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Protests Greet Cameroon’s PM in Restive English-Speaking Regions

BAMENDA, NORTHWESTERN CAMEROON VOA | Cameroonian Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute visited the crisis-prone English-speaking region Friday, prompting protests from 200 women who demanded an end to the violence there.

Clotilda Wah, spokesperson for the Northwest and Southwest Women’s Task Force, says the group can no longer bear the killing, destruction of property, looting and kidnapping.

“As women, we bear the brunt,” she said. “We, as women, have been burying our children, burying our husbands. If a military man is killed, he is a woman’s husband. If an Amba [separatist fighter] boy is killed, he is a woman’s son. So we are coming out as mothers to cry for peace and nothing but peace.”

The women were pushing the government to organize an all-inclusive dialogue among separatists, the civil society and disgruntled Cameroonians, according to Wah.

The military said fighting had intensified in at least 13 English-speaking towns, including the northwestern towns of Kumbo, Ndop, Bafut and Kom and the southwestern towns of Kumba, Mamfe and Mutengene, with at least 18 people killed in the past five days.

Separatists had told Cameroon’s prime minister not to visit their territory, and promised hard times if residents showed up to see him.

Bamenda resident Francis Nkwelle said he was willing to face the threats to tell the prime minister he supports having an all-inclusive dialogue to solve the crisis.

“Look for a way for us to dialogue,” Nkwelle said. “There is nothing which is above dialogue. The key to every problem is dialogue.”

Clotilda Wah, spokesperson of the Northwest and Southwest Women’s Task Force, speaks during a protest in Bamenda, Cameroon. (M. Kindzeka/VOA)

Biya declared war on the separatists in November 2017, saying that it was his duty to ensure public order, social peace, the unity of the nation and Cameroon’s integrity.

Ngute said Biya sent him to Bameda to tell English speakers that the government is open to dialogue, but that separatists will not be listened to because Cameroon is one nation and indivisible.

“He is prepared to hold that dialogue,” Ngute said. “All he is looking for is people who can be representative enough to dialogue, and he has said that with the exception of separation or secession, every other topic can be discussed.”

Cameroon’s unrest began in 2016 when English-speaking teachers and lawyers demonstrated against the growing dominance of French in the officially bilingual country. The government responded with a crackdown and separatists began using weapons against the military, alleging that they were defending their people and fighting for their independence.

U.N. visit

Last week, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet visited Cameroon and blamed security forces for extrajudicial killings, and the torturing of civilians and captured fighters. She asked for an inclusive dialogue to be organized.

The high commissioner condemned the targeting of civilians by all armed groups, as well as the torching of schools and medical facilities by separatist groups.

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  1. Lrc knows whom our true representatives are,and yes separation will be on the agenda.

  2. Bye bye, la ripoublique des segrégrégationistes.
    Bye bye la ripoublique des tribalistes

    Ambaland shall be FREE.

    • Bye bye njor contribution money

      Bye bye 10K rents

      Bye bye 1.8 million dollar

      Bye bye Cameroon for life for unpatriotic BUSH fallers

      Welcome dialogue among all authentic children of Cameroon

      Welcome Amba boys’ rehabilitation—including generals like Nambere, who are now weeping in the face of reality.

      Come back home, it is very obvious that you knew very little in that scam bizi…

      • Zam-Zam

        Détrompes toi,

        Certains parmis nous sont des ingénieurs, des médecins, des gestionnaires, des avocats et des techniciens et cadres de haut niveau, mon pauvre.

        We are going to build a nation of Ambazonia where we’ll work together, spread the knowledge and work very very hard to meet up with the real standards of life for the nation of AMBAZONIA.

        We shall make use of the high digital knowledge in our brains, our hands and our determination. NOBODY shall stop us from accomplishing the wishes of our dead brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts and the whole NATION of AMBAZONIA.

        We have the logistics We have people with numerous capacities. We shall build Ambazonia to the level it should have een today. Light years ahead of la RIPOUBLIQUE of thieves and criminals.

        • You are reasoning have nothing with one of the categories you mentioned above even Mac Donald’s cleaners in the US etc… labeled themselves Drs in Cameroon.

        • You are so desperte to discover that cracks are sitting on the other side of the screen. Tu vas abboyer comme le chien que tu manges si fierement, mais ta cerverlle ne vaut pas un clou devant moi. Je ne suis pas ici pour parloter avec des tetes vides.

          Je suis un adepte de la productivité, de l’efficacité et de la qualité. Your bep bep bep is all you can vomit from your nano brain. Mon pauvre, je suis un cherchur et je maitrise la plus part de ce que j’écris. Tu vas bientot te pendre de découvrir que l’Ambazonie dispose de personnes capables d’imaginer, penser, concevoir et produire dans la qualité et en toute norme conforme.

          Nous ne sommes pas des jouisseurs, faisnéants, nullards comme vous. Just put it clear in your mind that AMBAZONIA shall be free and brains are getting ready.

        • @ Zam Zam,
          Shameless display. Lie man!!!! Kum Kum head. Biya-syndrome, pure emptiness.

      • Make no mistake.

        We are moving away to build a nation where equality and merit shall be the champions. We are moving away to build a country where we accept and understand each other. the nation of AMBAZONIA.

