Les ONG et médias visés rejettent les accusations des autorités

RFI | Vives réactions au Cameroun suite aux propos menaçants du ministre de l’Administration territoriale. Paul Atanga Nji s’en est pris à plusieurs ONG et médias les accusant d’être dans une démarche « conspirationniste » dans le but de discréditer l’action des forces armées camerounaises et d’avoir reçu d’importantes sommes d’argent pour soutenir les « terroristes ».

Ces propos font suite à un rapport de Human Rights Watch, largement relayé, dans lequel l’armée camerounaise est accusée d’exactions contre des civils dans le nord-ouest anglophone. Depuis plusieurs ONG et médias nommément visés par le ministre ont riposté, pour rejeter ces accusations et les dénoncer.

C’est le directeur général de la télévision Équinoxe TV, Séverin Tchounkeu qui a riposté en premier, dès lundi, dans son journal du soir. Une mise au point nécessaire dit-il compte tenu de la « gravité des propos » tenus par le ministre de l’Administration territoriale : « Le ministre nous a assimilés pratiquement aux sécessionnistes, ce que nous ne pouvons accepter. Nous sommes professionnels et nous resterons professionnels dans tout ce que nous faisons. Je me demande bien si ce ne sont pas certains accusateurs qui sont prompts à jeter de l’huile sur le feu, si on essaye de faire l’historique de la crise ou des crises que traverse le Cameroun aujourd’hui. »

Menaces de poursuites judiciaires

Même indignation dans les rangs du Redhac, le Réseau africain des droits de l’homme, accusé parmi d’autres d’avoir un « agenda caché », celui de déstabiliser les institutions, et sommé par le ministre de lui remettre sous 60 jours un rapport sur ses activités. Une « menace inadmissible » pour Maximilienne Ngo Mbe, sa présidente : « Nous refusons toutes ces accusations et nous avons décidé qu’étant un justiciable comme nous tous, le Redhac se réserve le droit d’attaquer monsieur Atanga Nji devant la justice camerounaise. »

Également accusé par le ministre Atanga Nji de ne pas suffisamment relayer les exactions attribuées aux séparatistes, le Redhac a tenu à condamner fermement la série d’attentats meurtriers survenus dans le nord-ouest le weekend dernier.

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  1. Why single out just professionals of news for lecture as if they are the only ones whose sloppy job tarnished the image of LRC?

    How about professionals of SONARA, CAMAIR-CO, CAMRAIL, FECAFOOT, SED, ELECAM, NCC?

    If the interest is in the news media only, how about VISION-4????????

    • How about the said ex-convict himself tarnishing the image of Cameroon? Has CRTV ever shown anything but propaganda to maintain the current government in power? How about Cameroon Tribune and all the other government propaganda machineries that are fabricating chaff and feeding it to the people to keep them blind eternally? How about all those lies that have been told so Francophone Cameroonians could keep believing that there was no Anglophone problem until their reclusive master admitted it in Lyon recently? How about the ‘NATIONAL ASSEMBLY’ refusing to debate on this crisis? How about….one can go on and on about the atrocities of the current short sighted LRC government. The government should scrutiny itself deeply before pointing fingers and show some respect to out intelligence!

  2. Good job Atango for denouncing these devil advocates. When organizations such as HRW gets there “credible informations” from the very same thugs that are committing atrocities on the ground, it should be denounced.
    I personally think it’s time to intensify military actions to kill and defeat these terrorists on the ground. The Cameroonian army so far has been reluctant to fully combat these thugs because at the end of the day they remain Cameroonians. This attitude has emboldened terrorists, and they start to think they can match the Cameroonian army fire power. 4 years of soft talk is enough!!! Let’s end this with full force military!

    • You’re pumped up, keep it up!

