Security situation in Cameroon’s troubled Anglophone region improves: president

YAOUNDE, Jan. 25 Xinhua | Cameroonian President Paul Biya said on Friday the security situation in the troubled English-speaking region of the country has improved since a national dialogue to end the conflict took place last year.

“Thanks to the determination of our defence and security forces to protect our fellow citizens in the northwest and southwest (Anglophone regions), the situation has significantly improved,” Biya said here in a speech during the 37th graduation ceremony of the Combined Services Military Academy.

“It is hoped that the new measures taken following the major national dialogue will contribute towards restoring lasting peace and calm,” Biya said.

He regretted that despite the peace efforts, “few (armed) groups” continue to commit atrocities and to destroy the property of citizens in the region.

“For those who persist in going down the wrong road to use violence, we will have no other choice but to combat them to protect our fellow citizens,” Cameroon’s Minister of Defense Joseph Beti Assomo told Xinhua following the ceremony.

Since 2017, government forces have been clashing with armed separatist forces who want the northwest and southwest English-speaking regions to secede from the majority French-speaking nation and form a new country known as “Ambazonia.”

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  1. We went from a no Anglophone problem to special status. Now that you have finally accepted that there is an anglophone problem in Cameroon, only after letting the blood of thousands of Southern Cameroonians, what makes you think those fighting for full recognition will accept half-baked deals? Only two solutions can resolve this issue-federation on equal terms or outright separation. Military force will not bring peace as there is always going to be a major fraction of SC citizens who would remain discontented and hence insecurity. Those half-minded CPDM politicians have to dig deep in their minds and bring up lasting solutions to this problem by facing the reality with realistic solutions that are equal to the problem. The first is to get rid of the old parasite in the Unity palace.

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Ernest, Tell that faction of people of the NW/SW who want to secede that they do not have monopoly of violence.

      The proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW will not continue to sit back and watch ambazombie terrorists deprive our children from education, rape torture and behead our women, amputate the arms of bread winners, and kidnap our relatives for ransom.

      There is only one solution to ambazombie madness. The good people must come together and kick out the terrorists as it has been done in Nkambe, Tole, Balikumbat, Babungo! The good people of the NW/SW must provide intelligence to the BIR to eliminate these terrorists!

      The people dying are our children, brothers and sisters so we can not sit back and ask CPDM parliamentarians to come up with solutions. We must implement our own solutions!


    “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)


    • Another FAKE NEWS disseminated by the same GRANDMASTER OF FAKE NEWS:

      “The security situation in the troubled English-speaking region of the country has improved since a national dialogue to end the conflict took place last year” (Biya, 2020)

    • **** PROPHECY 100% FULFILLED ****


      “ When the people shall rise even if you take the French military and add to yours, you will not stop them” (Wirba, j., 2016)

      *MY TAKE*

      The so-called policy of “national unity and integration” of LRC was, in reality, a diabolic agenda of annexation and assimilation of the people of SC.
      This diabolic agenda led to the total loss of the identity of SC as a “people” with a right to self-governance now reduced to two regions in LRC, intentional deprivation of development in the regions, marginalization, etc.
      Thank God, Southern Cameroonians have FINALLY taken their collective destiny into their own hands to reverse the diabolic policy of the so-called “national unity and integration”.


    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      The annihilation of the girls scouts called Ambazombie Contender Forces and their ngong dog general effang has definitely improved the security situation in The NW.

      The kumkumisation of Fon Nginyam, and Chacha has definitely made the NW safer. On January 11, Chacha promised to kill any one who dares to vuut (vote) and we all know that he is now languishing in hell and will not be able to come out and terrorize the people of Bui. The security situation is improving.

      The BIR is working closely with the Black Legs and is distributing free kumkum to the terrorists who refuse to surrender

      Each terrorists that is kumkumised improves the security situation. We have kumkumised over 130 terrorists in the last 2 weeks. This means the NW/SW is safer! The world is safer without these idiots! Nyam

  3. While Assomo with his dumb military, will `combat` those he says have gone the wrong
    road to violence, Jesus Christ, will tell the father in heaven, to purnish all the Biya / tribalists,
    all the Anglophone enablers, the international community that is complasant in this genocide
    etc, `without pity and mercy`.
    Oh yes, God`s will, `shall be done`. Amen.