        It’s better you start thinking of what you’ll do with your francophonie.

        I am anglophone.
        I am from southern Cameroons
        I am from AMBAZONIA

        I grew up in both sides of the country. I am a translator and interpreter.
        Je peux te dire que c’est une très très grosse perte de temps pour oser penser à une probable union. C’est impossible. Je sais de quoi je parle et je peux le prover par A + B.

        ne t’en fais pas je maitrise parfaitement les deux langue et je les jongle comme je veux et quand je veux. Par contre il ya une chose très importante que tout le monde passe à coté.

      • je dis bien, tout le monde et ce sera le coup fatal que prépare bien en douce.

        Pour comprendre le présent, il faut toujours et toujours faire un tour dans le passé. Pour comprendre le futur, il faut maitriser le présent.

        Take a look behind to understand

        Egypt + Syria (séparation en douce)
        Senegal + Gambia (séparation en douce)
        Southern Cameroon + Nigeria (séparation en douce)
        Ethiopia + Eritrea (séparation dans le sang)
        Sudan North+South (séparation dans le sang)
        republique du Cameroun + Southern Cameroons Ambazonia
        (Séparation dans le SANG)

        Now, you have a choice.

        We build a wall and live like South / North Korea
        2 peaceful countries.

        WE ARE GONE.

        Nous ne sommes pas et ne seront jamais pareils.

        • Zam-Zam

          “J’ai aidé beaucoup de gens sur cette planète à comprendre votre petit jeu qui consistait à exploiter la haine que certains Anglos affichaient vis-à-vis d’un système fou. L’argent que vous avez perçu is enough.”

          Merci d’avoir participé à faire comprendre au mnde entier que le peuple de l’Ambazonie vivait depuis des décenies dans un esclavage au centre de l’afrique contemporain. A force de les accuser, vous avez pousseé la communauté internationale à s’y interesser et à comprendre de près.

          On peut bien voir le système démoniaque calqué sur la francopholie des mensonges etc… Les USA ont décidé et vous ne pouvez rien faire.

      • It’s strange, you people are so blind to see another factor going on smoothly with perfection. The County by County is the birth of a pure federal sate. The birth of the great nation of AMBAZONIA.

        A land where you’ll learn the inner core of rapid software, network, database, organic and architectural design, android app development, advanced media effects, prototyping, Gis graphics to design for gps and many fields that are prepared to roll on in AMBAZONIA. we shall quickly bridge the education gap with advanced pedagogy on NAS servers across AMBAZONIA. We shall make it. we shall quickly move up.


        These people seem to think that they hae the sole right to think, imagine, produce and create. AMBAZONIA shall BE FREE.

        • @ wandy marc, “Certains parmis nous sont des ingénieurs, des médecins, des gestionnaires, des avocats et des techniciens et cadres de haut niveau,” Just to remind you my friend if you don’t know, Biya has a law degree from Sorbonne in Paris France. You don’t have to be an ingénieur, avocat or a technicien to lead or govern. Good leadership is common sense and God given. This is one of the biggest mistakes Africans make when they chose their leaders.

        • Biya has a Sorbonne diplome et alors ?

          Tu m’as vu parlé de diplomes ?

          Je parle des gens qui ont le métier dans la main et non des théoriciens. Le Jacobisme est mort et enterré. Il est grand temps que tu le prennes en considération. Ce qui peut etre onsiderée par toi comme une erreur, ne l’est pas toujours forcément par un autre. Ta pensée démeure ta pensée et rien d’autre. Tu ne parles qu’en ton nom et non pour la majorité comme tu sembles le prétendre.
          AMBAZONIA is engaged with dterminatiion to achieve one and only one GOAL, Total FREEDOM. Make a choice. a wall betweeen us or a peaceful neigbour living.

          I talk of those of us who have la pratique du métier et non des diplomes du nègre et de la médaille. The know how is the factor, Who cares of diplomes ? I’m talking about practicals.

        • Je parle des bosseurs, des constructeurs, des batisseurs, des personnes aptes qui vont reconstruire the Federal nation of AMBAZONIA et non des dirigeants.

          A quel heure ?

          I di talk about the capacity wé we the people of Ambazonia we di prepare for the build up, i say build of the nation. i never said anything about LEAD. You should take some time to read, try to understand before attempting to prose an answer. No be you di insulter people in this forum all the time ? Mintenant qu’il faut réellement débattre, tu te replis dans un complexe incroyable.

          Il faut apprendre à décrypter l’algo d’une simple phrase.

          Imagining, conception, Productivity and logistics. Quality is what i am talking about. Ce n’est pas sorcier.

        • @Wandy Marc,

          hahahahahaha, from your write-ups I can now clearly see that you’re a pure Anglo-Franco, probably from Manyu, born and bred in Laripoublik. All your siblings are Francos, but mama and papa are Anglos. You ought to be a uniting force in this theatre of the absurd.

          Anyway, engineer or dokita or whatever, I can never entrust my children’s destiny to the likes of Cho, Aenus, Sako, Sisi…better ah sell dem for NYONGO me sef-sef…

        • Methinks, you’ve not yet taken into account the reality of what is going on. It’s not a joke.

