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Four kidnapped, 11 injured in Cameroon separatist attack

YAOUNDE, Oct. 15 Xinhua | At least 11 plantation workers were seriously injured and four others abducted Monday night by armed separatists in Tiko, a locality in Cameroon’s restive English-speaking region of Southwest, according to local authorities.

Four of the injured workers on a rubber plantation of state-owned Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) were rushed to the hospital early Tuesday with life-threatening wounds.

“They (armed separatists) arrived when the workers were about to sleep and assembled them in the yard and started flogging one after another with machetes. They chopped off the fingers and hands of some of them. And then abducted four men and left for the bush.” Lygonga Mbonde, one of the unit managers of CDC told reporters.

Separatist groups had vowed on social media to make the English speaking regions of Cameroon ungovernable. They consider CDC a legitimate target, according to security reports.

The CDC runs banana, palm oil, and rubber plantations in Cameroon’s troubled Southwest and Northwest regions. In August last year, the agro-industry said, more than 6,000 of its 20,000 workers had fled sporadic attacks, killings and kidnapping from armed separatists.

Cameroon’s English-speaking regions have been hit by a separatist rebellion since 2017.

A national dialogue to end the separatist conflict was held in the country in early October and recommended that a special status should be granted to the two regions.

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  1. This will continue and only stop when LRC leaves Ambazonia. LRC was a French colony as such had absolutely nothing to do with CDC’s establishment in 1948.

  2. Time to kill enablers. Any one, who doesn`t have what to eat, should go and join the IDPs.

  3. BIYALOGUE was a sheer waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources.
    Believe me or no, BIYALOGUE was a blessing in disguise for the liberation struggle.
    This is so because BIYALOGUE clearly drew the battle lines. BIYA rejected federalism and therefore made it abundantly clear to the federalists and the separatists that the only option left for them is the SEPARATION of “one and indivisible” SC from “one and indivisible” LRC.

    The granting of a so-called SPECIAL STATUS to SC is considered as an insult and a manipulation of the history of the INFORMAL VIVRE-ENSEMBLE.

    SC has NEVER EVER been a colony of LRC. SC and LRC were supposed to form a federation of TWO states EQUAL IN STATUS. Simply put, none of the states has the right to grant special status to the other.

  4. How is this barbarism different from what you Amba idiots are accusing the Bulu people of doing. The Bulu people do this to non Bulu people but you foolish Ambazonians do this to the anglophones you call your people. You Ambazonians are just a bunch of thugs causing harm to nobody else but the anglophones. You will never succeed in this your foolishness. You must be very very stupid to think that sensible anglophones are going to support and accept kidnappers and be-headers as their leaders. Your ideology shows you are going to do exactly the same thing as Biya and other African dictators which is: If you don’t support me you will be locked up or killed. Good leaders don’t kill or kidnap their people they educate and convince them with their good and noble ideas, only the evil ones kill.

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