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UN Security Council to hold first meeting on Cameroon

Guardian | The UN Security Council will hold a first informal meeting on Cameroon this month to discuss a worsening humanitarian crisis that has left three million people struggling for food.
The United States is organizing the May 13 meeting after persuading African countries on the council to drop their initial reluctance to talks on the two-year separatist conflict in Cameroon’s west.

South Africa, a non-permanent council member, had expressed reservations, arguing that the African Union was leading the international response to the crisis, according to diplomats.

“It’s long past time for the Security Council to address what’s going on in Cameroon, where we’re seeing a devastating humanitarian crisis,” a spokesperson for the US mission to the United Nations said Saturday.

“We hope this meeting will draw more attention to this disaster and encourage a more robust regional and international response by member states, the UN, and civil society in order to prevent the situation from deteriorating even further.”

Cameroon is wracked by a conflict between separatists and government forces in its English-speaking west, combined with an influx of refugees from the Central African Republic and Nigeria.

More than one in six people in Cameroon — 4.3 million — need humanitarian aid, an increase of 30 percent from 2018, according to UN aid officials.

The meeting will have a particular focus on the separatist conflict, according to a note sent by the US to the council on Friday and seen by AFP.

More than 560,000 people have been driven from their homes since 2017 including 32,000 who have fled to Nigeria, the note said.

– Starving children –

Rights groups have accused the United Nations of ignoring the conflict in Cameroon, where separatists in English-speaking regions are pushing for independence from the majority French-speaking country.

The government has responded with a crackdown, deploying thousands of soldiers.

More than 200 members of the security forces and at least 500 civilians have been killed, according to figures from the International Crisis Group think-tank.

Cameroon is also reeling from the spillover violence in neighboring Nigeria, which is battling Boko Haram insurgents and from ongoing turmoil in the Central African Republic.

Three million people are in need of food aid, tens of thousands of children are out of school and 220,000 children are suffering from acute malnutrition, according to the US note.

In February, the government and aid groups launched an appeal for $299 million to fund humanitarian needs, but only 11 percent of that amount has been raised.

“Cameroon has not witnessed a humanitarian emergency at such a scale, and the causes of the different crises are but intensifying,” said the UN’s humanitarian coordinator for Cameroon Allegra Baiocchi in late April.

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  1. Who created the so called UN, and in whose interest was it created? Why do we accept to be in the so called UN without a VETO right in the security Council?

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      We accept to be in the so called UN without a veto right because we are mentally incarcerated.

      Africans are suffering from an inferiority complex and do not consider themselves worthy of a veto aright in the UN.

      When the Jesus Christ of Africa( Moammar Gadaffi) addressed the UN in September 2009 and called for the other member states to vote for a new veto system where each continent will have a veto right, mentally incarcerated Africans called his intelligent speech the rant of a dictator! Obama the biggest evil that ever happened to Africa walked out of the hall during that super intelligent speech!

      When Obama saw that Gadaffi was heading a revolution that will lead Africa out of the grip of the imperialists, Obama killed Gadaffi while mentally incarcerated Africans cheered!

  2. Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens,
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery.

  3. Britain and UN created the trouble we are all experiencing today, so long as these two entities do not give their accord to SC independence, mbrrrrrrr. All those dreamers in Maryland should have a trip at UN HQ in New York and check out some of the archives there with regard to the Cameroons—Francos have got nothing to do with it.

    So, equatorial Saxons should go to mama and do their usual cry-baby there. You might take along your equatorial gaulists cousins to cry with you in solidarity. Solidarity of two equatorial grown-up cousins that have refused to surrender mama’s ni-pples—her milk is too sweet.

    While you are busy doing ur cry-baby, some of us will make sure you don’t take us along with you—we have long mentally bitten mama’s ni-pples.

    • In fact, some of us have waxed off some grey hair off mama’s butt to prove to her that we mean business. Yes, the empire is still fighting back while equatorial Saxons and Gaulists are still afraid to dare run away from the slave master’s manor…

      • Ouch ZZ!
        Tu es poete!

        • This smelly rotting Tumbu lass woman @Bikutsi and her @Bamileke/Beti leprosy infested villageois @ZamZam can rejoice all they want and make a mockery of the Ambazonian plight. After all genocidaires celebrate the killings of defenceless civilians especially old women and babies because they need their blood to drink
          . You can laugh at the Ambazonians, call them all sort of degrading name as those Bulu thieves in Yaounde teach you to, but I can assure you one thing. It’s independence or extinction. Keep reciting pages the smelly mop idiot called MyKontriPipo have fed you from that his Dementia ridden website. Ambazonia is about to become a contender and will only negotiate from a position of strength after all household in the land own at least 5 AK47 to use on defending ourselves.