          I’m surprised you are talking about people, while i talk about practicals.

          It’s impossible to continue with a failed UNION. You should be aware of that. It’s pure waste of time. There are so many factors that have to be considered. Take a deep look into the internet. Do a deep research. Crawl the web, then come and give your results. If you do things accordingly, you will discover 2 countries, not 1.

        • I am talking about people because that is what is at stake, not diplômes.

          It would be helpful for your movement, in the diaspora, to acknowledge that you blindly engaged yourselves in an exercise that you had little knowledge of the implications of that exercise.

          People back home are tired of your amateurism, your greed for money, and above all your thirst for revenge. No matter the COST. After all, you’re all at bay—very unfair.

          I know your prob right now, dialogue, your nightmare, is at last on the way. And once that dialogue would be ignited, your power over poor pple will finally be over.

          Do your own research, you’ll soon discover that people back home no longer see you as messiahs but mostly as scammers.

          That ur famous BYE BYE is a bye-bye to your mov’t…

        • @Wandy Marc,

          I will recommend you follow Kawa Yannick to understand how foolish your movement is. U have spent your time here claiming that the 1st of October march was a peaceful one, yes it was for the populace who naively joined you. Not knowing that you had long been training kamikaze in NGR as early as August to help you install ur dictatorship in SC.

          You lured youths with fake odeishi to join you in your madness, promising death to deserters. Kawa is gone and is still alive. Where is the odeishi that will kill him if he dares run away?

          Gen. Ivo was abt to run as well, cos he had discovered the hoax that the fight he had naively embraced was not for Anglos but for self-interest.

          Wuna time 4 fool we dong pass.

          Just give it up and face ur fate in OYIBO land—da stay go ova long…

        • Zam-Zam

          When pen heavy pass you, you only get na dirty for ya mop.

          Comme je disais, nous avons à faire aux moutons, aux anes et surtout aux incapables comme tu le démontre si bien. C’est d’ailleurs une preuve supplémentaire qui expose votre machiavelisme. C’est une démonstration directe de la faiblesse de l’esprit d’un individu qui patauge encore dans la choucroute.

          AMBAZONIA shall be FREE, weti you fear ?

          Quand on parle de productivité, le criiminel parle des gens. Let me give some grain for your small brain.

          Thinkers talk on ideas.

          Kongossa people spend time talking about people.

          You seem not to be able to make the difference.

        • @Wandy Marc,

          hahahahahaha, tu me fais vraiment rire, onong.

          J’ai aidé beaucoup de gens sur cette planète à comprendre votre petit jeu qui consistait à exploiter la haine que certains Anglos affichaient vis-à-vis d’un système fou. L’argent que vous avez perçu is enough.


          That your country which is gone in your imagination, can go. Eske dem di pay for land (plot) for facebook? Abeg wuna go then chooz pipi.

          While you are taking njor contribution money, some of us are dishing out njor knowledge to counter your scam plans.

          And we are winning BIG time…you want try OPERATION SUNSHINE?

          Eric Tataw go craze…

        • Zam-Zam,

          Tu as participé à faire comprendre la victimization des anglophones au Cameroun et ce sans le savoir.

          Aujourd’hui, les USA exigent la libération de tous les prisonniers anglophones de la crise. “TU VAS FAIRE QUOI ?”

          Tu dois comprendre que la CRTV est ancré sur Eutelsat, un satellite Européen tout comme on nombre de chaines de la zone CFA. En gros, nous avons les données que tu n’oses pas imaginer. Tu penses que c’est un jeu de cloowns qui vont fabriquer quelques vidéos pour faire croire que c’est réel ? Laisse moi rire.

          ha ha ha ha Le kengué dit qu’il a fait quoi ? ha ha ha

          When people talk of economy, defense and communication for the tech of tomorrow, le kenngué vient faire du KONGOSSA.

          Au fait, we are too different from one another. Tu veux une preuve ?

        • Tu n’as toujours pas compris le principe ?

          A force de vouloir peindre les gens dans toute l’hypocrisie, le faux, le médiocre et tout ce qui exprime un montage grossier et ridicule, les gens viennent à chercher à comprendre. ce que tu sembles oublier, c’est la méthodologie, l’efficacité et surtout la qualité que nous mettons en oeuvre pour prouver par A+B la duperie.

          You can’t fool people who witness everyday in their country the same aspects of doing things. Toutes les ambassades du monde sont des centre de recherches, d’analyses, d’études et aussi d’écoutes.

          All la ripoublique embassies around the world, na shame. Do you thing, people are not aware ? Oh, le pauvre. Il tape dans l’eau avec son épée pour de la daube.

          Ambazonia na ONU case, ka pige, kongossa man ?

        • While we are crawling, building, spreading and mass mailing with efficiency, you are dreaming of the use of quelques vidéos montages piqués sur internet pour faire du bricolage as some proof ?

          ha ha ha , my lungs. nano brain.

          Every time i reverse engineer a software, i take a look at the digital signature. A simple disassembly or prompt decompilation of your mp4, mkv, avi or any other gives an insight of your thingie. never mind. J’ai toute la cllection que je vais exposer le moment vnu. We are different people. We are from Ambazonia, the land of the future, the land of freedom to imagine, produce and create in hardworking. We have acquired enough knowledge in our dynamics. We are gone forever

          ha ha ha ha. keep doing montage vidéos. Try edius and after effetcs, Cinema4D, (my choices).

