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Italian deputy PM calls on EU to sanction France for its ‘continued colonization’ of Africa

RT | The Italian deputy prime minister has blamed France for the European migrant crisis, accusing it of impoverishing African nations with “colonialist” policies. He promised to take the issue to the EU and other international bodies.

Luigi Di Maio, leader of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and Italy’s Deputy PM, launched a scathing attack on France, which he argued is to blame for the inherent causes of the ongoing migrant crisis at EU borders.

Luigi Di Maio

Di Maio was speaking at a rally on Sunday, when he touched on recent mass migrant drownings in the Mediterranean. It is believed that up to 170 migrants who left Libya and Morocco on ramshackle dinghies may have drowned in the sea last week. Three migrants were saved by the Italian Navy on Friday off the cost of Lampedusa. The survivors said they were a part of a group of 120 people that sailed from Libya on Thursday. Their boat started to sink after they were at sea for about 10 hours. The victims, according to migrant organizations, include a two-month-old child and at least 10 women. Separately, another boat carrying 53 migrants capsized in the western Mediterranean, according to sole survivor of the incident.

The tragedies have reignited the debate on the hardline migration policy championed by Italy’s right-wing government.

“We would be hypocrites if we just continued to talk about the effects without looking for the causes. If today we have people coming from Africa it’s because some European countries like France never stopped colonizing Africa in their heads,” Di Maio told the crowd.

The politician, who also serves as the minister of economic development, referred to the CFA franc, a currency which is used in 14 former French colonies in West and Central Africa. The currency is guaranteed by the French Treasury and has a fixed rate of exchange with the euro. While it is credited for providing African countries with financial stability, it has often been criticized as a relic of colonial times by proponents of Africa’s full independence from France. They argue that the CFA franc, created in 1945, impedes their economic development as they have no say in French or European monetary policy.

“There are dozens of African states in which France prints its own currency, the franc of the colonies, and with that, it finances the French public debt,” Di Maio said, adding that France should be subjected to sanctions by the EU, and potentially the UN, for “impoverishing those states and triggering those people.”

“The place of Africans is in Africa and not at the bottom of the sea,” he stated.
Di Maio further argued that France would fall far back in the international economic rankings if not for its leverage over its former colonies.

“If France did not have the African colonies, which it is impoverishing, it would be the 15th international economic power and instead it is among the first for what it is doing in Africa,” he said. France is currently the world’s seventh-largest economy, according to World Bank data for 2017, and the third-biggest economy in Europe after Germany and the UK.

Di Maio said that his party would submit a proposal to parliament to punish France in the coming weeks.

In a swipe at French President Emmanuel Macron, Di Maio said that he should stop lecturing Italy on morals while his government continue to exploit African nations.
Last summer, Macron chastized the Italian government for its refusal to pick up migrants stranded at sea, with his spokesman calling the policy “sickening” and “unacceptable.” 

Italy brushed off the criticism, accusing the French government of hypocrisy.
Relations between the French and Italian governments were already strained, with Di Maio – along with anti-immigrant Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini – voicing their support for Yellow Vest protests that have plagued Macron’s government since November.

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  1. Luigi Dim Maio: Enough is enough.

    Emmanuel Macron: But those Africans produce too many kids. Imagine one woman delivering 10 children on top of being in a polygamous marriage!

    LDM: That does not justify drowning so many citizens in the Mediterranean!

    EM: So how are you going to control such an explosive population growth?

    LMD: Is malaria not already doing that job?

    EM: There is need for more ..much more. You see. people like President Biya need encouragement in helping with this great job

    LDM: And peace in our cities? Do you enjoy these daily demonstration s, traffic jams and petty thieveries?

    EM: O, je ne said pas…we meet at the EU summit and see what others think. May be Donald Trump and There’sa May can be invited to contribute ?

    • Very funny,… the thing is gullible Africans still think Western countries care about the well being of Africans, or African countries in general.