        • Lie-lie man pickin without kanass!

          Bikutsi and I love Cameroon, especially authentic Anglos. You cannot smear that fact.

          I for one, HATE your movement with all my heart. So don’t mix things up, everybody knows that.

          The way you hate Francos and/or Biya, that is the same degree with which I hate your movement.

          Your plans to sacrificed our mothers and children due to your selfish longings can never go unpunished. Yes, we’ll see to it that Amba boys, like Kawa Yannick, on GZ are pardoned—they are our bros who were fooled. But your movement is not our bros, we’ll make sure you never sleep for what you have done to our people.

          We are definitely coming after you, once this mess will be over.

          You must have a pinch of your own medicine, well-dosed…

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          This primitive pedee wey e call e self l’enemie wey e di wear diaper because e shithole no get valve, we will not let you intimidate lady Bikutusi with your primitive tactics.

          L’enemie supports the abolishment of education for the poor!
          Lenemie supports the chopping off of fingers of CDC workers!
          Lenemie supports the amputation of arms of young girls who want to go write the GCE
          Lenemie is a 419 scammer in the diaspora who tells lies to kids so that they should not write their GCE exams. L’enemie lied that UNESCO will cancel the GCE.

          L’enemie’s wife is a primitive dirty lass whore he uses to hide the fact that he is a pedee. His whore wife stinks like a skunk that’s why l’enemie cannot disagree with a lady in a civilized manner!

          Ambazonia stands for mediocrity. I am from the North West!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          This primitive pedee wey e call eself say L’enemie. This L’enemie wey e di wear diapers because e shithole no get valve!
          This l’enemie wey e marry some ugly dirty whore just to cover the fact say e be na pede man. This l’enemie shumbu wey doctors be want cut e kanas because say e don rotten! This l’enemie wey e no get no respect for women because say e married a dirty stinky whore for cover up e pede life!

          L’enemie you no fit intimidate Lady Bikutsi here with your primitive tactics!

          When you shidong imagine how ya mami and your woman their lass them don rotten no mistake them for be someone else.

  4. @Zam-Zam U are the crying baby here.A conflict that u said Bioya was going to quench it in last than two weeks,is now been discussed in the UN security council.Ha ha ha ha….Do u think we are still suppose to take u for your word? Hav’nt u noticed that France have abandoned Biya in this whole drama? Italy have accused France of still practicing colonisation,and France,pretending not to soil her reputation internationally,voted overwhelmingly at the EU parliament for the anglophone crisis to be taken to the UN security council.But i for man,i think that the UN security council is not,and will not be organ to resolve the issue in Cameroon.Accept they still do not know that SC have never been decolonised.We are pushing for the UN decolonisation committee to sit and resolve this matter.

    • @Kongossa,

      Chris Aenus dong confirm Sisiku yi letter—da 1.8 million go mek all man craze for wuna movement.

      UN go do the same thing wey EU do, dem go daso recommend, then condemn wuna witi wuna bros dem for Etoudi.

      Wuna movement dong mekam no international body no fit ever see witi wuna. Once Oyibo man go see the heads dem wey wuna dong cuttam then throweh’am for on top nkontah, mbrrrr. No way! Oyibo man can never accept mek da kana movement stain yi name.

      Forget! You are on your own, forsika wuna ova loss sense…

  5. People come here claiming mastery of the International system and remain unrepentant when the truth stares at them in the face.

    • I avoid confrontation as much as I can in a discussion, because provocation is not the point, the point is to express personal views, not contempt and attack on others. The way those who stand for one Cameroon attack those who see a different vision on this forum certainly micmics the same arrogance with which the Francophone led government in Yaounde treats Ambazonians with much complacency. However, language like that is the bread and butter of Ambazonians, it is the vile toxin that has inflamed their insurgency and will continue to sustain it. Nobody denies a citizen of lrc to keep loving their rotten country, we ask for our right to love our country whether poor or rich, we want a country where if we are fighting with ourselves we do so on a common platform of equality. Leave us alone!

      • You must be kidding me eyallow. Did you read the childish nonsense your friend L’enemie just wrote above about Bikutsi? Waoh! this Ambazonia foolishness has really destroyed your brains.