        • Hihihi
          Sandy Mark.
          L’Anglophone le plus Franco de ce forum…
          @ ZZ, je suis sure que le djo ci a une femme Béti…
          Etre Camerounais C’est un métier à plein temps.
          Tous des comédiens!
          Allons seulement.
          Le bilinguisme de cà…

        • @Bikutsi,

          kikikikikiki, ce mec est vraiment de nationalité facebooquoise.

          Il a les données de tout le monde, les mêmes mensonges virtuels qu’il divulgue sur cam info, 24/7.

          Hmmmm, anti….on va faire comment pour récupérer nos autres frères-ci qui sont devenues des êtres virtuels.

          Mamaa, les Kawa Yannicks ont vraiment eu la chance que leur combat était plus physique que virtuel—@Wandy Marc est un logiciel—App de facebook…

        • Aussi surprenant que cela ne paraisse, je m’en rend compte une fois de plus d’un facteur qui vous caractérise. Le tribalisme.

          Bravo, l’imaginaire est un faceur important pour une certaine prévisualisation. Tu ferais mieux d’écouter un homme aussi éclairé comme David Abouem dans sa récente sortie pour comprendre l’essence du problème anglophone. Du moins, si tu as un peu d’honneteté en toi, vas l’écouter. Il a plus de crédibilité que toi et moi.

          Je crois en la justice.

          Great minds think. Small minds, kongossa.

          To understand your enemy, you must master his language.

          Marc CHINJE (pure AMBAZONIAN)

        • Vous faites bien preuve d’un belle démonstration non seulement de votre ignorance des choses, mais aussi du concept de l’évolution dans l’espace temps. Je garde bien au frais tous les commentaires ici que j’envoi dans tous les organismes pour une analyse virtuelle sur vos différents comportements.

          Time di soon come wé we go talk openly in court and in front of the world, not so ? Just keep thinking that you are on the right path, but lo.

          You should take note that your path is your path. The path of slavery you chose describes perfectly the type of people you are. You are the parasites of the system which forcefully and shamelessly enslaves others. FREEDOM is the sole and only aim of AMBAZONIA. Render it deeply into your nano brain, which is focused on KONGOSSA.

        • @Wandy Marc,

          “J’ai toute la cllection que je vais exposer le moment vnu. We are different people”

          Who cares about your data-collection? You think MKPD is not aware of the risk he has taken to free the likes of Kawa from your grip?

          Your show time is over, Kawa is going to clean up Manyu as from next week. More elders are going to attend and handover more captured Amba boys for re-socialisation.

          General Nambere has made it crystal clear to you that he’s quitting, the hoax is very clear to him now—all other generals are in NGR.

          Wuna go fool wukan man again?…

        • @Wandy Marc,

          “J’ai toute la cllection que je vais exposer le moment vnu. We are different people”

          Who cares about your da-ta-collection? You think MKPD is not aware of the risk he has taken to free the likes of Kawa from your grip?

          Your show time is over, Kawa is going to clean up Manyu as from next week. More el-ders are going to attend and handover more captured Amba boys for re-socialisation.

          General Nambere has made it crystal clear to you that he’s quitting, the hoax is very clear to him now—all other generals are in NGR.

          Wuna go fool wukan man again?…

        • @ Wandy Marc, What failed Union are you talking about. There was never a country called Southern Cameroon. This was a brief fabrication by the colonial masters to evenly distribute Cameroon’s resources. White people can never ever determine our boundaries. The majority of us anglophones don’t support your Ambazonia foolishness the reason your thugs are hiding in bushes. Read my lips: Cameroon will never ever separate. What your foolish organization is doing is destroying the lives of the poor people of the SW and NW provinces. Most rich people from these areas have all moved to Douala or Yaounde or sent their kids to school there. You just beheaded your second in command and called his wife to pick up his body. You guys are animals. You want to take Africa back to the dark days of Rwanda

        • Long live AMBAZONIA.

        • Zam-Zam

          Vous souffrez malheureusement de l’inculture et surtout d’une compexité effroyable.

          Celui qui e maitrise pas son passé est condamné à commettre les erreurs de ses ainés.

          He who does not master his own history is bound to commit the same errors as the elders.

          Le mensonge est une matière spéciale qui vous habite. Le manque d’analyses, le manque d’appréhension et surtout la grande paresse qui vous caratérise démontre à quel point vous etes en retard dans l’espace temps.

          What a pity ! Ainsi, ce sont des azoupebs qui ouvrent le bep bep bep à l’image des soubressots d’un macabé.

          Ambazonia is the nation of the future. WHAT WILL YOU DO ?

        • @Wandy Marc, Keep on with your sweet dreams that will never materialize. I believe in the Cameroon God created and not in any colonial master’s fabrication. What the white man did is not recognized by me. That is not our history. Un point un trait. Can you show me a world map with a country once called Southern Cameroons? You need to emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Mbut man.

