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Lawyers defending Cameroon Anglophone separatist leaders leave the Yaoundé Appeal Court after their clients were denied bail on November 15, 2018. NDI EUGENE NDI | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Terrorism trial of Cameroon separatist leaders starts Dec. 6

africanews | Ten Cameroonian separatist leaders extradited from Nigeria earlier this year will face trial next month on terrorism charges that could lead to the death penalty, one of their lawyers said after a court hearing on Tuesday.

The accused include Julius Ayuk Tabe, the leader of an Anglophone separatist movement in western Cameroon fighting to break away from the Francophone-dominated central government.

Hundreds of people, including civilians, separatist fighters and Cameroonian security agents, have been killed in the past year’s violence, which has emerged as the most serious security threat to President Paul Biya, in power for 36 years.

Ten charges have been brought against them, including terrorism, advocating terrorism, secession, civil war and revolution.

“Ten charges have been brought against them, including terrorism, advocating terrorism, secession, civil war and revolution,” lawyer Christopher Ndong told Reuters after the charges were read out at the capital Yaounde’s military court.

The trial is scheduled to begin on Dec. 6, Ndong added.

Tabe and his co-defendants were among 47 Anglophone Cameroonians arrested in Nigeria and deported to Cameroon in January. The remaining 37 suspects are still being held by the authorities and have not been charged, said Ndong.

Cameroon’s government spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

A separatist insurgency gained pace in 2017 following a government crackdown on peaceful protests by Anglophones, who complain of being marginalised by the French-speaking majority.

Violence from both sides of the conflict intensified this year, forcing thousands of civilians to seek refuge in Francophone regions.

Biya, re-elected to a seventh term in October, said in his inauguration speech last month the separatists must lay down their arms or face the full force of the law.

Cameroon regularly sentences people to death but has not carried out an execution in years.


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  1. `Ten charges have been brought against them, including terrorism, advocating terrorism,
    secession, advocating secession and revolution`.
    When Biya announced his war, instead of listening to internal and outside calls for dialogue
    with a people protesting with peace plants for reforms, what he did, was to incite the above.
    The military belongs to all citizens and the fact that Biya is president, is no guaranttee for him
    to have closed to have become deaf and dumb. His is solely responsible for whatever has become
    of the country and its peoples, by way of poor governance and management.
    The above charges, are not for anyone else, but for the people of Cameroon V Paul Biya. The
    reverse, is not JUSTICE. It is called TYRANNY. Sad enough for real Cameroonians who have
    no rights.

    • If this is meant to also frighten the Kamto camp, it is still wrong. Cameroon, belongs
      to all and sundry, even the dead. How it has become a personal property, has only
      a few greedy and shameless individuals, to explain.
      But the lukewarmness and ignorance of the majority of the Cameroonian people, is
      no excuse for the ride.
      The death of our leaders, is not also, the end to our liberation struggle. It only
      enhances it, because the resolve is greater than what it takes, to stop it.
      Make no mistake, as long as the peoples of Southern Cameroon – AMBAZONIA, are
      scattered all over God`s vine yard, Ambaland shall be free. Threads, are not our
      portion. Victory day shall come. There is no begging any body.


    “…..the separatists must lay down their arms or face the full force of the law” (Biya, 2018)

    Of course, that evil Bulu Dictator is simply daydreaming. He is simply underestimating the resolve of eight million Southern Cameroonians.
    Amba boys will NEVER EVER lay down weapons before the Anglophone Question is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY resolved.

    The commission on bilingualism and decentralisation are not considered as solutions to the Anglophone Question. Dictator Biya can also not use the military to resolve the Anglophone Question.

    He has sworn that the FORM OF THE STATE is a NO-GO-AREA. He has therefore trapped himself with a vow he can never fulfil. There can never be a lasting solution to the Anglophone question without changing the FORM OF THE STATE

  3. #1.Hopefully the gentlemen and women of the legal profession defending the accused will be level-headed enough to go back in time and put things in perspective, starting with those street demonstrations with olive branches (peace plants in local parlance). Prevaricators have had a field day making it sound like two belligerents at work instead of hapless persons defending themselves from unanticipated aggression visited on them inside their compounds and homes.