        • @Bobjazz Santa Mafia, you want to talk to me come straight rather than using the same CPDM Conner Conner politics. I hate Beti/Bulu liars and will do so until the end of time because they have wiped out my family in this world through their genocide. I am not a priest and do not believe in forgiveness. Your rotting Bulu/Betis shall get justice.

        • The plight of 5 million Ambazonians hangs on a balance because of the arrogance of lrc, 5 million people who came into a union with lrc in good fate. Do you really think anyone who is satisfied with their situation will suddenly stand up to take up arms to destroy the very security and prosperity they enjoy?This lack of vision, of refusing that things went wrong and need fixing, is reflected in your message, when you refer to Ambazonians as foolish. This foolishness has shone light on the corrupt and genocidal regime in Yaounde. Now the entire world has sat up and are watching. Soon there will be nowhere for those ruling from Yaounde to run and hide. With sanctions and the inevitable economic slump that is on the way, lrc will not be spared the economic disaster. The blindness continues!

      • eyallow, i hold you in high esteem for your eloquence and stand, on the Amabzonian question. The UN must be able to see that the centre is no longer holding when the issue of language is raised. To this effect our plight for self determination is not, and must not be debated. By the way the UN sowed this seed of discord and only they can fix it. They must duel in this issue with our slogan in mind “INDEPENDENCE”

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Eyallow

      You have the right to love your imaginary country. However if you are included my land in the North West as part of your imaginary country then you are delusional.

      I am from the NW and not from your Ambazonia! Many ppl from the NW do not agree with your sesecionist objectives! You do not have the mandate to talk on behalf of the people.

      It is very easy to manipulate humans to pick up arms. You need to feed them with the kind of lies that the scammers in the diaspora fed the amba fools in Cameroon. Ask kawa Yannick the converted amba general of the internet government.

      Ikome ako has already stolen 100% of the USD 1.8 million that wa raised for the struggle. The ambazombie are worse than Biya because Biya allways leaves a tiny percentage for the people after he steals!

      • @Kumkum Pass Garri. For now, it is an imaginary country and no one is contesting that, but the fear of it becoming a reality will eventually liberate the weak citizens of lrc from the terror of the thieves in Yaounde, because some people are brave enough to stand up against totalitarianism, against 37 years of dictatorship, to make their voices heard. Cameroon will never be the same again. Regardless of whatever happens, Ambazonian would forever be respected including the likes of those who will rather be enslaved than be liberated. Of course if one belongs to the upper echelon of privileged Anglophones in the Biya regime, why would they want anything different? The likes of Atanga Nji are fighting to stay simply for their garri. As your name suggests, you must know that water pass garri!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          Do not confuse the ambazombie struggle with the struggle to change the government of Cameroon.

          The Ambazombies are fighting to secede. Their strategy to achieve independence involves abolishing education for the poor, killing anybody from the NW/SW that does not agree with their objectves, raping and kidnaping for ransoms. I do not know who will respect the ambazombies for ever for this? Are you one of them?

          Sako a night watch man is your president. He is also a thief an embezzler. Sako and Anu were just sacked by Sick Seku Tabe, and their reponse to him was you can only sack us when you get out of Kondengui. Youth have been manipulated and intoxicated with drugs, armed with dane guns and clad with amulets to go fight a modern army. Would you respect this stupidity for ever?

        • @Kum Kum… I don’t need a lecture on what is going on on the ground. It is all clear for everyone to see. You make the assumption that because I am against lrc I am part of the Ambazonian movement. My grounds against being part of lrc is built on my own victimisation from the government, the killing of people close to me who are civilians, who have nothing to do with separatists or Ambaboys.

          When 100s of ambazonians marched peacefully in the streets with leaves, did they carry guns? Did they shoot anyone? Wasn’t it lrc who started the killing? When lawyers and teachers started protesting, did they carry guns? Wasn’t it lrc who violated their rights, locked them up and called them terrorists. You must be off your head. I don’t need to know that you know me whoever you are, a spy 4 lrc!.

        • And as a piece of important advice to you, please reign in your emotions and contempt towards those who don’t share your views. Respect people’s privacy on social media, there is a reason why they use certain handles as identifiers. Even if it is your brother or enemy, don’t reveal their identity. Don’t reveal their names, be polite, express your views but don’t get personal. Most importantly, don’t insult people, because no one will respect your views if you are disrespectful towards them. Raise your arguments objectively without uttering words ‘whore, stupid and all the ugly adjectives I have seen proudly plastered under your handle name throughout this forum. If you are the person I think you are, then it is really a pity to know someone who lacks so much emotional intelligence.