        • bobjazz

          How can a slave like bobjazz dare talk of emancipation while the slave is sss licking, doing lèche bottisme ?

          C’est ce qu’on peut décrire comme sorcellerie du lamentable. Un voleur, violeur, bandit, voleur, détourneur, incapable et feyman qui parle de sa consomation du CFA sous les jupons des francais. Il est le meilleur élève de la France. Il a zéro satellite. Son système de défense est hyper caduqe, mais le nullard a le culot de parler de MENTAL LIBERTY ?

          Ha ha ha ha. Na di kind of very poor educational system make you be so confused ?

          What is ya currency ?
          what is ya communication system ?
          what is ya defense system ?

          A nano brain using words beyond his comprehension.
          Oh, la ripoublique of shameless thugs.

          bobjazz the Bikutsi add,

          you are a 100% PURE SLAVE

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Ambazonia is an imaginary country. No one can do anything to a country that does not exist!

          However, if the delusional citizen of the Delusional republic of ambazonia do not drop their weapons and ask for forgiveness they will be neutralized!

      • Shameless display. Lie man!!!! Kum Kum head. Biya-syndrome, pure emptiness.


    Dirty tricks will NEVER EVER stop the UNSTOPPABLE momentum.

    The so-called “one and indivisible LRC IMPORTED women from LRC to preach “peace” in Bamenda.

    That was surely a sheer waste of precious time, energy and resources. Simply put, a NON-EVENT.

    Dictator Biya knows what to do to stop the UNSTOPPABLE momentum:


    He should stop sending Anglophone CPDM sycophants to “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM sycophants. LRC could easily trick the generation of Dr Foncha. However, LRC can NEVER EVER trick the present NEVER AGAIN GENERATION.

    The writer will increase his contribution to Amba boys by 10%. This is so because Dictator Biya understands only the ARGUMENT OF FORCE.

  4. Titles, respects and trust are usually earned, not given as presents. People, including leaders, should work hard and earn their titles. Those conferring titles should also show some restraint.

    Yesterday it was the “Fon of Fons” that was conferred on citizen #1. He wore it, appointed DOs and Okalia Bilai’s who went on to become “Chef de Terre” ordering traditional rulers to carry placards and march on May 20!

  5. The first victim of the crisis is paul Biya, he’s now a laughing stock, by the end of this dirty war he will not be able sit among world leaders and all what he worked will end in European banks. What a disgrace for an old man that had all the opportunity to solve this crisis on time.


    “Face aux pressions internationales, le président Paul Biya se dit prêt à organiser un dialogue pour résoudre la crise anglophone au Cameroun. Une ouverture tranchant avec l’intransigeance affichée jusque-là par Yaoundé, qui exclut cependant toujours toute discussion sur la partition du pays comme le prônent les séparatistes”

    Apologists of the evil junta have been singing:

    1. NO dialogue with terrorists
    2. terrorists should drop their weapons or be neutralised
    3. after the elections, Biya will d THIS and THAT
    4. etc

    However, it is now crystal clear that they were simply DAYDREAMING.
    The Anglophone question will surely be resolved on a dialogue table whether Dictator Biya likes it or not.

    That evil Dictator and his apologists on this forum must surely be gnashing their teeth.


      They are gnashing their teeth because they are aware that the Anglophone Question has been internationalised.
      They are gnashing their teeth because the diabolic agenda of the Bulu Dictator ended in a military disaster and a diplomatic humiliation, it had failed to attain even the narrow object for which it had been designed.
      They are gnashing their teeth because of the gallantry of the INVINCIBLE Amba boys.
      They are gnashing their teeth because the FINAL solution to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine
      They are gnashing their teeth because the WORTHLESS committees created by Dictator Biya were snubbed by the Anglophones and the international community.
      They are gnashing their teeth because they are aware that it is GAME OVER



      Believe me or not, there will be ZERO NO-GO-AREA for discussion. Simply put, Dictator Biya can NEVER impose his condition on Southern Cameroonians. That was the reason the international community have made it abundantly clear that the dialogue must be WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS. Everything will be discussed. This will include the following:

      1. the Form of the state
      2. the name of the country
      3. the constitution of the country
      4. the national day of the country
      5. the partition of the revenue
      6. the need for another referendum
      7. etc, etc.

      The negotiations will end with two options on the table :

      1. a FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, made up of two states of equal status(as defined in UNGA Resolution 1608 of April 21, 1961)


      2. SEPARATION of the two nations


      If Dictator Biya says SEPARATION is a NO-GO-AREA, it means he has inadvertently accepted a FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, made up of two states of equal status(as defined in UNGA Resolution 1608 of April 21, 1961).

      Dictator Biya abhors dialogue. During his term of office, each time he had to meet political leaders for discussions about the country, he simply ignored them, either by imposing his will by creating worthless commissions or by making haughty and scornful declarations, like LRC is a “one indivisible” UNITARY state and will remain so.
      Unfortunately for him, the international community and the INVINCIBLE Amba boys have forced dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS down his throat. His dream of a “one and indivisible” UNITARY state will surely be unattainable.


