Separatist ADF denies human rights violations in Cameroon conflict

Africa Times | A leading Anglophone separatist group has denied allegations made by the Amnesty International organization over threats and violence towards human rights workers in Ambazonian territories that have broken away from Cameroon.

The response from Capo Daniel, defense chief of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) aligned with the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC), called the July 7 report a “clear affront” against the independence movement.

Capo Daniel

He accused Amnesty of irresponsibility and said the NGO was being used to support the Cameroonian government’s position in an increasingly complex armed conflict with roots in the Anglophone protest movement that began in 2016.

“There is no evidence of any threats from self-defense fighters of Ambazonia,” the response said. “The government of Cameroon has openly used terror tactics to intimidate human rights defenders.”

In the same statement, the AGovC spokesman accused longtime Cameroon human rights activist Felix Agbor Nkongho, now of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), of opposing Ambazonia independence efforts and threatening to prosecute separatist fighters for war crimes.

Agbor Nkongho, himself imprisoned in the early years of the Anglophone protests against Cameroon President Paul Biya’s government, is among those who say they’ve faced death threats for their work.

A June report from Human Rights Watch also called attention to separatist abuses against civilians, with HRW saying their data was shared with Daniel and AGovC as well as two other main Ambazonian separatist groups, the African People’s Liberation Movement (APLM) and the Ambazonia Interim Government faction aligned with Samuel Ikome Sako.

With both human rights organizations, Daniel defended AGovC actions against those believed to be cooperating with Cameroon as necessary to its goals.

Similar abuses have been attributed to Cameroon’s own military forces in fighting that has led to at least 4,000 deaths in the Northwest and Southwest Anglophone regions of Cameroon. The rest of the country is considered primarily French-speaking, a legacy of the colonial era and the country’s partition between France and the British after Germany was removed as the colonial power.

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  1. this naive creationist lack rational thinking to look at the regions geography and see the impossibility of thier demands.

  2. @BAH ACHO:- are you really stupid or you are just playing the fool?
    Who do you call Naive here?
    Have you taken time to read the history of Cameroon?
    It is a union of 2 states and 2 systems- do you know that?
    Why on earth should Southern cameroonians be francophones?..
    Why should french dominates a region that is not french?
    If we want to build an african nation, then recognize the african languages..Why Should Franch be dominate a region that has or had nothing to do with french language..
    And worse of all you dont even understand that the people are protesting?
    Do you know how many soldiers have been killed?.Ask your people in yaounde..
    Why dont you come out and propose a solution?
    BIR is burning villages and killing civilians and keep quiet-
    You are really foolish BAH

  3. @BAH:- what is impossible in their demands..?
    Do you know that the southern Cameroons had independence?
    Do you know that they already had a parliament and many prime ministers before joining this fake and corrupt LRC?..
    Do you know that when both nations united there is a constitution that stated terms of the unity?
    Do you know that the treaties of the union were never respected?..

    How on earth can 2 systems and 2 countries form a unitary state?
    It has never worked on Earth ..The minimum should be a federal state or a federation..
    Why are you afraid of federalism?..Because you are thieves and think its a form of separation..
    Because you guys are evil and see only stealing as a better way of life.
    Im proud of those standing up for a better country..
    @BAH keeping thinking with your stomach

    • BIKO,,,,,,we need an african system with an african language.we do not want english or french.we stand for an authentic afrca.

  4. Capo Daniel aka DePimento kikikikikikiki