John Nkengasong sworn in as ambassador-at-large and coordinator of the U.S. global HIV/AIDS fight

Today News Africa | Former Africa CDC director John Nkengasong sworn in as ambassador-at-large and coordinator of the U.S. global HIV/AIDS fight.

Born in Cameroon, he is the first person of African origin to hold the position


The former Africa CDC director Dr. John Nkengasong was sworn into office on Monday to serve as ambassador-at-large and coordinator of United States government activities to combat HIV/AIDS globally. Dr. Nkengasong, who was born in Cameroon, is the first person of African origin to hold the position. He was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on May 5, 2022.

“Was humbling to take the oath of office today as ?Ambassador at large for the U.S Global HIV/AIDS Coordinator. [email protected]? has been a game changer in the fight against HIV/AIDS. With the power of partnerships, we can end AIDS by 2030 as a public health threat!,” Nkengasong, tweeted.

President Joseph R. Biden Jr. nominated Nkengasong for the position last September while he was still serving as the director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, a specialized technical institution of the African Union headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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  1. put it simple he is the first African used in the effort to reaffirm united States uncontrolled desire for global control. it doesn’t have money to house its own people sleeping on the streets. but it has money for the world. what about the human rights of the indians who live in reserves?

  2. Lord have mercy. Here he comes again. This moron as usual, spews nonsense which really has nothing to do with the issue at hand. The appointment of John Asong has nothing to do with global control. What if a caucasian or Asian was appointed?

    The schmuck has yet to show the dam he was building two years ago. At that time, he claimed it was so easy to get land title in Ambazonia even though just every commentator claimed the opposite and presented their ordeal..Also, you still have not straightened up your grammar.

    • imperial systems do not care about who they appoint, it is the rule that they think you will play in reinforcing the system that is important.if they think that using an African asian or Caucasian face is the best uption in terms of reinforcing thier domination.they will go ahead and do it. the appointment of ban ki-moon and koffi Annan as un secretary general prouve this point.the hybrid above is far from suspecting that he is nothing but an instrument of American global hegemony.since he was indoctrinated from childhood to adore America.he can never question the servile rule reserved to him by the system. we are talking about a country where each day at least one African American is killed by a Caucasian police officer.

      • stay there and continue waiting for me to show you the dam i build.your mind was organized to complain complain complain.i have the impression we are not talking about the same country where ut is easy to obtain papers for agriculture land especially in villages. infact no body even come to ask you anything. you can start operating your farm and file for the papers. it is simply because you do not want to go to the farm that you are complaining. recently i met some people like you complaining that importing farm machinery from China was to expensive because of high costom duty. i showed them how i did it successfully and they moved to another complain simply because there is no desire to go to the farm. they want office jobs with air conditioner.