  6. This “machin” called in security council has no business in Cameroon.
    This will Anglo Saxon ploy against another small country.
    Russia and Russia will veto any potential intervention.
    This kind of show is to embolden ambazombians.

    • Unilateral actions do work. No one needed UNSC to get IRaq, Lybia. Continue with the arrogance. You asked anglophones in ths forum a thousand times to do something about they are onto it.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri


        The unilateral action of the ambazombie terrorists to clad themselves with amulets, intoxicate themselves with drugs, carry a dane gun and attak well trained and equipped military personnel is not working because the BIR continue to neutralize the terrorists on the ground.

        The US does not support the abolishment of education for the poor! The US does not support the chopping off of the breats of ladies who do not support your objectives. The US does not support the beheadings that you guys are specialized in!
        The world knows that the ambazombies are the most primitive and gruesome terrorists to ever walk this earth and will never support ambazombie terrorism.

        Kinson send your donation to Sako to eat and take your own Ak-chahvum, odeshi and mbanga and go do something about it!

  7. Who is going to veto an illegal union? keep dreaming…..Ambasonia is out…..

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Kongosa Dog:

      Another dumb ambazombie asking a very dumb question! “Who will veto an illegal union?”

      No one will veto an illegal union!

      France will veto any resolution to separate Cameroon!

      Ambazonia does not exist! Yes, Ambazonia only exists in your imagination.

      • And yet the UN security council is convening a special session on it.
        See the irony??

        • I am not fazed my pointed and emotionally driven arguments. The only thing it does is point to the very character of its author & the dissonance in making a logical argument. Demagoguery is unpersuasive language begging for recognition and there’s nothing good or righteous in it. If you’d, take the time to cool off.

          Gadaffi had some good ideas as I stated. I understand the history in depth. I can see your admiration and sainthood glorification of him but the totality of the man wasn’t what you crave for. He had good economic reforms and Libya economy grew a lot under him.
          He exacerbated the war in S. Leone, invaded Chad just to do his biddings.He supported Taylor and Sankoh. His idea about Pan Africanism were good but not reflected in his actions & intensions. Dissensions were deadly.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri


        Only an absolute fool will believe that the UN is meeting on Ambazonia. The UN is not convening on Ambazonia. The UN is convening to dicuss the security situation in Cameroon! The most that can come out of this session is a decision by the UN to support Cameroon to deal with the security issues.

        At the end of this session you will come back to this forum and condemn the UN. That is the irony! Ambazombies will not be happy with the result of this UN session. Mark my words!

        The chukuchuku in the kanda of the comedy revolutionaries has prepared vdeos of Chriz Anusz and other ambazombie clowns calling on the amba terrorists to attack UN workers in Cameroon. In response the amba terrorists killed an American missionary Wescott asuming he was a UN worker.

        • @Kumkum,
          All you’ve got is childish insults and tantrums. We are used to that arrogance. Isn’t that the MO of your Beti/Bulu ruling clan?
          Where has it gotten you people? The Southern Cameroons issue is real. The whole world knows about it. The UN security council is going to meet on it. You can scream and haul insults all you want, but that, my arrogant friend is your reality.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Dumb Kedioh

          The purpose of my tantrums is to expose your stupidity!

          The UN supports a United Cameroon! The UN is not meeting on Ambazonia. It is meeting on the security situation in Cameroon. The UN just reiterated its suppor for peace and unity in Cameroon!

          That is proof that you are stupid to think that the UN convening on the security situation in Cameroon is good news for Ambazombies! It is actually bad news for you!! To dumb to distinguish between good new and bad news for your revolution!

          You do not see the stupidity, childishness, terrorism and desperate tantrums of your loser/scammer leaders (Eric garri Tataw, Chriz fake pastor Anusz, mark Brekete, Tapang Pizza boy Ivo, Ikome fake pastor Sako, Akwanga PTSD Ebenezer, John ) because you are absolutely dumb!


        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          As promsed, Check Out Bareta News:

          “AGovC Frowns at UN Human Rights Commissioner’s Visit to LRC

          It is regrettable that the high commissioner’s office organizes such an important visit and ignores the victims of La Republique du Cameroun’s terror and systematic gross violations. “

          You ambazombie terrorists keep getting ignored, by the African Union, the European Union, the UN, and even Sharawi.

