Scores arrested in Cameroonian prison at riot against government crackdown [+video]

FRANCE 24 | In tonight’s edition scores are arrested as security forces put down a riot in Kondengui’s maximum security prison.


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  1. **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    “There Is No PEACE Without JUSTICE;
    And, There Can Be No Justice Without TRUTH !!
    None Can Exist Without The Other”

    1. Dictator Biya is BEGGING for peace to return in SC
    2. However, the same Dictator Biya does not want justice in SC.
    3. Unfortunately for the evil BULU Dictator, PEACE and JUSTICE are NOT mutually exclusive
    4. The BIR or the commission on bilingualism or the commission on disarmament is NOT a
    replacement for JUSTICE
    5. Simply put, Dictator Biya must first introduce JUSTICE by resolving the Anglophone Question then PEACE will follow.

    • @ ELECAM

      Take note that for a carpenter whose only tool is a hammer, every problem is seen as a nail. The president knows and sings peace for breakfast, lunch and supper. Peace has replaced GDP as a measure of economic and other progress on the watch of France’s “meilleur eleve” and his ardent devotees.

  2. When the lack personality of takes control of a person, a shadow becomes an enemy.

    Time has elapsed and a caduque rewinded failed system is bound to a loopless.

    Ambazonia did it. It’s getting to an update.

  3. Arrests and detensions, only qualify the fact that the regime has totally failed.
    Its only livewire, is the dumb military.

  4. Even the USA is doing the same . Example if you can’t bail out yourself you stays in prison period.

  5. Can’t these professional grafters even paint this pigsty they call prison? What a disgraceful structure. Built to contain 1500 in the 50s but today houses over 8000+. That’s the school curriculum design from France the genocidal Beti-Basa-Hausa-Bulus will die to maintain by slaughtering their own people who object.

  6. bIYA is just playing for time,He should froget about Southern Cameroon and focus on his french cameroon.He should remember that he can not keep on fouling the people all the time,His days of accountability are very closed.

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