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“Réélire Paul Biya serait une catastrophe pour le Cameroun” [+audio]

Deutsche Welle | Titus Edzoa, ancien ministre et ancien secrétaire général de la présidence de la République, vient de publier un brûlot sur le régime de Paul Biya. Dans cet ouvrage intitulé “Cameroun : combat pour mon pays”, il déclare que” le Cameroun a perdu sa respectabilité et sa crédibilité.

Plusieurs organismes internationaux classent le Cameroun parmi les pays les plus corrompus. Des milliers de Camerounais de la diaspora sont systématiquement découragés de revenir.

Titus Edzoa, par ailleurs ancien prisonnier politique, affirme qu’une réélection de Paul Biya le 7 octobre prochain serait “une catastrophe” pour le Cameroun.

“Cameroun : combat pour mon pays” traite des questions relatives entre autres à la résolution de la crise anglophone, la relance de l’économie, le rôle de la diaspora. Le livre ressemble à un programme politique. Sur ce point, l’ancien ponte du régime actuel indique qu’”un programme politique, on peut le faire à n’importe quel moment parce qu’il ne s’improvise pas.”

Titus Edzoa pense que son ouvrage serait d’un grand apport, autant pour les candidats en lice pour l’élection présidentielle d’octobre, que pour le reste des citoyens.

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    The Anglophones are MESSIAHS in this INFORMAL union.

    Anglophones have spilt blood to give the Francophones:

    1. Multipartyism ( because of the SDF)
    2. the BAC Board (because of the GCE Board)
    3. the mindset that Dictator Biya is NOT omnipotent ( because of the Anglophone revolt )
    4. several state universities ( because of UNIBU )

    It is now time for the Francophones to spill blood in order to save the country from becoming another Libya, Syria, etc. They have to spill blood to prevent Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate from holding the country hostage for seven more years.

    A new leader could rescue the country from disintegrating by resolving the Anglophone Question.

    It is imbecile nonsense for Francophones to ask Anglophones to drop their weapons thereby aiding and abetting the …


      ….continuation of the reign of Dictator Biya.
      Of course, Amba boys will NEVER EVER drop their weapons until the Anglophone Question is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY resolved.

      Dictator Biya is the headache of the Francophones. He can remain as President for the next 200 years for all the Anglophones care.
      BIYA MUST GO is no longer the priority of the Anglophones.
      The priority of the Anglophones is to shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.

      The Anglophones will no longer drink the panadol for the Biya headache of the Francophones-

      It is time for the Francophones to also spill blood to rescue their country from the evil hands of Biya and his crime syndicate.


      The writer, therefore, agrees with Titus Edzoa 100% that “Réélire Paul Biya serait une catastrophe pour le Cameroun”

  2. Why now sir, even though I think u are genuine dis time around after the snake has beaten u, nevertheless my old memory of dis man in Yaounde University 1 when he orchestrated students pay School fees in the medical department to be admitted is really hard to forget, been one of the student leadership in the protests against changing the status quo he called the stupid cops to brutalized on campus bad memories, I’m glad u now realized the right path and has joined us in the struggle to freedom of all Cameroonian against dis horrible regime

  3. With presidential elections around the corner, human gesticulations are many and varied, each working to project a favorite candidate. Neither Issa Tchrioma Bakaray ( Paul Biya stopped me from going down six feet deep) nor journalist Ewane ( Paul Biya is our Jesus Christ) nor Charles Ndongo ( President Biya cannot be expected to go on the campaign trail or appear for a CRTV debate like the other ordinary candidates). Each can now make a pick.

    • Where is the “virtual” President of LRC-BIYA (hiding somewhere in Europe). All other African Dictators who attended the Chinese begging forum are all back to their fiefdoms and the Prince of LRC is still missing in action (MIA). The problems of LRC are just too many to the detriment of the very existence of the place as a functioning country. Southern Cameroons must be let go now not tomorrow and they shall use all the means available to leave LRC.