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National Institute of Statistics’ new report claims inflationary pressures in Cameroon

Devdiscourse | In more than the last 1 year, the change in the general level of prices in Cameroon is 2.3 percent on average. Based on a note of conjuncture of the National Institute of Statistics, this reflects the persistence of inflationary pressures.

Compared to the same period in 2018, the general price level thus increased by 2.5 percent in the first nine months of the current year, after + 0.8 percent a year ago.

Over the last 12 months on average, the rise has risen to 2.3 percent after + 0.8 percent in 2018 in Cameroon; reflecting a rise in inflation largely attributed to higher food prices (2.8 percent), restaurants and hotels (5.3 percent), clothing and footwear (2.8 percent) and transport (2 percent).

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INS) report via APA, the first 9 months of 2019 were characterized by soaring prices for some consumer goods such as rice, frozen fish, meat and sugar, in conjunction with dysfunctions in the distribution chain of these commodities probably accentuated by speculations of the actors taking advantage of ‘the confusion induced by the scarcity of the currencies to realize substantial profits’.

On average over the last 12 months, imported inflation persists and local inflation is accelerating in Cameroon, the institute reveals. With the currency crisis, the speculative actions of distributors or traders, the persistence of insecurity in the regions of the Far North, North West and Southwest and the return of floods in the Far East. North, the inflation rate could be around 2.7 percent by the end of this year.

The INS urges the government, as in the past, to continue its policy of living cheaper, especially as the end of year season approaches, through a better supply of consumer markets at lower cost.

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  1. Inflation mean there is more money in cerculation than goods. Seen from this angle, it becomes something good if we are ready to drop our nuisible University degrees and concentrate on wealth creation from the base. For example at this moment there is an ognion crisis in India. those with open minds will not waste time blaming mvondo biya. But will find ways to tape this opportunity going from thier farms. The same could be said of many imported products like wine which Cameroon import for 20 million euros a year. We can produce better wine from ? grapes grown organically. A grafted grape plant takes 18 months to start bearing fruits with an irrigation system.

  2. Bah Cho the noise maker. Several months ago when some one complained about bottlenecks in starting a business in Cameroon, Bah Cho disputed it and said he just bought land in the northern zone to set up an irrigation system. We are still waiting. According to Bah Cho, you can grow onions (ognion???) in Cameroon, harvest and put in bags and just send to India–no problems exporting due to a choking bureaucracy. Mighty CDC sometimes has hard time shipping its products overseas. According to the schmuck, blaming Paul Biya is a waste of time even though his despotic rule controls every aspect of life including whether people should have roads or not. By the way, India is not facing any onion crisis–it is only in Bah Cho’s empty head

    …to tape this opportunity… Tape??, ognion??

    • AMBAMAN,,,,,,, what is the connection between growing onion for export and mvondo biya?with all the mythic obstacles that only exist in your mind. Chinese travel 3500 kilometers, come to our villages, rent land grow cassava, pepper, etc, transform to different products, export and sell to Africans living in cities like Paris, London, bruxelles, etc. Most of the shops selling what we consume are owned by Chinese, Koreans, and Indians. Even in countries like America where the presence of Africans date hundreds of years. Do the Chinese not use the same roads we say are impossible?. Why don’t we control this business in the west where wicket biya is not president? The so called anglophone system of education has brainwashed us to remain perpetual complainers. Cruel deception kikikik

  3. “In more than the last one year”?????

    Any message, no matter how nice or important it may be, is meaningless when communicated in a language that is sheer “mumbo-jumbo”.

    • That is not a logical argument but an expression of frustration. The truth is very simple for all to see.we refuse to go to the farm, starting from where all industrialised countries started. All our super degree holders want to work in air conditioned offices. The mental manipulation called anglophone, francophone system of education has created self distructive beings, only good in complaining. What is the use of an English teacher in ACHA TUGI VILLAGE,when there is no pipe born water, no industries to employ youths?knowledge must be wielded to serve the interest of a people. If it is not the case, then it is of no use.

  4. Bah Cho, I did not need to write an essay to explain the difficulties in establishing any business in Cameroon due to corruption/neopatrimonialism. If you grow your onions, you need an export-import licence to ship them overseas; you need Cameroon’s Ministry of Agriculture to send an inspection team to verify and certify that the onions are pest-free, etc. Good luck with that. Is it by choice that Ambazonians with related engineering degrees are absent from SONARA? Who made that decision to keep them out? We used to have industries: WADA, Ndop Rice (UNVDA), Santa Coffee, Marketing Board, Cameroon Bank, Timber Factory (Etam), POWERCAM, Tiko/Bali Airports, etc. What happened? Your head is really empty.

    Self distructive??? self-destructive, pipe born water??? pipe-borne. My Lord!

    • AMBAMAN,,,,how do the Chinese operate successfully in the same system you discribe as impossible? You see problems everywhere, even where there is absolutely nothing. For some one who export products by air to rengis market in paris. It is impossible not to see the damage done to your mind. Why complain about companies you did not build? I did not create any of the above companies, expecting something from SONARA is not logical. if we have engineers, why can’t they use thier skills to build thier own companies? What I am saying is that we should concentrate on building our own companies from scratch. and This is only possible by starting from the farm.the rest is empty talk.

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