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      You said you will fight till the last man!
      You call for the homes of private citizens in Cameroon to be burnt!
      Now you are crying genocide!

      Thanks to MKPD we have exposed your lies to the population and they are all turning against the terrorists. The good people of Bamenda roasted an ambazombie terrorists in broad day light yesterday! That should tell you how much the people of Bamenda appreciate the ambazombie terrorists!

      The people of Bui collaborated with the BIR to track down and kumkumise Chacha.

      The ambazombie terrorists are defeated and are calling our hotline to share information on the hideouts of the ambazombie terrorists! MEANWHILE THE BIR IS FOCUSSED ON THE KUMKUMISATION OF THE TERRORISTS USING ACCURATE INFO FROM DEMORALISED BUI WARRIORS AND ADF scout girls!

  4. You occultist think you can solve the ongoing crisis in Amba land by lies and militarising our whole country,but you are dead wrong.
    The robo walker can’t even think straight when asked a simple question by Mo Ibrahim,so its no surprise that the octogenarian thinks he can kill an idea with the barrel of a gun.

    There will never be peace in Amba land if lrc and its military doesn’t leave our territory.our guns are going nowhere,we would rather continue to buy more while working on other methods to lynch the matter how long it takes,Ambaland must be free.

    • Pal, there is nothing wrong with Biya, he is only playing a fast trick, to continue
      his stay at Etoudi and to compensate France, for keeping him there for this long.
      But we should intensify the giving and fighting, so time doesn`t give victory, to
      the intruder.

  5. When first president Ahmadou Ahidjo made his maiden visit to West Cameroon and saw the schools, the prisons, the hospitals, the courts and many other institutions, he was so impressed that he took the decision to spread such good practices nation-wide. First he introduced the system of transferring civil servants to understudy the West Cameroon administration as well as the English language. Then followed the enrollment of Francophone kids into Anglophone schools.

    Over the years, Anglophones were encouraged to enter the public service and be harmonized in it. Last year President Paul Biya admitted to Mo Ibrahim, Sudanese cell phone mogul chairing a world conference in Paris that Anglophone assimilation had been resisted over the years.

    And then he turned to war against them. The rest ???

    • You have been very sarcastic and entertaining all this while…hahaha

    • Dear Pa Ovasabi:

      Thanks for the history lesson. But you forgot to mention that the cultists in Maryland, Norway, England, Germany and the UK encouraged people to attack embassies abroad and administrative offices in Cameroon.

      You forgot to mention that while well meaning Anglophones were finding peaceful means to resolve the crisis, others were recruiting young men and training them in Nigeria for war.

      You also forget to mention that both Anglophones and Francophones are responsible for the failed nation.

      Your dishonesty will not go unchecked.


  6. Absolutely freedom must be ours or we will die trying.
    There shall be no crossing of the Mediterranean for us. We want to live peacefully in our own country.
    We will die right here and be buried on the soil that birthed us not on a dinghy run by Arabs in a lame attempt to make it in a land replete with racists. Oh yes, we will be free here.

  7. When senility sets in, wishful thinking takes over. After 37 batches of cadets from emia, they cannot win a war against a small group of armed fighters. All this pomp and ceremony for a desk jobs and the foot soldier goes to battle. Dream on!

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Ask Effang, Chacha, Fon, BierBier about the taste of kumkum. I know they wish they were here to spend fun nights with their partners and families!

      Ambazombies drop your guns now or die!

      Nambere is alive and njokaing in Yaounde. You can be eating sawyer and drinking beer in Yaoundé too like Nambere instead of hiding in the forest and waiting for mosquitoes to slowly kill you or for the BIR to come insert a bullet in your skull!

  8. How one man can deceive 24999999 million people???

    • 4999999 million people have said no. Never again. The rest can stay sniffing Biya’s nuts.

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Ngong Dog effang the head of the ambazombie scout girls kumkumised!
      Fon Nginyam of ambazombie defeated forces aka contender forces kumkumised!
      Edwin Chchacha of the ambazombie kidnap rape and torture group of Kikaikom kumkumised!

      23 ambazombie scout girls kumkumised by Chacha!

      The military can attack their camps, but they can not attack the military’s camps!
      They claim to be protecting the people whom they rape, torture, decapitate, dismember, deprive from scool and deprive from earning a living!
      When the military shows up they run away to the forest instead of protecting the population. When the military comes and goes they complain the military burned homes and killed civilians they were supposed to protect and cry for help against the genocide!