      You’re anti-Amba, I just do not subscribe to their platform. I do recognize the anglophone situation and being fair-minded it should be stated there’s obvious inequality.
      I just don’t support depots because they all leave a country beset with many problems be they Gaddafi, Museveni, Bouteflika, Doe or Mubarak. J Rawlings was wise just as were Abdou Diouf , Mwai Kibaki & Gen. Abdulsalami Aboubakar.
      Let’s keep the passion of celebrating killings & be honest about our country. Outtara has announced he is stepping out for democracy to prevail. Until the Biya’s gerontocratic cronyism gives way to democracy Cameroon will only get worse. I support any opposition in the country and calling out Amba shouldn’t be support for a despot.
      Biya is the biggest problem.

  3. The Appointment of an EX-CONVICT, SCHOOL-DROPOUT and CONMAN as the interior Minister of LRC is Crystal clear proof that LRC has ZERO positive Image to protect.
    Simply put, LRC is already a sh*thole Country. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS

    • “Paul Erick Kingue humiliates Territorial Administration Minister, describes him as an agent of destabiliser.
      “I have never seen such a minister in Cameroon, I understand that he acts according to his educational standard…a man who is supposed to be an agent of peace cannot appear before the people as an oppressor. This is inadmissible…President Paul Biya alone knows why he was appointed, ” Eric Kingue said.”

    • No more requirement for a certificate of non-conviction to gain access to the public service, MINAT, etc????

  4. @James So,u are one of those LRC citizens who believe in miliatry victory over Ambasonia? So u really believe u will defeat Ambasonians in this war and govern Ambasonia with all serenity? Schools will resume hitch free,Civil servants who have ran away from Ambasonia,who used to live and work in Ambasonian territory but under LRC’s payroll will return back to Ambasonia and continue working with all serenity? ha ha ha ha..My friend u are joking.The US believed in military victory over the talibans in Afghanistan,can u tell me how the story ended? Wise man learns from other people’s experience.
    Let me tell u,Ambasonia figters have nothing to lose.It is Yaounde that have something to lose.Just wait,when Ambaasonia figters will lay their hands on real bombs,u will see what will happen.

    • The war doesn’t have to end my friend. The rest of the country is happily moving forward with development projects. You are hurting your own people that’s all. All I’m saying is that the army needs to show you real fire. No innocent civilian is living in the bushes, so everyone hiding in the bushes is a terrorist and should be killed.

    • The war doesn’t have to end my friend. The rest of the country is happily moving forward with development projects. You are hurting your own people that’s all. All I’m saying is that the army needs to show you real fire. No innocent civilian is living in the bushes, so everyone hiding in the bushes is a terrorist and should be killed.

      • James, That which you wish for others who are in difficult situations shall be your portion……Just wait and see….

    • @Kongosa,

      no contri no fit ever accept meik a bunch of dreamers dem chakara contri.
      How the thing di ova hard wuna mov’t for understand’am so?

      We, Amba haters, no love Etoudi, at all. But some of we no go ever abide for wuna wahala bicos we know sey wuna own aganda ova wor-wor.

      You sef-sef di mimba sey ifi wuna agenda bin be na correct aganda which normal Anglo no go supporté wuna agenda?

      Na which kana mov’t dat wey no contri for dis grong no want catch dem?

      Ayaba Cho bin even want sef for dash Oyibo oyé for daso meik dem supporté yi, but Oyibo man deny da kana oyé, ho-ha.

      When Oyibo man deny ya njor oyé, then know sey coast no clear, at all…

  5. When i say it, all hell, broke out. But truth of the matter, is that Atangha, is graffi.

  6. @James I have told u,and i am still going to tell u.Ambasonian fighters have nothing to lose.It is the LRC’s government that stands to lose.The perol money have been going but to LRC,the timber money has been going to LRC.So,it is the LRC’s government that stands to lose a lot.Like i told u,just wait,let those guys lay their hands on real bombs.

    • The oil and timber money is still going to LRC, that hasn’t and will not change. The biggest lost you fail to realize is the lost generation of youths you are raising in the bushes with no education.You created a generation of thieves, assassins, murderers…this lost generation will have a negative impact long after the conflict ends.

  7. «Les prétendus patriotes, encouragés par des idéologues ont poussé le Gouvernement dans le marécage puant » DDné Essomba.

    Voici l’unique et le seul cohérent dans la logique pure et simple. Tous les autres sont des dindons.

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