      • The decision is that of the asylum seeker to make, sizing up dying at home or dying in the wild(Sahara, Mediterranean), remaining unemployed at home or doing petty jobs in the wild, submitting to discrimination and subhuman treatment at home or undergoing these abroad.


    Luigi Di Maio has spoken the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about France.

  3. The Italians must continue to speak the truth to the rest of the Europeans about the root causes of poverty, war in Africa and migration to shores.
    14 French territories were never decolonize but given a change of status with fake independence and UN membership.
    France Francophonization apartheid policies in Cameroon has led to current war in Anglophone Cameroon declared by Yaoundé supported by France.
    500,000 people displaced
    210 villages burnt
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    20,000 killed
    Mr Luigi this is the genesis of African migrants on European shores.
    Keep speaking the truth to Italians and other Europeans about Frances marriage to African despots.

  4. Well said, but appologist of the french, will argue to their teeths. What a PhD thesis from
    a neighbor, who can call a spade by it`s real name. For certain, old brains like Biya, will
    think bringing in China to do same thing, will change things. He should send envoys to Italy
    or it`s embassy, to learn more. It takes much time to know this, not the usual hush hush of
    two days or just hours of visit.
    This report, can be of good help for Ambazonia, but how much can we use it? Ambazonia
    must be free. Allutta Continua.
    Perhaps one of the salient reasons for Brexit, may as well, be that France the mosquito, is
    sucking from her, without appreciation.
    See, how the mosquito, sucked the republic of Haiti, and bled it to beyond third world level.
    I endorse this matter, goes to the UN, EU and AU.

  5. Right on point @Di Maio u spoken the truth noting but the truth so help me GOD, dis the kind of political leadership the world needs to be a better place not the hypocrites ruining the continent Africa at the expense of few European Caucasian, dis French speaking European bastards killed most true independent leadership in their colonies with their British partners in crime and replace them with puppet wicked dictatorial regimes ,has helped them destroyed the continent through exploitation of their resources, draconian which ensure the people remain slave in the land of their birth,rampant corruption and thief of the people resources etc,e.g is the tyrant Biya, thinks is ok to slaughtered the Ambazonia cause they’ll rise /question the devilish policy his implement for decades to enslave us

  6. Touched a raw nerve there, to the extent of Franch withdrawing its diplomat and Mrs lagadere of IMF downgrading Italy ,meanwhile no opposition parties within italy could come up with a decent counterarguement since Di Maio was right in bringing up the subject and stating facts ,anyway .

  7. Correction France called in Italian ambassador in Paris to explain .On a radio programme Di Maio was even more interesting …….

  8. Signore Di Maio. Thank you, Sir. The crushing December 26, 1959 Accords between Cameroun and France reduced the country to a vassal state. One owned by France. Our presidential elections are merely a decoy to implement the imperial desires of France.

    Grazie Signore. Gli schiaccianti accordi del 26 dicembre 1959 tra il Camerun e la Francia ridussero il paese a uno stato vassallo. Uno di proprietà della Francia. Le nostre elezioni presidenziali sono solo un esca per attuare i desideri imperiali della Francia.

  9. Wow!
    Ooh la france, zone franche
    Pendant quand les autres disent a haute voix ce que nous savans tous, Nous Nous reveillons bidie bidie

  10. It is so funny all these bonobos on this forum getting into extase because a white man wrote something we know ourselves already.
    No one will fight for us except ourselves.
    Please country people, we should be ashamed of the actual situation where it is a foreigner bringing up stuff we should be doing for ourselves.
    And the funny thing is the guy is just bringing this stuff up because of an immigration crisis in his country.
    So he. Does not care about Africans, he si just using that to score …
    Shame on all of us

    • Your concience is judging you lately. Others in the forum will follow suit soon.
      just stay waiting for them, although you know them already.

    • Mbappe you can make your point without insulting others.