      Drop your gun or be KUMKUMISED!

  9. How I wish what Mr. Paul said was true but on field, the contrary

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Are you saying that the kumkumised terrorists can still rape, torture and behead from the shallow pits in which they were dumped?

      It is simple. Every terrorist kumkumised means one less terrorist on the street and improved security!

      2130 terrorists are more dangerous than 2000 terrorists! We have kumkumised at least 130 terrorists in the last 14 days and demoralized hundreds more who have dropped their weapons! Only n absolute will claim that this has not improved the security situation! There are children going to school in Nkambe, Mbot after 3 years because the security situation is improving.

      Lets see what Chacha will do on February 9th to people who go to vuut (vote).

      BIR mash faya with KUMKUMISATION and BLACK LEGS mah faya with intelligence sharing!

      The terrorists are crying!

  10. Whatever respect Ahidjo might have had for the Anglophone system could have crystalized nicely if he had passed on the power to a capable Anglophone. That would have helped cut the hideous ties with the France that has essentially ruined French speaking Africa.

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Anyone from Cameroon who identifies himself as an Anglophone is suffering from an identity crisis.

      You have to be an unconscious abscolute fool to identify yourself as an Anglophone and to fight for Anglophone culture!

      What is this Anglophone culture that is worth fighting for? What are the benefits of Anglophone culture to the people of the NW/SW?

      The evidence from the NW/SW is clear:
      – Anglophone culture means violent fighting against each other and zero tolerance for the opinions of other!

      I am a proud Bantu from Mbaingoh in Boyo Division, North West Province of Cameroon!

      I refuse to identify myself through the colonialists who raped, tortured my ancestors, looted our resources and initiated us into modern capitalistic exploitation!

  11. Ambazonia is not and will never be part of Ripoublique.

    Gardez votre statut de M.E.R.D.E pour la poubelle. NOUS n’en voulons pas. 20,000 morts, des villages rasés, des maisons détruites, des boutiques pillées pour des clopinettes ? NAN. We shall fight to achieve a full update of the newer version of the next gen software. TOTAL FREEDOM.

    Anglophones are people from the Southern Cameroons. Speaking English does not make you an Anglophone in the context of the CAMEROONS. Le fait de m’exprimer en français ne fait pas de moi un Francophone.
    Un Anglophone = From the Southern Cameroons (The Federal Republic Of Ambazonia made of 13 counties)
    Un Francophone = From French Cameroun and its provinces.

    Long Live AMBAZONIA.

  12. The history of the current sham called LRC is two; Southern Cameroon (SC) who inherited the Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity and the Francophones in East Cameroon (EC), who inherited the corrupt nature of the French. Whether we like it or not, this is the history of the two Cameroons. It will forever be told and written in the history books that way. EC has no claim over SC and has SC has no claim over EC. The facts are clear, Cameroon, as it is can never be one and indivisible and the leadership, is to blame. All the blame games on an uprising that has its roots in the bad governance, tribalism and nepotism made fashionable by Biya and Adhijo Francophone-led governments, won’t dissuade the disgruntled SC citizens in this 21st century of free thinkers and ease of spread of information.

    • ” who inherited the Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity”

      Said the Tropical Anglo-Saxon in the year of oyibo yesu cristo two nkolo vingt, Amen!!

      These are sako and cho’s followers for you.


    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Ernest, What do you call anglo-saxon culture of dignity?

      Who is fighting for the Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity?

      I am a proud Bantu from Mbaingoh in Boyo in the NW province. I do not know what Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity is because I never learned that at home or in school!

      I learned in school that the British terrorized my ancestors for hundreds of years, took some as slaves, used some as guinea pigs for medical research, killed the bravest and smartest men and raped our beautiful women.

      Is that the Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity?

      Based on the reality on the ground I am convinced that the Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity means raping, torturing and beheading innocent women from the NW/SW, Depriving children from education and amputating the arms of bread winners!

      • I turn to give a blind eye to your rambling justification of a system that has impoverished Cameroon and marginalised SC. I’m not here to throw offensive tantrums on people who have a right to their opinions. My statement wasn’t simply about Anglo-saxon dignity, it pointed to the hyper corrupt nature of Francophone Cameroon and their wayward tendency towards promoting the ills of the isms, instead of national unity. As shameful as it is, the British, like the French were heartless thieves, but at least the Brits had the dignity and respect to leave us mostly alone when the time came. The French never did. Francophone Africa is the most corrupt of all African countries. I would rather side with sanity than embrace the insanity of corrupt Africanism.