    #2. Borrowing the concept of “efficiency” from engineering, where it is used for the ratio of work done to time taken, Cameroonians should be able to assess the efficiency of their judicial system over these past eleven months, taking into consideration that the bigger the denomination of such a ration, the smaller the efficiency!

  4. waste of tax pay money , just jail them

  5. If found guilty, they should be hanged in a public place to set an example.
    This is very bad example and an example needs to be set here.

  6. Is it a must to wear that craze man hair under the burning sun?

    Where are pictures of the accused, chained?

  7. Their Franco Cameroun intelligentsia say Ayuk and Co are leaders of a Facebook imaginary republic.
    So why use French military intelligence to abduct leaders of an imaginary Facebook republic to Cameroon?
    Every Anglophone in Cameroon is charged with terrorism by the Yaoundé tribal government for advocating for self rule.
    Today; the war on Anglophones has resulted in ;
    500,000 displaced
    50,000 refugees in Nigeria
    20,000 killed
    200 villages burnt
    10,000 missing or jailed in Francophone Cameroon
    Minority Anglophones define what is happening to them in Cameroon as black on black genocide rooted in the belief by the Yaoundé tribal government that Cameroon is a French territory and it is their duty kill, destroy, falsify, revise any historical evidence of English Cameroon

    • The world is more interested in you projecting your historical evidence as a Bafut woman. You are not English, and what you term ‘English Cameroon’ is one massive historical accident in both the African anthropology and sociology of knowledge. But then, I know that it is impossible to discuss these things with such a small-minded Anglo-Saxon African woman like you.

      You kill soldiers, amputate them… behead them and butcher their genitalia! You spread terror in society… kill innocent people, amputate and kidnap children, rape women and men, extort money, seize property, set property ablaze, threaten children about attending school… and then, your homo zombies challenge the army on the streets!

      When the army finally arrives you start weeping about genocide!!!!The worst is yet to come.

      • Love you Ras Tuge, you say it as it is. Frustrated diaspora in the U.S and Europe who are failures themselves are using their stupid propaganda to send vulnerable youths to their early graves. They promise a virtual country called Ambazonia and some gullible Anglophones believe in that nonsense, while making money in the process over the blood of vulnerable youths called Amba boys.

    • Oh, by the way, it is called ‘an imaginary Facebook republic because it is NON EXISTENT! Is that easier for you to understand? My dear, you can observe the fact even though it’s impossible for you to either understand or admit. The leaders got arrested and they will have to defend themselves in an ACTUAL REPUBLIC.

      You fellows keep on piling blunder upon blunder and some of us just shake our heads in disbelief. Nonetheless, I am glad you brought the ‘imaginary Facebook republic’ up because it has enabled me to remind you once again that Ambazombie termite nation is NON EXISTENT!

      In relation to your delusional and illogical secessionist dreams, I have coined the expression ‘THE TERMITE REVOLUTION’, which I will develop further if I have the time. So whenever you hear it, know it’s mine.

  8. When charges come after 10 months on any issue{s}, it is called trumped up charges etc.
    and should not hold any water. Only in a tyrany, can this be possible. Cameroon under a tyrant,
    is no different. What a shame.

    • Have you ever heard of a place called Guantanamo, huh Joshua? Or did you prefer that your self-imposed and so-called leaders be summarily executed? You may say trumped up charges and all that… but the nation is currently observing the ongoing effects of the insanity that was propagated by these misled individuals!

      You see your man Christopher Anu? I hear he is now sending a stern warning to the UN… and threatening to burn UN vehicles and kill UN workers! Eric Tataw did the same when he promised to kill Americans, Russians, Chinese that are involved with oil business in Cameroon… and when these things actually happen, you fellows struggle to feign innocence! Christopher Anu says he is not joking… and we have these things documented on YouTube.

      You folks are not skilful at all.

  9. Comparing Cameroon with Western democracies – UK, EU,US – is good exercise and brings along plenty of good feelings. But what good is it comparing apples with pears? Should a meaningful comparison not deal with similar things or practices?
    In America, for example, the courts can and have overturned presidential decisions but in Cameroon, it is the other way around – president stopped Court proceedings against Agbor Bala, Fontem Neba, Ayah Paul Abine and recently Mimi Mefo and Michelle Ndoki.