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Legendary Former Inter Striker Samuel Eto’o Launches A Music Career

Sempre Inter ( | Former Inter striker Samuel Eto’o has announced that he will be launching a new music career with a post on his Twitter page yesterday.The 38-year-old Cameroonian, who retired from professional football earlier this year, will debut on 20th December in his first concert, at the Parc des Prices in Douala, Cameroon.

He previously spent two seasons with the Nerazzurri, where he was one of the stars in Inter’s historic Treble winning campaign.Eto’o posted the announcement alongside the caption: “Does anyone say that Eto’o can’t? Absentees will be wrong… We’ll see.”

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  1. This is no news..
    he was a good footballer- Period..
    He wants to enter University and polotics..
    he cant be a good politician for the simple fdact he supports BIYA..
    Even a blind Dog or a Pig will know that Boiya is a curse to the cameroonian people..
    If Etoo cant see it, then he is not fiot even to clean the parliament building in cameroon..,
    Remain in football where u did a good job…

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Terrorist Biko

      A loser like you has nothing to say to Samuel Etooo who is a legend in his profession. Etoo worked hard to become one of the highest paid soccer players during his time. Why do you think Etoo will look to a loser like you for advise? You have accomplished nothing in your life time. Wretched terrorist Biko, Sammy Etoo has not time for losers like you!

      Are you the one who gave Etoo permission to get into football? Wonderful international idiioot.

      Terrorist Biko, You are the biggest curse to the ambazombie terrorists!

      Biya is not a curse to Cameroonians. Cameroonians view Biya as the most reliable political leader in Cameroon that is why they voted for him.

      Biya is definitely a curse to ambazombie terrorists. We will continue to annihilate you terrorists!

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