        “The right to resolve this conflict through an internationally organised dialogue in which negotiations will hold sway was obtained through a legal process before a Continental legal mechanism and endorsed by African Leaders. The international community has overwhelmingly taken the same position with renewed vigour. That position is, therefore, not subject to unilateral modification by LRC. That is an unacceptable diktat. This unacceptable diktat tantamount once more to a disregard for the international rule of law on the basis on which international legality, peace and security are founded.”


      **** THE TRUTH IS BITTER ****

      « Mais les Etats-Unis comprennent parfaitement que la crise dans le Cameroun occidental (la région dite anglophone) est d’une autre nature. Elle porte sur la forme de l’Etat. Pas sur un fétiche, la “république unie et indivisible”, au nom duquel des sicaires sont prêts a tuer ». (Mbembe A., 2019)




      If Dictator Biya is serious to dialogue, he should respect the recommendation of the US, the EU, etc:


      If that is too much for him to swallow, then SEPARATION( = ZERO VIVRE ENSEMBLE ) of the two nations, SC and LRC, will be the logical outcome of the INFORMAL VIVRE ENSEMBLE


      **** PROPHECIES 100% FULFILLED ****

      1. “Now that the anglophones are asking for federalism you people are refusing, there would be a time you people would be begging for this federalism and the anglophones would be asking for a complete separation.” (Balla, A., 2016)

      2. “ When the people shall rise even if you take the French military and add to yours, you will not stop them” (Wirba, j., 2016)


      It is funny that citizens of LRC are now BEGGING for a Federation.


      These were the same people who swore that their BIR will maintain the status quo in their so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.

      According to them,

      Federal Republic of CAMEROON = “One and indivisible” 1984 LRC = 1960 LRC + 1961 SC

      However, these same citizens of LRC PRETEND to have forgotten that by his decree No 001 of 4 February 1984 Dictator Biya single-handedly withdrew his country( i.e. 1960 LRC) from the INFORMAL union.

      Decree No 001 of 04.02.1984 gave rise to the following equation:

      1960 LRC =Federal Republic of Cameroon – 1961 SC

      Simply put,

      1. Dictator Biya dismantled the informal union in 1984
      2. SC is under occupation by LRC terrorist troops



      The US, UN, EU, etc are calling for dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS because they are aware of Decree No 001 of 4 February 1984. They know the legal and technical implications of that decree. They are aware that technically and legally Dictator Biya’s 1960 LRC SECEEDED ( the correct word is SEPARATED) from the informal union in 1984. It is therefore foolish and imbecile nonsense for Dictator Biya to say SECESSION (the correct word is SEPARATION) is a NO-GO-AREA in any dialogue.
      The truth of the matter is that 196 SC cannot separate from an entity that does not exist. 1984 LRC is a ghost entity.

      Believe or not, Southern Cameroonians will only participate in a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS:
      A TWO states Federation or SEPARATIONwill be the outcome.


      “There is a common and recurring position taken by the international community on this war that was declared by LRC. That position is that there should be an inclusive dialogue with no pre-conditions, to tackle to the root causes of this conflict. From where then did you come about with the exclusion of the so-called secession or separation? Is this pre-condition not a distraction and an attempt to obviate the mandatory root causes of the conflict? Are the root causes not the umbilically linked violations that eviscerated the Southern Cameroons right to external self-determination under the UN Charter guaranteed by UN Resolutions which LRC opposed and opted for annexation and colonial rule?”

  7. Epée Dipanda

    La conference nationale est sans objet.
    Le dialogue national devrait se tenir sans toucher à la nature de l’etat.
    La Betise de ce president incompétant.
    In any case we have left

    • Dialogue is all over the airwaves. Dialogue for breakfast, lunch and supper.

      However, for those raising their appetites too high, remember how the last dialogue ended with the government’s abrupt withdrawal followed by the warrantless arrests of members of the Consortium!!!!!

  8. `Biya declared war on the separatist in November 2017, saying that it was his duty to
    ensure public order, social peace, the unity of the nation and Cameroon`s integrity`.
    So in the course of it, he used his BIR soldiers to kill innocent SC, burnt down whole
    villages, sent out a people as refugees and IDPs, told all lies to cover up in and out of
    the country etc etc etc. Mr. Biya therefore, belongs to the court and jury, at the ICC.
    Anything shout of this, is outright injustice. Mr. Biya is very aware of this, hence he is
    playing every trick, to leave the scene either by way of death or some share luck. But the
    latter, is hard to come by. Dione Ngute, like others of the cpdm cult, is one of those, to
    answer for Biya`s attrocities.


  10. NB: “Ambazonians ” are NOT ” Anglophones “.
    We are “Anglophones ” but “Ambazonians ” are just a bunch of bandits!
    One Cameroon, come rain come shine. Period.

    • It has been come rain,come shine till now that’s the reason why our blood has been spilled, our homes burnt, businesses looted,our women raped by your so called birs,a lot of our people in the bushes,and others as IDPs.
      Say what you want,but i have always said it here that lrc is no threat to us and we are gone,just wait and see.the weels are already coming off the bus.

      Talking of bandits,could that be the right term for those birs we have seen on numerous videos looting our properties?

