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Le procès des séparatistes anglophones bute sur le sujet de la langue

RFI | Une nouvelle audience du leader séparatiste anglophone Sisiku Ayuk Tabe a eu lieu ce jeudi 7 février au tribunal militaire de Yaoundé. Elle n’a pas été plus loin que les exceptions préliminaires soulevées par la défense sur la langue d’expression utilisée dans ce procès, le français ou l’anglais.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe et neuf autres personnes y sont jugées pour, entre autres, apologie d’actes de terrorisme, sécession, révolution ou hostilité contre la patrie.
A peine ouverte, l’audience a achoppé sur la question de la langue. Les avocats de la défense ont récusé la composition du collège des juges, tous les trois d’expression française, ainsi que les greffiers.

Interprète récusée

Ils ont pareillement récusé la seule interprète du tribunal, pas assez compétente à leurs yeux pour traduire fidèlement le déroulement du procès, de français en anglais et vice-versa.

Après plus d’une heure d’échanges vifs sur cette question, la défense a introduit une autre requête auprès du tribunal pour solliciter que Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, le leader séparatiste, puisse prendre la parole. Là encore, le banc du ministère public a fait objection invoquant une entorse à cette étape de la procédure.

Après avoir suspendu la séance, au cœur de cet imbroglio, le tribunal a finalement donné raison à la défense sur la récusation de l’interprète uniquement et en a désigné deux autres avant de renvoyer l’affaire au 20 février prochain.

Longues discussions

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe et ses co-accusés sont, pour leur part, apparus particulièrement souriants. Ils ont eu le loisir de discuter longuement avec de proches amis pendant la suspension d’audience, malgré l’ambiance particulièrement lourde du tribunal militaire où les téléphones portables étaient interdits et les accès filtrés.

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    Members of the so-called Commission on bilingualism recently bought 15 bilingualism limousines for a colossal sum of 700 million FCFA.

    However, these members:

    1. do not have the balls tell Dictator Biya to practice bilingualism when addressing citizens of his so-called BILINGUAL country
    2. do not have the courage to draw the attention of Dictator Biya that his so-called bilingual country is using a MONOLINGUAL currency
    3. do not have the guts to remind the kangaroo military tribunal that Anglophones should be tried by Anglophone judges or judges with English language fluency and mastery.

    In sum, the so-called commission on bilingualism is a sham, a sheer waste of taxpayers money. This bogus committee was created to deceive the international community that LRC is a bilingual country.


      “Les avocats de la défense ont récusé la composition du collège des juges, tous les trois d’expression française, ainsi que les greffiers.” ?????

      The reality in the so-called BILINGUAL “one and indivisible” LRC



      hahahahahhahahahahhahaha this rat always makes my day ” foolish person ” you needs to taking your medecine soon you will go mad hahahahahhaahh.

      international idiot

    • @ SEPARATIST aka SECESSIONIST, Well said even though I disagree with your name and your separatist leader Sisiku. In a real Bilingual country like Canada, citizens are judged in whatever official language they prefer. The french speaking Canadians have their cases processed in French and the english speaking Canadians have their cases processed in English.



      Thanks for your honesty.

      LRC is on paper bilingual, in practice monolingual(French).
      My screen name reflects my conviction. I am 100% convinced that Anglophones and France can NEVER “VIVRE ENSEMBLE” in peace. They are two different “peoples”. The two differ in history, linguistic tradition, territorial connection, and political outlook. More importantly, the Anglophones identify themselves as a “people” with a separate and distinct identity. A unitary state for the two diametrically opposed “people” is UNSUSTAINABLE. The USSR, Yugoslavia, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire disintegrated because of this school of thought.
      A GENUINE federation of TWO STATES or total SEPARATION is the only sustainable solution. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.


      I am 100% convinced that Anglophones and Francophones can NEVER “VIVRE ENSEMBLE” in peace.

  2. EFFICIENCY as a notion may have been conceived and applied in engineering but it has since been adapted and applied other areas of man endeavor to measure work done per unit time, distance traveled per unit of energy consumed, etc. A car that does 25 kilometers on a liter of gasoline is more efficient than one doing 15. an employee that harvests 8 kilograms of fruit in 8 hours is surely more efficient than one who harvests five.
    Now to our judges and magistrates. So far the main matrix to measure their efficiency seems to be ADJOURNMENTS – the more the better, from the perspective of their employer. In this way persons serve long periods of imprisonment even without the requisite trials, a thing that irked French politicians to petition against Amadou Vamoulke’s isolated case!

    • @JD, the nonsense, is because the big powers / institutions, are corrupt by themselves.
      How difficult, is it to ask Biya directly, to STOP IT? The US, once again, has shown it`s
      self to be a coward and a double sided sword. How powerful, is Biya more than the
      above, that human beings should be slaughtered like chickens at Xmas and it is ok?
      Why the dilidailing over precious souls? The resources of cameroon, are more valuable,
      than the lives of those being killed everyday.
      Those who think and praise the US, for being the police man of the world, are only

      • This is the frightful reality of the world. The west is only able to do this because of the brainwashing, how amazingly democratic and forward-thinking they are, pressing their values on the rest of the world, a mechanism that guarantees and centralises power on them. No one gives a fart about Africans or generally black lives. How on Earth is it ever going to be possible for protesters to be allowed to ransacked say the US embassy in France, Germany etc, and similarly the embassies of those countries in the US and not much is said about it in the international media or sanctions imposed. This runaround treatment should open the eyes of francophones who think they are French. France doesn’t give a damn about black lives or their welfare. She however does on the resources.

      • @joshua

        AS a negro like you who cares about you , you are just a peace of sh****t

  3. @eyallow

    See who is talking you forget so fast ” traitor ” , before coming here opening your big mami pima mouth by mentioned ” This runaround treatment should open the eyes of francophones who think they are French” You needs to mentioned about those terrorists AMBASONIA who decided to meet the QUEEN Elizabeth in 2016 for support or help .

    what about some englofools who thinks , they are British or the native language is english .

    water dont past gari kikikikkikikikikikikkikikiki

  4. This generation will put an end to this apartheid system in Cameroon promoted by the tribal government.
    A military tribunal of military tribal judges all Francophones not proficient to try all Anglophones who don’t speak French denying to grant them competent translators for the unfair trial.
    The Franco-marginalization apartheid policies on Anglophones in Cameroon is at the heart of the current war in Anglophone Cameroon.
    Mr Bagbo was provided competent translation services at the ICC by whitemen.
    In Equatorial Africa, in a constitutionally bilingual country, something as simple as a competent translator in a judicial proceeding is lacking Why? Very low IQ, inertia, incompetence, laziness, etc
    Who is fooling who?
    Apartheid of Anglophones will end this time around.

  5. French is the language of CameroUn military. It’s the language of CameroUn, it’s the official language in CameroUn. It’s the CameroUnese language and the diaper man uses it

    • If the idea is to share knowledge with your fellow citizens, why not give the context and state that this is what the judge told Julius Ayuk Tabe and his defense counsels in the military tribunal in Yaounde?

  6. when we claim cameroon is one and indivisble..
    When we claim cameroon is a unitry state..
    when we claim cameroon is bilingual..
    why pick up anglophones and judge in French?..
    Why not judge them in Bamenda or Buea where they can talk to the judge in a language they master?.

    I think these frogs are really arrogant, naiv and foolish..
    You dont tell people we are together on the one hand and on the other hand treat them like foreigners…
    What an irony