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Neuf mois sans sortir du pays, un record pour Paul Biya

APAnews | Le chef de l’État camerounais, Paul Biya, a quitté le pays dimanche en fin de matinée «pour un court séjour privé en Europe», selon la formule consacrée par le cabinet civil, renouant ainsi avec les déplacements vers l’extérieur après neuf mois de résidence continue au pays.

Il s’agit d’un record, pour un dirigeant qui, avec son épouse, Chantal mais aussi une forte délégation d’accompagnateurs, effectue ce genre de déplacements au moins quatre fois l’an.

C’est depuis le 15 septembre 2018, en effet, que le président Biya était revenu d’un sommet sur la coopération sino-africaine à Beijing, prolongé par une escale à Genève, en Suisse, pour une absence totale de 19 jours.

Par trois fois, au moins, des plans de vol présidentiels vers l’extérieur se sont retrouvés sur les réseaux sociaux avec force détails sur le nombre d’éléments de sa sécurité, les armes en leur possession, leurs dates et lieux de naissance, leurs numéros de passeports, leurs types et numéros d’armes ainsi que le nombre de munitions de chacun, amenant le cabinet civil et le protocole d’État à annuler ces déplacements.

Selon des sources proches du dossier, plusieurs responsables du palais présidentiel ont été auditionnés sur ces fuites d’informations, en même temps que des interpellations auraient été effectuées, y compris de diplomates en poste à l’étranger.

Cette fébrilité, autour des voyages du couple présidentiel camerounais, intervient au moment où plusieurs membres, très remuants membres du Collectif des organisations démocratiques et patriotiques de la diaspora camerounaise (Code), mais aussi des sécessionnistes anglophones, émettent régulièrement la menace de perturber la quiétude de Paul et Chantal Biya à Bruxelles, en Belgique ou encore à Genève, leurs lieux de résidence favoris eu Europe.

En février 2018, rappelle-t-on, un rapport de Organize Crime and Corruption Reporting (Occrp), dans le cadre du Global Anti-Corruption Consortium, indiquait que le président camerounais, en 35 ans de règne, avait dépensé l’équivalent de 90 milliards FCFA pour ses séjours à l’étranger, pour une durée cumulée de quatre ans et demi de «courts séjours privés» hors du Cameroun, principalement à Genève.

La même enquête précisait que le Trésor camerounais débloquait, quotidiennement pour les mêmes raisons, environ 20 millions FCFA uniquement en frais d’hôtel du chef de l’État et de sa délégation, hormis les repas et autres extras.

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  1. Thank God! No one should ever stand to block the way home.
    No one.

  2. “Me voici donc en Europe “.

    • Me voici donc a Kousseri, a Bafut, a Bapa, a Ngomedjap, a Betare Oya, A Manjo…Bref au Cameroun
      Nous nous comprenons, j’ose esperer

  3. He’s not in EU, most probably in Asia. His civil cabinet surely wants to divert attention.

    You cannot hide in EU, not even Trump can.

    If he’s in EU, BAS will get him…

    • The most useless and evil president on earth dis beti man and his regime only thing he knows best is empty the treasury of the suffering poverty struggling citizens of Cameroon and spend the cash in lavishly 5 star hotels in foreign capital why’d people die of food starvation, lack of clean water, diseases, scarcity of medicine to treat the sick ,accident from bad roads etc

    • Truth and Facts

      this is the time I would have expected u to say “If he’s in EU. We will get him…” It seems to me that u in particular just like talking & never have solutions. Most importantly u r never willing to actively do anything constructive to bring a solution.

      If in indeed u really r against this regime, here is an opportunity for u to do something about it. Even a simple protest in front of his hotel will do.
      But again, as we know u, u r already pointing fingers at others to act only for u to surely came & criticise them later.
      I am still waiting to hear what u in particular do in any form or shape to help those suffering in Cameroon. Choose a region of your choice & tell us what u have done to help
      To create jobs, donate something, remodel a ward in a hospital etc…
      Come on bro, tell us.

      • Kikikiki, TF!

        So you believe what some of us are doing on the net has no positive effects?

        No wonder some of you are ready to single handedly put your country ablaze for material longings.

        Help can also be psychological as well, oboi.

        Besides, you think if I am doing something in CMR I would hold a gong and be beating it in all njangi houses like some of you guys are prone to doing? NEVER!

        Whenever I help somebody, it goes off my head forever and ever. Should that person even thank, I would feel very embarrassed cos I procure happiness in making people’s day.

        Have you heard of my Kontri Pipo? Did he need to welcome Biya with eggs and tomatoes, or go to GZ to keep some naughty diasporians running for their dear life?

        • And for your little info, just for the records, I know you’re good at that!

          If you put Biya into my hands at this particularly moment, if he can surrender that useless power that has made him turn into some sort of an ogre, I’ll let him go. In fact I would guarantee him and his family a safe passage out of CMR to wherever he chooses to have his one-way ticket.

          Despite being one of his sacrificial generation, I have some respect for that grand pa, dude.

          Yes, I respect him!

          Put only 10 CMR male together in a room and rule them, and see if you’re going to laugh thereafter.