        • No one argues the reality on the ground or advocates rape, torture and the beheading of innocent women and depriving children of education and amputating the arms of bread winners. But violence breeds violence. Turn the finger you are pointing at others and point it at yourself, your soulless soldiers, who rape and torture University students, kill mothers with children strapped to their backs, shoot peaceful protesters with life bullets, etc. Check the dirt in your backyard, b’cos as I have said many times on this forum, nobody jeopardises the peace that brings them prosperity. Your amazing Francophone-led Cameroonian leadership is to be blamed for the unfortunate situation in Cameroon. Bad governance and their monopoly and thirst for violence for close to 60 years triggered this madness.

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri


          Thankyou for taking your time to respond to my ramblings.

          I was hoping that you will explain what you mean by “Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity”

          Can you tell me where and how you learned the “Anglo-saxon culture of dignity” so that I can also learn about this “Anglo-Saxon culture” that is worth depriving the children of the NW/SW of education for 4 years!

          Do the ambazombie fighters custodians of the “Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity” they are supposedly fighting for? Where did these illiterates who cannot communicate in English like Chacha learn about this “Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity” that he gave his life for?

          Do Nigerians, Ghanians, have Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity?

          Please Educate me on the value of “Anglo-Saxon culture of Dignity” as I must be missing out.

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri


          You are indeed a gentleman from “Southern Cameroon (SC) who inherited the Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity” and you respect the opinions of others.

          Do the ambazombies fighting for secession respect the opinion of others?
          Who conducted a survey of the people of the NW/SW that concluded that most people of the NW/SW are in favor of depriving the poorest children of the NW/SW of education for 4 years?

          You claim to respect the opinions of others, however you label anyone who does not share your ambazombie objectives an agent or supporter of the government!

          I proposed that the people of the NW/SW follow the example of Bloc Quebecois and form a political party but warlords manipulated the youth to pick up arms against the state!

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri


          Transparency International does not agree with your assertion that “Francophone Africa is the most corrupt of all African countries.”

          According to Transparency International, the international corruption watchdog, Ghana and Kenya are the most corrupt countries in Africa in 2019!

          Did Ghanians and Kenyans inherit the “Anglo-Saxon culture of dignity” from the Brits or not? Apparently the Ghanians and Kenyans inherited more corruption from the British than the French colonies inherited from France!

          I encourage you to check your facts before you make such sweeping allegations and conclusions.

          It is clear that the youth of the NW/SW have been manipulated to fight for “Anglo-Saxon dignity culture” but we know that Anglo-Saxon culture breeds the most corruption in Africa.

  13. The proud Bantu blablabla is so effective that 70% of all anglophone schools being made up of francophone students.
    So if their society in larepublique is so great what are they doing in our schools?
    Amba will live to declare the Glory of God

    • Epee:

      Stop blowing steam about issues that are beyond your faculty. You should be drinking mimbo somewhere or chopping suya instead of exposing your barbarity for the world to see.

      Expedia just offered 70 percent off one way tickets to Lagos. I can get you one so you can go show your boys on the ground how to defeat a professional army. But knowing your lot, you will not take the offer because you would rather have others die for a dream that will die on Facebook.

      Ashia. I hope your bitterness and hate doesn’t twist you to the point of swallowing that serpentine tongue of yours.


    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Epee Dibambe,

      There is a reason why you are a bambe in the US doing 4 jobs to support the ambazombie revolution that can not raise $1000 in 2 months!

      You have a very lazy brain!

      Shameless wonderful international idiot!

  14. Des tentatives de sabotage en vain
    Vous essayez par tous les moyens de saboter les AMBAZONIENS en vain.
    Vous montez tous les jours des coups foireux qui finissent toujours par vous trahir.

    -Bangourain, échec lamentable
    -Ayafor Florence, échec lamentable
    -Lee professeur pour accuser IG, échec lamentable
    -Enterrement d’une femme en vie, échec lamentable avec un autre montage grossier
    -Vous continuez avec votre cinéma pour essayer de convaincre qui ?

    La Ripoublique has failed again, again and again.

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