Lawmaker Reacts Over Suspected Invasion Of Cameroon Ambazonian Soldiers In Taraba State [+video]

Lawmaker Reacts Over Suspected Invasion Of Cameroon Ambazonian Soldiers In Taraba State

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  1. LRC how far will u go to cook up lies with ur Nigerian hypocrites? Ambazonians have no business in Taraba. If they wanted cross border incursions Bamileke and Sawa people would’ve been in serious trouble by now. Why will they go all the way to Taraba where Ikom and Calabar is next door? LRC soldiers invaded Taraba on October 22, 2021 and caused mayhem. Their remnants have now disguised as Amba boys. A people thriving on fraud, deceit and repression are only bound to disintegrate and fall apart.

    • Well said. Truth can not hide.The call for Nigeria to come help, fell on deaf ears and
      now another trick must be used. What will happen to lrc, is that Nigeria, will ignite
      the story of BAKASSI and lrc, will be the laughing stock soon.

  2. SC is SC
    LRC is LRC

    Simply put,


    1. is NOT
    2. has NEVER EVER been
    3. will NEVER EVER be,

    a so-called “NOSO of LRC”.

    Little wonder, the Ambassadors of the US, UK, Canada and Switzerland have PUBLICLY called for a GENUINE dialogue to discuss the ROOT CAUSE of the war.
    For the benefit of those who do not know the root cause, permit me to highlight the FALSEHOOD that is disseminated by the cabal ruling LRC. They falsely claim that SC is part of LRC. However, SC is an INDEPENDENT nation EQUAL IN STATUS with LRC.
    Thank ALLAH, Dictator Biya declared an UNWINNABLE war. He foolishly inadvertently open the window of opportunity for Southern Cameroonians to rescue their motherland from the evil hands of LRC and by extension France.

    ALLAH IST GROß !!!!!!!!

    • The US Secretary of state is in Abuja today. He told the Buhari government that US satelillites monitored the killers in Taraba. LRC terrorists left their base in LRC; committed the crime and returned to their base in LRC.
      The US has provided Nigeria with this evidence.

      Simply put, Nigeriawill NOT, I repeat NOT enter the war to help LRC because they know that Amba boys did NOT commit the crime.