          Men, I am no hypocrite. We’re responsible for our organised chaos, and only we can fix it without making recourse to scapegoats.

          Anglo/Franco none is innocent, all man get yi hand for inside wa ndutu, not Biya yi 1…

        • Truth and Facts


          whenever I write u always mange to bring in Anglo/Franco into the picture & try to associate some sort of aliance to this or that group.

          Read my post again. You would not find anything to support such lines.

          Biya is no fool. Otherwise, he would not have ruled that country for so long. But again, Cameroonians as a group, no matter the size are useless. Individually, they may be very good at their respectively fields but as a group… rubbish. With food, sex and especially mimbo their prime objective and thereafter noise making, it is clear why the country is what is it.

          Now you are mentioning “we”. That is a step forward from “them”.
          If you could tell us your solutions, we can all learn from it. Equally, if you mention how you have helped, we can also learn from it and try to copy.

        • “If in indeed u really r against this regime,” , hahahahahaha, TF.

          You think I don’t see you coming whenever you resurface in this forum? Why not land?

          I don’t know how intellectually honest can one be in this world!

          Look, no matter who is president, Kamto or Mme Walla, if they mess with CMR, I will be after them. In my own way tho!

          What solutions are asking for? Are those solutions not in front of all of US?

          Let’s all first of all recognise that we’ve, ALL of US, directly or indirectly contributed to this mess. That is the first healing process! And we, especially MALE CMRs, must swallow our ego and vow not to be last of MALES in this world—solutions would flow in abundance—there is no mungang solution.

          The solution no dey for France, UK, Etas, but na for inside me ana you…

        • Truth and Facts

          I don land since but u need for get clear eyes to see that.
          That Berlin dey like e di worry u.

          That ur way for go after whoever di spoil CMR na the issue because u no di show clear pattern. Na cunny, cunny way.

          However, u don start talk small correct talk. U correct for talk say we are all responsible & especially we CMR men get some serious issues.
          But again, why worry about anything when beer is around.
          Man get for praise some men then from some two regions for showing say them get balls. Other one them di still fellow na only mimbo. Others like u di fine all kind cunny excuse for di run empty mob all the time. Other one them too for that same two regions don craze start acting like craze people.

          First, all killing must stop! That don be now crystal clear.

      • Zam
        Je suis tres surpris par tes affirmations.
        Ma pauvre mater ou mon pater ou le commun des Camerounais ds l arriere pays qui a longueur de journee/semaines/mois/annees cultivent leur champs, elevent le petit betail (poules, chevres, moutons..etc) pour mener une vie, que dis-moi survivre, est aussi reponsable au meme titre que les prefets (ou sous-prefets), les gouverneurs , les ministres ou DG, CEO, medecins, policiers, douaniers, politiciens et autres intellos (toi moi, et autres intervants ici) et j’en oublie me fait croire que parfois, nous sommes des hypocrites (consciement ou pas).
        Je comprendrais si tu t’incrimes (par honnetete morale et intellectuelle) mais soyons d’accord que la majorite des Cmr veulent avoir une vie mais une pte minorite s arrange a foutre le bordel au pays

    • @ZZ
      Biya est à Geneve. Il sera à Paris puis en Allemagne.
      Je t’envoie ses adresses?

      • Crois pas, Bikut…tu crois ke Popol ne voit pas les foules des meetings de mbeng?

        Je vais voire avant de croire cette fois-ci…

        • Hihihi ZZ
          Popol est un phénomen.
          Biensur qu’il voit tous ces meetings de Mbeng, mais il sait que tous cà c’est du brouhaha…
          Les vrais meetings doivent se passer sur le terrain au Cmr.
          Le jour que vous les Cmrnais de la diaspora sauriez vous organiser et descendre en masse et joindre ceux sur le terrain, ce jour là Popol pourrait avoir des sueurs froides.
          Tant que vous envahissez les rues en Europe, rien ne l’imaturité.
          C’est que du bruit. Rien d’autre.
          Est ce logique de vouloir détroner Biya et manifester en Europe? Où est la logique dans cà?
          Et ds quels pays encore? La Suisse et la France??! Des pays qui le supporte à tout vent!
          Allez à Yaoundé, on vous prendra plus au sérieux!
          Arretez de perturber les Européens, ils ont eux meme trop de problem à résourdre.

        • Kiki, Bikut!

          Ki perturbe les EU? Celui ki fuir les hôpitaux et belles sites touristiques de notre beau pays pour le pays de ses maîtres blancs, où ce beau monde ki n’obtiendra jamais une chance de faire des marches blanches pour faire valoir leur mécontentement vis-à-vis d’un gang de gangsters modernes ki croient kils pourront continuer à rendre tte une nation en état dépressive très-très avancé?

          Non Bikut, faut perturber le patère comme ça pour kil fasse bouger les chose avant ke les chose ne le quittent.