  11. Dialogue with Lea abiding citizens of the noso;
    Not ambafools.
    Keep dreaming. This shit is over, now is just to appease our brothers in the noso

  12. The never again generation will continue to educate our children that the current Cameroon is a death trap for all their aspirations.
    When Equatorial African collaborators decided to join France to weaponized language and colonial systems to recolonize Southern Cameroons they never imagined that a day will come when we reject all their apartheid policies imposed on us Southern Cameroonians.
    In 2016 8MILLION Anglophones requested from the Francophone Yaoundé government to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon, the government refused and declared war.
    Why would an African Equatorial government declare war on supposed citizens because of the use of language? Because it is an issue of recolonization and control not language.
    Who is fooling who?
    Low IQ

    • @Lum,

      educate our children well oh, big mami.
      Tell them nothing but the TRUTH of how it all began from day one. If you start from Foumban, they will fall into the same trap like us—growing up from childhood to adulthood with only one side of the story in the brain—very fertile soil for the likes of Ayaba Chos to exploit and sign personal oil deals.

      If you know the TRUTH b4 engaging in war, there is a bigger chance of winning. However, when you know that same TRUTH you even stand a greater chance of shaming war. Besides, the Anglo prob can only be solved through the BOOK—ask the coiner of the name “Ambazonia”, should he disprove this truism, call me MAD…

      • No one has to educate a child in Israel or Palestine who to be suspicious of.
        The children in Anglophone Cameroon know who has killed them, is killing then and will continue to kill them in the future.
        Experience is the best teacher.
        The current generation in power can recite who is Napoleon Bonaparte and how many pairs of shoes Marie Antoinette had still they are under French rule.
        They Americans spilled their blood to liberate France from German colonization, we will not accept Equatorial Africans on the territory gifted to France as spoils of war collaborate with the same France to recolonize us.
        That is the history our children must know, who are the enablers and collaborators of France in the apartheid rule on Anglophones in Cameroon.
        We fight for self rule

        • @Lum,

          a federal system will allow each region to self-rule itself. However, that system must be gradually implemented in order to avoid chaos. For, our previous federal system wasn’t made or dismantled in one day.

          So, we must first of all educate ADULTS that it is not going to be some easy ride. In fact, even separation can never be some easy waka, as some adults are thinking. All those that have shared ministerial posts have done so in order to lure pple so they can dream and help make other folks contribute money under a well-thought scam scheme.

          Anglos back home have already understood,. especially that Francos are not their Israel as previously thought. Similarly, Francos now know that Anglos are not their Palestine.

          So, things are bound to change for the better…

  13. Epée Dipanda

    We vote for our head boys and head girls from primary school.
    Amb-azonians imbibe democracy, freedom and accountability from a very young age. We cannot continue with a zombified people east of the Mungo. They either change and allow us to show them nation building for the next 20 years or we part ways and they can govern themselves.

    • In less than 10yrs to come, abt 80% of CMR youths shall be Anglos.

      So, you go up cam down, na Anglo system go dominate CMR.

      Whether Epée or Zam like’am or not.

      We no need war for accept da reality.

      Na wuna di hambok wuna sikin, me ah know sey na so yi go dey…

      • @ Zam wam, tell them my brother. They don’t understand that the vast majority of the children of the so-called francophones will be anglophones in the nearest future as most of those in Cameroon are going to English or Bilingual schools and those in the diaspora are going to English schools. They don’t understand that most of the so-called francophone Cameroonians are now living Cameroon for Canada, the USA or even England and those in France, Belgium, Germany and other European countries are living for Canada. It’s going to be interesting to see what excuse the foolish Ambazonians if at all they will even still exist will use. Maybe they will stick to their European master’s brief fabrication that doesn’t hold. Even the English people who fabricated that nonsense are no more interested.

        • Given your assertion the entire Francophone Cameroon will soon be more fluent in English than the Britts so why then did the Yaoundé Francophone government according to you reject the request of Anglophones to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Southern Cameroons.
          Is the government incompetent or just plain wicked to declare war on Anglophones.
          A Senegalese who is fluent in English is not an anglophone African just like a Gambian who is fluent in French.
          The current Cameroon Was created by Europeans Uniting Francophone and Anglophones colonial territories.
          If you like you teach your children German or Portuguese it will not make them Anglophones in Cameroon.
          Anglophone Cameroon has a distinct territory no amount of CPDM mangu mangu will change it.

        • @Lum,

          you are deliberately making it look as if a Franco kid is some alien—can understand you, but we must face reality—Gambia is Gambia.

          I had hundreds of Francos as classmates, the only difference between us was that their parents could not speak good English. How can you compare such classmates to Senegalese learning English? It is like educating a kid born and bred in Limbe that he is not SAWA. How?

          Would you educate your kids in USA that they are no citizens cos you come from CMR?

          You see, you have to be very careful when making ur case. If not you’ll fall in the trap of forumites who are openly calling for the extinction of their chums. The funniest thing is that those calling for such macabre plans, are the direct cousins of those they want to massacre.

          What a TRAGEDY…

        • @ Lum you know that I don’t support the Biya gov’t stop linking me to them. You guys always link people who don’t support your Ambazonia foolishness to the Biya regime. Maybe one day Cameroonians will realize that the English language is more beneficial which it is and will switch to only the English language as our national language like the Rwandans did.

