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Joseph Dion Ngute nommé Premier ministre

APAnews | Le Chef de l’Etat camerounais, Paul Biya a nommé Joseph Dion Ngute Premier ministre, aux termes d’un décret lu vendredi à la radiotélévision publique (CRTV).

Joseph Dion

Jusque-là ministre chargé de Mission à la présidence de la République, M. Ngute remplace Philemon Yang qui a passé près de dix ans à la Primature.

Âgé de 65 ans, le nouveau Pm est originaire de la région anglophone du Sud-ouest en proie à des violences sécessionnistes depuis deux ans.

Juriste et diplomate, Joseph Dion Ngute qui a notamment étudié à l’ancienne université de Yaoundé dans les années 1970 avant de parfaire sa formation en Grande-Bretagne est membre du Comité central du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (RDPC, au pouvoir).

Sa première tâche à la Primature consiste à proposer des ministres qui seront nommés par le président de la République conformément à la Constitution.

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  1. Another bootlicker appointed as PM. PM of French Cameroon. Killer.
    You will be paid in your coins.

    • Shut ur mouth ngutepeter. Why do u Cameroonian like to hate urselves. Since 1992 there have always been a PM from anglophones, u complained there are no political members from this region in the government and that the regime is tribalistic. Now they put someone else u say because he is from French Cameroon. What do you want? This matter will not head to anywhere for sure the crisis too. Even if they give you people the hole Cameroon to govern, you will mess up. So when people do their things, u should shut ur disgusting mouth. I am from the western region, but I do not consider myself French or English because it’s very sad on our part to say that. There is nothing that proves u are a French or English citizen.

    • So why do u always fight for things that do not even belong to us. We have ur own language we do even promote but we fight to divide ourselves with a language that is not ours. Poor of yours anglofools. You will never progress this way.

      • @ Jay Jay

        If you understand the history of the The Cameroons, you’ll not be ranting here like a mad dog.
        Secondly, ngutepeter did not say the new PM is from French Cameroon. He said he’s PM of French Cameroon. If you have a head and brain, you’ll understand him.

  2. His residence was set on fire yesterday, clearly shows another house slave call paramount ruler rejected by his people, his native Ndian produces %99 of crude oil to the republique of Cameroon since 1977 but doesn’t have access too good roads connecting any place in the division,zero development to your people by the same moronic regime they support , turn u to be the most dislike person in your own village, just like Mr yang can he go back to his native Oku without a military escort if he’s not going to be killed like a dog useless cowardice clowns, unfortunately dis non-event will not stop the liberation movement of Ambazonia

    • Hahahahaha! Forever young, Are you still talking about liberation? You must be living in a different world. Paul Biya has already outsmarted you suckers. Most of your leaders have been bought by Biya and most of the money you contributed as Ambazonians is being used to buy new houses and cars in the USA and Europe as we chat. You are either a moo moo or a shoomboo if you are still thinking of Ambazonia. Ambazonia’s head has been cut off by Biya.

  3. Joseph Dion is Right man at the wrong Time. I feel Bad for him Already. Good Luck to him trying to clean up Paul Biya’s mess in Anglophone Cameroon. I cry for our Fatherland and cry for my nieces , nephews , I cry for alk our younger brothers and Sisters missing school and lagging behind intellectually.

    • @ korak, You forgot to mention that they are missing school and lagging behind because of Ambazonia foolishness that was never going to work. Look at what the Congolese are doing to drive out their dictator. The whole country is involved not just a small minority. There is no hatred involved, no division because of a white man’s language. They are all fighting to oust their dictator as one and they will succeed just like the Burkinabes and unlike the Ambazonians.
      We lost our chance in the last elections because of the Ambazonia foolishness and greed.

  4. Joseph Dion est l’homme juste au mauvais moment. Je me sens déjà mal pour lui. Bonne chance à lui pour essayer de nettoyer le désordre de Paul Biya au Cameroun anglophone. Je pleure pour notre patrie et pour mes nièces, neveux, je pleure pour nos frères et sœurs plus jeunes qui manquent l’école et sont à la traîne sur le plan intellectuel.

  5. Others, would go back to their roots to canvas for
    support for Biya. How will they do it, now that he is
    a dispiced chief?

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