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Pierre Bertrand Soumbou Angoula

President Paul Biya appoints 32-year-old Pierre Bertrand Soumbou Angoula as new MD of ENAM

Business in Cameroon | Through a presidential decree December 14, Cameroonian president Paul Biya appoints Pierre Bertrand Soumbou Angoula, 32, as the new Managing Director of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (Enam), one of the country’s most prestigious schools that trains the administrative and judicial elite.

The new manager is from the 2014-2016 class of magistracy. He was first a contractual administrative officer assigned to the Ministry of Finance and then to the Presidency of the Republic. After that, he competed in the Enam competition, unsuccessful for the first time, before succeeding the following year. Upon his graduation, he was assigned to the Chamber of Accounts in 2017.

His appointment reminds of the aftermath of independence in 1960 in Cameroon, a period during which there were young elites in decision-making positions with an average age of 30 years.

Mr. Soumbou Angoula will be assisted by Mr. Harouna, appointed the same day, as Deputy Managing Director. Let’s mention that the new Enam-MD replaces Linus Toussaint Mendjana, appointed in March 2012 who recently stepped down.

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  1. What is ENAM? A mafia, Another colonial entrapment tool left behind by the French to keep total control on the African plantation.
    What is News? His age or his qualifications to oversee such a school considered very important to Francophone Cameroonians?
    These are the reason we must separate at best or at worst federate Cameroon.
    The people of Manyu, Meme, Fako, Mezam, Momo, Bui etc want to elect their own governors who are determined to make a difference in their communities and if the fail they will be voted out
    Colonial schools designed to promote hypercentralized and retard any progress in Cameroon.
    The current president joined the administration in 1964 when he was 31yrs old, 54yrs later in administration besides war what is his accomplishment?
    Is it age or merit?

  2. wao..
    A young man from the rain forest..
    A relative of the presidents wife..
    inexperienced, lacking in expertise will be the end result…
    As a young man: he is not well equipped with knowledge of how things work in such an Organization, how to quickly identify and overcome problems and how to manage people in general. He is surely going to find himself in tough situations with no experience on how to deal with them..
    Anyway we are talking here of a banana republic where people dont face challanges..All is about how to steal and hide in Europe..

    • people in his village will sing and dance thinking the appointment of one of thiers will change thier life’s.what they do not understand is that holding public office has never made a single individual rich,not to talk of a village.it is like in democracy where the masses vote in a new face who comes,and increase the countries deficit every four or five years.giving them the illusion that things are getting better and better because they have been indoctrinated from childhood in school that changing leaders every four or five years is a sign of progress.but the day a new face comes in and say,no we can’t continue like this,something must be done.the masses pick words like gilet jaune,revolution and protest to mask thier ignorance.without industry at village level,no progress economically.

      • I can’t believe you are chastising gilet Jaune when it is the modus you have always stood for and rant in this forum for over 10 years. Fear fear Pa. your age mates are out there bringing France on its knees instead of helping with your own yellow jacket you are talking nonsense when the same France gave Biya orders to burn down Tad market. There’s no single soul in Batibo anymore as everyone is in the bushes. Also send this news to Brothajoe. You are a disgrace Bah Acho.

        • Kikikiki, ambrose…wusai you comot again witi njakri?…

        • ambrose…..the so called yellow jackets are ignorant beings.they do not know that thier country is poor because of indoctrination with words like rich countries.they will get nothing from protest,governments are controlled by industrialist.

  3. BIKO,,,,thinking that we can build an egaliterian african system that puts great value on competence and talent using british and french institutions that were created to make us slaves forever is like christians who truely think that when humans die,they go to heaven which does not exist.
    just the fact somebody is appointed to head an institution is problematic because under normal cercumstances,the promotion of somebody who has worked in the institution for years with experience and tract record to the top is more reasonable.i
    in a system of appointments,competence,talent and merit is of no value.why work hard to aquire perfect skills when anybody can be appointed to be your boss?we see that re crafting our system using our own traditions to suite our situation is more reasonable.

    • why are you crying? just wondering, were you excommunicated from the church or betterstill thrown out of the seminary? becos u can neva opine on here without lambasting xtianity. no wonder your ideas are so archaic and ur english nothing to write home about. u can as well return to your village and become a nchinda or a palm wine tapper. bottom line: there is meritocracy even in the system of appointments. FYI, there is no society in which people do not get appointed into one post or the other, even in your village. give the young man some credit and learn from his valiance.

      • KAISER,,,,i do not think a child born and indoctrinated from childhood with christianity to believe that a snake actually spoke to adam and eve in METTA language posses a thinking brain to understand what i am saying.in a system base on merit people are promoted from withen a functioning system base on proven record.
        for example how can a university student be appointed minister of education instead of promoting a primary school teacher with 25 years teaching experience?

  4. This is chatal biya cousin…it is now clear to me that biya is no more in control his 44 years old woman is in charge ..uncle minister of sport CAN is gone….presidential guards under her control 90 years old man is lost…peoples shagging his woman lol

  5. And they say this bald headed man is only 32yrs old?

  6. Soon, he too will have his hands tied behind like those before him.

  7. Without any aota of doubt, he is now a staunch cpdm member.

  8. Disgraceful

  9. It turns out that the guy is his in-law. So, it only matters because it is the continuation of nepotism, tribalism and total lack of care that have chararacterise the Biya ‘s rule over Cameroon.