        • @ Lum Europeans will never and can never determine our boundaries. Cameroon was created by God as one and what God has created nobody can put asunder. Your meaning of anglophone just made me laugh. Please open your dictionary. The meaning of anglophone has nothing to do with Cameroon.

        • @Bob Jazz,
          You are right Cameroon was created by god, he named it Cameroon, he made French the official language and appointed Biya the only ruler.
          We 8million Anglophones have not been able to read the CPDM bible of the creation of that Cameroon.
          Maybe when god will enlighten us and translate the CPDM bible of Cameroon creation into English or pidgin we might be able to read it and follow you the very actualized CPDM Cameroonians.
          This Cameroon on the African map was created by the Europeans.
          All your CPDM denial and revision of history will not make it go away.
          Two Cameroons one French, one English as per colonization came together in 1961 that is a fact.
          Was the current Israel created in 1947 by Europeans or by God?
          Did Russia annex Crimea or God did it?
          CPDM griots!

  14. Biya, is fighting tooth and nail to cover up. Those who touched schools / medical facilities,
    are not the separatists. Atanga Nji, knows them all. In a good senate / parliament setting,
    investigations will prove this right. Biya, has to tell Ambazonians, the whereabouts of all the
    youths killed and captured from day one. There are disappearances and mass graves, all
    over the place. We have to see them and records kept.The history of that country, has to be
    written and with clear facts, not the julius Ngoh type.
    There is alot of work to be done by everyone, including outsiders. The war, had other parties
    involed eg. France, Tchad, Nigeria and China. No historian, institution or organization, can
    just wave it aside with the blink of the eye. Not Mr. Biya and his CPDM party, has that right.

  15. Diom Ngute was in Bamenda as LRC forces pulled two people from a house in Santa and killed them. At some point if the LRC terrorists will not stop killing Ambazonians, we will have no choice but to start going into offices in Ambazonia where LRC citizens work and taking them down.

    • The Bamilekes are cowards–go back to your dirty, muddy, stinking villages, NOW.

    • Amour Mezam buses must be burnt down. Mr. Amour Mezam and Fokou go back to Bamilekeland.

    • No more Dschang quarters in Kumba.

    • ALL Bassas in Tiko go back to LRC.

    • @ Ambaman, The 2 people who were killed in Santa were Ambazonia terrorists and were killed by the Santa Lions. I have warned you guys several times not to try us. You can do that your nonsense in Mutengene, Muyuka, Bafut, kumbo etc. etc. but don’t mess with Santa. We will fry your Ambazonia wrinkled balls and eat them for breakfast with hot pepper.

  16. • All LRC students and lecturers in Bamenda and Buea Universities must go. Chase them out of our neighborhoods.

    • If there are any LRC citizens in your neighborhood, inform Amba boys and they will take care of the bastards.

    • Start killing LRC citizens in Ambazonia, immediately. PLEASE. Do it NOW.

    • We are at war.

    Please, spread this message around.

  17. If women were pulled from Mbouda and Baffoussam and brought in to stage a show in Bamenda, that tells us that it is time for their natives in Ambazonia to pay the price.

    Until we start taking them out, we will not be taken serious. We are at war.

    WHEN THEY KILL, WE KILL. Theirs is worse because they are killing us in our land.

  18. Believe Paul Biya and his demonic ministers at your own risk.All this big show is to deceive the international community and to.make Anglophones participate in the 20th May marching.Deep inside these wolves its wickedness and bitterness.If the international community and the diaspora dont hit harder nothing will Change in Cameroon.The Biya regime has planted the tree of evil in.Cameroon

    • For Dialogue to be people must claim and acknowledge that they are cameroonians first not scambazonians then the rest will follow otherwise the dialogue is “sans object” and we will make sure that this will happen.

      • Ambazonians. It looks as if you are trembling and suffering from some serious problem. Votre temps est fini.

        bye Bye la RIPOUblique

  19. @People:- the prime minister went to preach peace in Bamenda and today in Bamenda we are hearing guns all over the place..
    MY question to you people who claim to over know :
    – who are the people the Etoudie Tyrant and his gang of thieves want to talk to?
    – How many such moves have been made in 3 years?..What were the results?
    – Why are we afraid to look at the root cause of the problem?
    – Who in this forum will honestly not accept that this country call Cameroon is a unity of two countries?..
    – If we dont have bad faith, why cant we honestly talk openly?

    Those retarded cameroonians claiming there will be no talks with Ambazonians, my question to them is?
    -Did same prime minister not say they should keep down their guns and come for a peace talk?
    Who is fooling who here?

  20. if the people of Afghanistan can decide to hold peace tallks with the Taliban after many years of killing, then why not this Fake, failed and corrupt thieve of Etoudie on diapers?..
    We have brains to think and build the country but Biya, the despot on diapers and his mad Ministers have brains to either feed the people with bread and sardine or steal money and hide in the west…

    The prime minister just went to bamenda with a fake Agenda and with no plan as usual and many of you are buying it alredy?..So you still believe in these GANGSTERS in yaounde?..
    They love the war for it brings them oney..
    They know the cause of the war and they know the solution.
    Again its about being honest.
    They want to create jobs for the youths?…
    I laugh my lungs….

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