.
    Who is fooling who?
    Low IQ!

    • Tibor Nagy day its a pipe dream. So keep on dreaming and feelin

    • @Lum

      We will kill more peoples like you .

      • Shut Up, @Bam’daBoy pikin. We is who? Such an idiotic statement from a certified fool. We=You + Biya. Categorical asshole.

        I will not be on the Amba bandwagon but your dotard master created the avenue for this mess. Longest serving president Oye, Oye? Then he drops dead. Where is the love?
        Your dickhead is just like the pinheaded Amba adherents. Someone needs to call out you all.

    • Cameroon’s linguistic divide has existed since the end of World War One, when the League of Nations divided the former German colony of Kamerun, in central Africa, between allied victors, leaving most of Cameroon French-administered but a small part run by Britain.

  11. The bomb making technique had already been disseminated in all 14 counties of Ambazonia and the next load will be heavier than this prototype. Let the war continue.. Homeland or we all die.

    • Yi bin wan be wey ah bin be di wonder sey you nova comment up to now for show how sugar dey for ya heart.

      Na only black man fit ntémé arda black then open jobajo for celebrate!

      Bot, rest assured. The sick wey yi di catch kakoa na the same sick di catch coffee.

      Dis same mbut strategy wey wuna mov’t di use’am so, na the same strategy wuna go use’am against wuna own self for wuna mov’t when the time cam.

      No be wuna di mimba sey wuna dong croché Ayuk?

      Wait and see how yi go shu wuna how for use wuna own poh-poh strategy for damage wuna mov’t.

      Wuna di mimba sey yi go lef virtual presidency slice for yi fingers so without ntohmoh, no be so?

      Ayuk yi joker for hand wor-wor, nothing to do witi laripoublik…

      • @Zam-Zam

        you this smelly mouth idiot! The day 4 months little baby Martha’s head was riddled with 8 life bullets in Ekona, your foul breadth did not protest the brutatlity of your genocidal army. Instead you joined the Biyaist killing machine to defend the terrorist army n put the blame on Ambaboys as the family fled daylight intimidation and till this day they are still in hiding. The day Kwakwa was burnt down 2 years ago, I did not see your bull frog face here to condemn the wickedness of your people. When Blaise Ndeh and Mammi Api were gunned and burnt down you never came here with that your face like a tortoise butt to protest wickedness. When an entire Baya family of 8 was shot and burnt down inside their house you never said a thing with your wowo face. Today you want preach morals.

  12. Come and read them here! Why are these Ambazonians so foolish?
    History of this war have told us that, you guys kill one soldier, their camrades burn down 10 villages!!
    You kill 4, they will burn down 40 villages and neutrlise all the terrorrists in those villages.
    The poor civilians are those paying the price.
    So, tell me why you think this is a good news?

    Rest in Power brave soldiers.

    • This is exactly why the government of Cameroon has to bring this to an immediate stop by holding dialogue without any preconditions with all involved. When a people are so fade up that they become suicidal to achieve their goal, it is very dangerous to everyone, to the entire country. The life of one person dead is just as important as the lives of a million people. Hundreds of thousands of South Africans, of black Americans, etc died to achieve freedom. One person dies, relatives are left to mourn forever, the pain is endless. This is a painful war to both sides of Cameroon, except for the recluse called Biya, hiding in his glass palace in Etoudi, who has lost complete touch with reality, if he ever was anyway!

  13. Why are protesters, not killed in lrc after the Kamto protests? This is genocide and it
    has become a game, afterall, they have the military and money.

    • @joshua

      Just shut up peace of rat . Nonsense ambafools

      • Fake baendaboy idiot

      • Shut up!!! @ Biya’s Bamendaboy pikin.

        And shut up to anyone supporting killings.

        Bottom line, I will NEVER support a dictator. 43 YEARS in office?? What a bad precedence for a country. Every elections rigged. Why didn’t Cameroon expect this to happen?

  14. Hahahahhahhhahaha terrorists can’t even win or fight with the polices .

    More villages will be destroyed in the name of the republic of Cameroon.

    All those nyamfukas will be exterminated “ambasonia “

  15. Bravo Amba boys we will send out those colonial thieves from French Cameroon from Ambaland

  16. **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    The Indonesian military also killed indiscriminately in East Timor. Women and children were shot in the streets. The Indonesian soldiers killed everyone they could find in East Timor. The Government of Indonesia justified their crimes with the fight against terrorists and the protection of the territorial integrity of Indonesia. Citizens of Indonesia applauded and supported the crimes of the army. They continued to swear that Indonesia will remain “one and indivisible”.

    The citizens of East Timor NEVER gave up fighting to defend the homeland.
    In the end, East Timor ( Population =1.2 million ) SEPARATED from Indonesia (Population =261 million )

    • Citizens of LRC (Population = 16 million ) should, therefore, think twice whenever they claim that Biya will NEVER allow SC (Population = 8 million) to SEPARATE.
      The MAJORITY of the Anglophones have stated they are fed up with the INFORMAL COHABITATION.
      Biya cannot suppress the will of the people.
      The killings, bribing and crimes against humanity perpetrated by LRC and Chad can only DELAY. It can NEVER EVER suppress the will of the people.