      Yes you raise some interesting points…he doesnt care about Africa…he shoukdnt. He shoukd care about himself andnhe himself said that he is addressing a root cause to a problem his country is facing…so it is about his own problems….which is why coubtries further inland arr not addressing it.
      Politics us selfish…some care for their own…but in Africa we care for our pockets.
      The infighting between Italy and Francr will help us…unfortunately it is the only way because Euro cares more for Italy than they do about Africa.
      The end justifies the means sometimes so we shouldnt mind should we?

      • Diffidence manifests in many forms. Call it inferiority complex if you wish but the outlook is hardly different as arrogance is made to cover up for gross ignorance. The time-tested remedy has always been to ignore such.

        • Nap time oldie.
          Btw you need some sleeping pills.

        • As expected!!!!!!
          It is not enough that those around consider you as foolish; you must open your mouth and confirm so. An expert at discovering “old” persons will not miss the catalog of those in the regime, starting with its senile leader of 86 years.

    • @Mbappe the bonobo gorilla cross. You’ve found your voice again? Your Director of budget sister at the MInistry of Economy is now acting ponography in her office. There’s a video circulating with her driver finger focking and eating her clitoris in the office with all doors open. Is that what your cult group now requires? Terrible!

  11. Mbappe @Score what ? he already runs the country! this guy got votes to sort out this stuff,including the reasons , because theres no reason to prop up Franch treasury with 12 african states money when it should be used to grow their economies .

  12. Qui de la France ou l’Italie aime l’Afrique? comment les africains sont-ils traités en Italie ? Y-a-t-il une différence entre ces deux pays pour ce qui concerne leurs opinions vis à vis des noirs ? à lire les commentaires ci-dessous je meurs de rire l’Italie est frustrée par ce qu’elle n’a aucune colonie en Afrique pour piller ses richesses comme le fait la France depuis des lustres elle n’a pas d’intérêts en Afrique dû au fait qu’elle a passé son temps à jouer les racistes à découvert contrairement à la France qui a joué la carte de l’hypocrisie pour se faire accepter et si c’était à refaire les italiens penseraient autrement.Seuls les naïfs peuvent gober les propos de ce messieur je suis désolé…

    • Je suis italien et je peut assurer qui italie na pas besoin des colonie pour produire richesse premier chose. Depuis quelque annee litalie a pris 600000 migrants…pas tous respectable,pas tous eduquee. Apres beaucoup des problems litalie a pris la decision de changer vie.en tous les cas la culture italien c est pour valoriser les autres cultures pas demonstrer la supremacie comme la France. In italie a l’ecole les enfant noire ou blanche on le meme respect de les famille et des enfants….please avant de parler respecte

    • @Colby the donkey again. Surprisingly the lump of feces you are is not crying intellectual dishonesty. Donkey. Intellectual dishonesty is when Jean De Dieu Momo criticizes King Biya and swiftly make a U turn when rewarded with a Junior minister position. That’s the difference between you gullible criminals and Southern Cameroonians as you don’t care how pedophilic Chinese are squeezing the breasts of your 13 year olds. Dirty gorilla HIV infected animals self destructing with greed and waiting for France salvation. Di Maio does not need to love Africans before he speaks the truth. Do you think Africans in France were supporting Marine Le Pen because she loved them? She promised to destroy the French colonial strong hand you monkey baboons worship. That’s all that matters. Dull donkeys.

  13. why we dance, celebrate and jubilate because a white man talks of our problems with France openly, we should ask ourselves the following questions:
    – Is this new to Biya and his Gang of thieves..?
    – Is this new to the Franco African presidents?..
    – Are francofool africans not willing to take their own destiny in to their hands?..
    – Are we too comfortable and always enjoy the blame game while others do the work for us?..
    All Anglo africans have their own currency, why can the franco Africans not join and build a stronger economy..?..Why can Cameroon not join the RAND or the Niara currency to build Africa..?.
    A francophone is in the Ass of France that it will take many years for them to even understand that they need freedom..They are happy being in chains and love being slaves..

