Kidnapped priest released

Yaoundé (Agenzia Fides) – Father Bekong Tobias, the Cameroonian priest

Father Bekong Tobias

captured by armed men in military uniform on January 12 (see Fides, 14/1/2022) near the parish of St. Charles Lwanga, Checkpoint-Molyko, Buea, in the Anglophone region of southeastern Cameroon, has been released.

As Fides has just learned, the priest was released the same day he was captured by his kidnappers, whose identity has not been revealed. “Father Bekong Tobias was released safe and sound around one o’clock at night from January 12 to 13”, Church sources told Agenzia Fides. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 18/1/2022)

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  1. What are you regime praise singers really writing? Father Bekong I was kidnapped in broad daylight by the terrorist state army. No doubt no one takes this sorry site seriously.

  2. what is the use of catholic priest and imams in our society?rendering the mases ignorant like them?

  3. What a fake article…
    This priest was captured by the foolish and retarded cameroon military and tortured.
    @BAH:- your question is just out of topic and foolish as you have always been.
    The question about church is secondary here. Dont run away from the main topic that this Priest is a cameroonian , captured and tortured by your so call professional army.

    Do you know how many troops have been killed since this war started?
    do you know the amount ?..Check and be schocked how many thousand of BIRS, police and Gendarmes have died fighting for this despot on diapers in Etoudi..
    @BAH:- i know your role is to come here and sing praises for Biya , claim there is no democracy, end up with your bottle of beer, bread and sardine..From your writings, i can see you think only with your stomach.

    • BIKO….you are extremely emotional and this makes you irrational.from careful, observation it mak,es sense for us to close all those churches and thier bishop priest etc send to rehabil,itation centers because they are a denger to public well bieng.we must not forget that christianity like islam are the mental instrument used to conquer and subject others.this makes any african associated to it a traitor.
      this is base on evidence not speculation.
      it does not matter how many troops have been killed.what matters is who wiill win the war?this is. how all rational brains think.