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France names new ambassador to Cameroon

APAnews | Christophe Guilhou, a Political Science graduate of the Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations has been named as the new French ambassador to Cameroon, APA learned on Tuesday from diplomatic sources.

Christophe Guilhou

The 56-year old who has been based in Djibouti since 2016 replaces Gilles Thibault, who has completed his three-year tour of duty in Yaoundé.

Before Djibouti, Mr. Ghilhou was, among other things, number 2 in his country’s representation in the United Arab Emirates and Syria, a diplomatic adviser to the Minister of Health, official in charge of economic affairs at the United Nations, adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He was also Consul General in Boston (United States), and then Director of Peace, Democracy and Human Rights at the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF).

According to the latest estimates of the National Statistics Institute (INS), France, which is also a multisectoral partner, was Cameroon’s fourth largest customer in 2018 with 6.3 percent of exports, behind China (23.9 percent), Italy (14.7 percent) and the Netherlands (6.4 percent).

It also ranks second among Cameroon’s imports with 8.3 percent, behind China (18.5 percent) but ahead of Nigeria (5.6 percent) and the Netherlands (4.8 percent).

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  1. For any country that takes a strategic look at things. An ambassador of America, Britain or France with a baground of working in Syria where the French join America to change government unsuccessfully. Things should be clear of what is behind.

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  5. France1s representation from Syria. He surely, has come home with bloodied hands,
    after the masacres of Syrians – a foreign sovereign people.

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