  14. These are mere sound bites from a right wing gov`t which wants to maintain popularity within its base, as well as empathy from gullible Africans.

    If non-French speaking countries on the continent are doing so well, why are they not magnets for imigration? Do people even realise that the bulk of Africans making this crossing, are from countiries like Nigeria and Ghana, not to mention Eritrea. Are Eritreans also escaping the Cfa Franc? No the problem lies elsewhere, and trying to shoehorn the Anglo/Franco debate into it, will not suffice.

    Why would a Senegalese traverse the desert to make it to Europe, when he/she could settle in a host of neighbouring English speaking countries – Gambia, Liberia, Siera Leone, Ghana, Nigeria…

    • Limbe kid @ theres also the economic influence of the CFA franc placed for circia 70 years in the french treasury ,its distorted Frances wealth extremely poatively ,for one ,so Frances whole economy pays less interest on all debts ,just as Greece or Italy would be paying less interest on its goverment debt if it was in their budget ..just as Cameroon would pay less if it was in its budget .These African countries are loosing out on this basic point …..theres antitrust laws within the EU .These points are discussed everywhere in theItalian media .Its normal ,
      Italians are humanistic, its in their education and society to the degree they talk to illegal immigrants, volenteer on a big scale to help immigrants enough for them to notice in the last ten years how many speak French.

    • I knew it was a matter of hours before this afropean/negropean shows to defend his enslavers and Biya legacy. Idiot. Without the 65% reserve funds from 14 African countries that has piled up interest of over 10 trillion dollars at the French treasury, wage cost, rents, cost of living, cost of debt, utility bills etc will be high in France thus driving down significantly minimum wage and cost of living. Even if the conditions of non French speaking African countries isn’t better, that of French puppets countries will improve significantly. Idiot.,

  15. Here we go again with the old cfa franc debate.

    As I`ve pointed out many times before, no country is tied to this arrangement. The Arab countries (Morocco, Algeria) left and never returned. Guinea left and rejoined, Equatorial Guinea joined of of its own volition. The main reason countries hang on to this arrangement is because it guarantees stability and eases trade.

    The account with the French treasury is collateral for the guarantee of stability, lest African countries default on foreign loans. The account functions like any normal account – if in deficit the cfa countries pay interest. If in credit . they earn interest. It is up to the African countries to exercise financial discipline and maintain a healthy balance.

    It is up to Africans to determine their destiny.

    • It sounds too good to be true. Whenever a thing sounds too good to be true, a more detailed inspection will show that it is not good enough. No customer chooses an arcane operation if such an easy alternative exists!!!!!!

  16. @Limbe Kid U keep defending Biya and Frances’ enslavement of your kind by stating Equatorial Guinea,using CFA.Is Equatorial Guinea’s reserve in Paris? That is what we are talking about.Your effort to divert the subject by telling us about ”easing trade” is not working..Try something else.

  17. Italy really has spoken the truth, but they are not the first or the only ones. We as Africans already know that these bastards of french have used Africans and their resources for decades. France is getting more than $400 billions every year from Africa. And our leaders are doing nothing. It is so painful, that I personally think that we need to reject french and their system all together. French is a language of poverty anyway. French is only spoken in Africa and France, and in addition french is not a scientific language. This can be achieved by having a visionary leader like Kagame of Rwanda, who changed his country from french to English, or we can do it ourselves by promoting English among us and our families, sending our kids to English speaking schools, at least bilingual schools.

  18. Food as Medicine

    Where are those who say “Dont blame the West for Africa’s plight”? Who created the various governments in Africa? If you think they came all the way to Africa to divide and introduce new system of governance for your own benefit, you are the biggest fool. Maybe now that you are hearing these accusations from oyibo himself, you ll wake up and stop dancing to their tunes. Ambazonia is another product of brainwash.