      Believe me or not,

      1. The momentum is UNSTOPPABLE
      2. The war is UNWINNABLE
      3. The FINAL resolution to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine
      4. Dictator Biya will be the Most Valuable Casualty (MVC) of this struggle.

    • Yes, yes, yes, LRC terrorists will retaliate by burning down several villages, massacre innocent civilians, etc.
      However, LRC can NEVER EVER massacre eight million Southern Cameroonians.
      Simply put, the war will continue ad infinitum. LRC can NEVER win asymmetrical warfare.
      A four days Ambazonia Stakeholders Strategic Conference (ASSC) that was organised by the Interim Government recently in Berlin, Germany. An important amount of money was collected for SELF DEFENCE with special emphasis on the upgrading the weapons of Amba boys. BOMBB was one of the items included on the purchase list. The incident in Manyu should, therefore, be considered as the BEGINNING of havoc for LRC. Pa Che has supplied enough bombs to all divisions in SC. A single bomb will annihilate a truckload of BIR.

    • Important infrastructure, such as the mungo bridge, oil pipelines, etc are considered as legitimate targets.

      Dictator Biya should, therefore, think twice about his military adventurism in SC.
      There is ZERO military solution to the Anglophone Question.
      Dictator Biya, therefore, has no choice than to negotiate with Southern Cameroonians because the military playing field is now almost level.
      One thing is 100% certain:

      the struggle will continue until the Anglophone Question is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLYand UNCONDITIONALLY resolved.

      Only daydreamers still believe that the BIR can stop the present UNSTOPPABLE momentum.


      “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

      YOU BE THE JUDGE !!!

  17. The more villages you burn, the more you alienate and radicalize.

    Just keep burning our homes and villages.

    C’est formidable. Vous bossez en notre faveur.

    We are upgrading the inner firmware with AI stuff.

    Ambazonia shall be FREE against all odds.

    • Hahaha, Wandy!

      So with ALL the book in your head, this is ur limit? Jubilating!

      What can save CMR is for US to build up a REAL body of patriots, composed of CMRs that are ready to jump into fire for CMR. And only those in that group would be given the mandate to determin who is going to be president.

      Forget about democracy and the likes. Once such a group is put into place, they will now retreat in the background and preach democracy, but they alone know who is going to rule CMR, and 4 how long.

      Do U really believe Obama didn’t want to help Africa?

      Or Putin went and came cos he has a blk belt in Judo?

      No, bro. It is a race WAR.

      We, the fathers and moms of humanity must assume the role NATURE bestowed upon US.

      We have wasted too much time on nonentities like hating eah other…

      • And, Wandy, by ALL indications, that is going to be achieved without you ana me still on this earth. But our impelling duty is to lay the foundation for BLACK children of tomorrow. And ALL BLK folks, whereever they are, for them to finally be proud to be a BIG pretty/handsom African BLACK (CMR is the land CHINEKE has dedicated for that task).

        And CHINEKE,s will shall be fulfilled…

      • @Zam-Zam

        you this smelly mouth idiot! The day 4 months little baby Martha’s head was riddled with 8 life bullets in Ekona, your foul breadth did not protest the brutatlity of your genocidal army. Instead you joined the Biyaist killing machine to defend the terrorist army n put the blame on Ambaboys as the family fled daylight intimidation and till this day they are still in hiding. The day Kwakwa was burnt down 2 years ago, I did not see your bull frog face here to condemn the wickedness of your people. When Blaise Ndeh and Mammi Api were gunned and burnt down you never came here with that your face like a tortoise butt to protest wickedness. When an entire Baya family of 8 was shot and burnt down inside their house you never said a thing with your wowo face. Today you want preach morals.

        • Honestly it happens both ways. There those who support the REGIME because they dislike the activities of Amba or because they benefit from it directly or implicitly.
          There are those who believe that Ambaland is a realizable dream & they support killing of anyone deemed a defector or supporter of the regime.
          Others have tribally tinged message like some of my Buea people claiming that foreigners should leave their town and my question was, who sold the land & who is the one driving Taxis, doing business & doing agro-farming? How is the council of YOUR PEOPLE going to collect council taxes?
          Biya set a bad precedence & it has caught up with him and his cronies. You’d think he learnt a lesson but he’s arrested Kamto just igniting more trouble.
          Biya HATES Cameroon very much. We need change.


  19. Dry dem completely. Dry LRC.

    LRC shall bleed and bleed for years and years to come.

  20. When they begin to feel the pinch and the country sequence of their futile war, they begin to speak of foreign influence and a greater black consciousness. Funny, when anglophones are treated as 2nd class citizens there is no Black Objective to achieve. When Amba defends itself you see African unity. Fun t.

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