          Si le patère parle à nation et libère tt le monde, négocié sa porte de sortie, suis sûr kil pourra s’en sortir avec une retraite pas si confortable, mais sans trop de pb à la Mugabe. C’est sûrement le nkogossa que Kamto voulait lui dire en face-à-face. Mais le gang ne veux pas hear…


    It is 100% true that Dictator Biya is indeed in Geneva.
    He will participate in an INFORMAL meeting with some leaders of the “secessionists”
    The meeting has been arranged by the Swiss-based Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue.
    Dictator Biya has realised that there is ZERO military solution to the Anglophone Question.
    The pressure from the international community has become unbearable.

    Affaire à suivre

    • The meeting is between Cameroonians.
      No Ambazonian terrorrist is involved.

      • Who is a cameroonian?
        What are the characteristics of being a cameroonian?
        Are u sure you can honestly answer this question without biased?..
        You have been raised to see cameroon as a piece of cake that belongs to a small corrupt group of bandits and thieves that are even worse than the AMBA boys fighting to open the eyes of the sleepy bread and sardine frogs..
        If you cant stand up for your rights after 35 years of this old despot and his gang, then when?..You seem to love slavery afterall u have been raised to give all to France as your master and stay quiet..
        if you are real patriotic cameroonian, you should be a shame small villagers , poor boys from southern cameroon are the people to come and teach you freedom, equal rights and justice..Make noise , eat, sleep and drink..

      • @bikutsi cheri I thought you were against the corrupt regime in MBOA what happened to you. I hope you are not part of le sardiniard

    • I will be very surprise,
      But still, it is usually say solutions or beginning of solutions/dialogue already start behind the scene. But again one must wonder what the commun NO/SO man/women would think about that.

  5. I thought the old despot on DIAPERS did not want to negociate?
    I thought he has his brutal primitive Rapers in the name of BIR ?
    I thought they believed they will win the war and make Anglophones 3rd class citizens again?
    IS there any revolutionarist who will like to seat near this man on diapers?..he smells like a pit latrine in this sirty city call Douala..
    he is a despot, a murderer, a terrorist, a thieve, and a mad man with no brain.
    he believes in force and brutality..
    Cant even win small boys with no shoes and having primitive hunting guns…
    They have killed so many of the mad mans troops..Just imagine these boys had weapons, they will have taken Yaounde and other cities in a month..
    people who can only talk, eat bread ,sardine and sleep..

  6. If the meeting in Geneva is true and the IG, has not made it an open matter,
    then the Amba boys, should surrender forthwith to the Fai Yengu commission.
    Enough with this greed and lust for money by the IG and sorogates, at the
    expense of the blood of our heros and fighters. Why a secret meeting afterall,
    Sako, Akwanga, Boh Herbert, Elvis Kometa etc? Is this worth the expectations?

    • I’m glad your eyes are beginning to see. Greedy criminals will never usurp this revolution. He who controls and maintain the firepower against the BIR terrorists in GZ will dialogue and negotiate terms of separation at the right time with the right people in the right place. That’s why GZ holds the lock and key. Fund the AKs and arm our boys with modern weapons. That’s all that matters for now.

  7. Biya`s war, has gradually turned to a money making venture for some people,
    at the detriment of many. Farms have been lost, lives lost, no schooling for kids,
    displaced populations, etc etc etc and it is all boiling down to saboteurs feeding
    fat out of it under the cover of leadership. When, how and at what meeting, were
    the leaders for any dialogue, chosen?
    This is time for a serious infighting. Evil, is in triumph now and the rest of us SC,
    must stand up, especially, those in the diaspora where in evil, is coming from.
    We are losing it to the enemy, because of cheap money. It was Fumban, now
    it is in Switzerland. Once again, SC leadership on the same old dirty game of
    food, money, women and the bad deal is done.

  8. @JOSUA:-
    dont worry, there will always be greedy people in such a revolution..
    One thing is for sure, these young boys have cganged Cameroon for good..
    The country will never be the same..
    Its now for the majority of cameroonians to stand up and clean the place..
    Multiparty:-, the right to challenge the leader, air your views, protest for injustice , and be a free man and ask questions- are features of a southern cameroonian…
    before the union with EAST CAMEROON, southern cameroon altready had democratic government and learde change from Foncha to Enderley etc without blood shed..
    Today we have some retarded gorillas from the forest with no brains who have just hijacked this country.Stolen the wealth and hiding only for themselves and their families..It will not work..

  9. Bizarre bizarre

    Ceux que vous traitez de RATS, de Terroristes, de Sauvages, de Sodome et Gomorrhe vous ont fait ça dur dur et vous retrouvez soudain contraints de dialoguer, nessa ?

    AMBAZONIA is the path to LIBERTY

    BRAVO to the determined people of AMBAZONIA.

    The future is at hand.

  10. You guys must be crazy. Biya went for his treatment and you are all exited that he went to have meetings with Ambafools. Minalmi. Biya knows that the Ambafools don’t have any support and don’t represent the majority of anglophones. He can never have any meetings with them.

  11. It is bad when people lead a lifestyle that ends in their downfall. It is worse when such a downfall was actually encouraged by persons posing as supporters and comforters. Those are Job’s comforters! A head of state who lets himself plow around based on such, has a few loose screws!

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