          As long as the ambazombie terrorists continue to terrorise, rape, kill and dismember people from the NW/SW who do not agree with their secessionist goals the UN and others will continue to ignore the ambazombies!

          You guys are terrorists by any definition

        • @kumkum,
          And still you are not getting any sleep over the issue. What does that say about you?
          The last kick of a dying horse.
          You have every right to your opinion. They just don’t add up.
          The Southern Cameroons issue will be RESOLVED this time. No two ways about it.
          Haul some more insults….

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Dumb Kedioh

          I promised you that the conmen and scammers who make up the ambazonia leadership that you worship so much will be very angry at the UN.

          Well, I was absolutely right!
          Mark Brekete’ post above is evidence.

          Now that I have laid the facts I can confidently call you a very stupid man who lacks the ability to interpret or analyze the simplest information!

      • @kumkum,
        I bet you must be patting yourself on the back for doing a great job throwing insults and describing sreen names of anonymous people?
        I know ir is killing you that the Southern Cameroons issue has gained this much traction.
        Like I said earlier, this issue will be resolved. Cameroon as we knew it will never be again. The slave has risen, and all the slave master has is throw worthless fits.
        Now, get back on the insult machine….

    • I guess France owns Cameroon. That annuls the statements made in previous comments about Africa’s inferiority complex and all of a sudden the same individuals recognize France as a rescuer of their colony. Disingenuous !
      With better governance, change of power, respecting the political process with term limits Cameroon can become a better run country. Biya’s manipulative tactics have caught up with him. Countries that figured themselves out (Ghana, Liberia, S. Leone, Senegal etc.) don’t need the UN to arbitrate but do it in the best interest of their people. Biya has clearly demonstrated he hates his country and only his stay in office interests him.
      Ghaddafi had some good things to say just like Mugabe but in the end, their grip on power betrayed them and the West took advantage of it.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri


        Looks like you when you can’t understand something, you make a guess and then you have an argument with your imagination!

        I repeat, France will veto any resolution to separate Cameroon! You can guess whatever you want to guess that is your problem.

        You know very little about Gadaffi – the Jesus Christ of Africa! Gadaffi was not removed from power because the Libyans were tired of him. It took over 8 months of daily bombings by Obama and his allies to topple Gadaffi! Gadaffi was toppled by the West because Gadaffi was about to lead Africa out of the grip of scientifically applied modern capitalistic exploitation.

        You probably never heard about the Gadaffi led revolution due to mental incarceration.

      • I am not fazed my pointed and emotionally driven arguments. The only thing it does is point to the very character of its author & the dissonance in making a logical argument. Demagoguery is unpersuasive language begging for recognition and there’s nothing good or righteous in it. If you’d, take the time to cool off.
        Gadaffi had some good ideas as I stated. I understand the history in depth. I can see your admiration and sainthood glorification of him but the totality of the man wasn’t what you crave for. He had good economic reforms and Libya economy grew a lot under him.
        He exacerbated the war in S. Leone, invaded Chad just to do his biddings.He supported Taylor and Sankoh. His idea about Pan Africanism were good but not reflected in his actions & intensions. Dissensions were deadly.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          You have a right to guess, but you cant tie your guesses to me.

          The fact that you label an argument “emotionally driven” does not mean that the argument is emotionally driven. That is your opinion and you can build on that with other wrong conclusions.

          You seem incapable of following your own arguments!

          (1) France will veto any resolution to separate Cameroon.
          (2) Gadaffi was not betrayed by his grip on power.

          Gaddaffi was toppled by Obama and his friends after 8 months of daily bombing!

          Mugabe could have been betrayed by his grip on power but Gadaffi was not! Gadaffi was not ousted by the Libyan people!

          Jusus Christ is not a saint to me. So I definitely do not glorify Gadaffi as a saint!

          Your arguments are all based on guesses and false assumptions!


    After the elections, Biya will do THIS…..
    After the elections, Biya will do THAT…

    The elections have come and gone. However, the matter has now been internationalised. The US is championing the quest to resolve the Anglophone Question at the international level. The US hs realised that Dictator Biya and his Beti militia are simply looking for an UNACHIEVABLE military solution.
    Amba boys will disrupt any celebration in SC of the FARCE called national day.
    If history is any guide,

    1. “one and indivisible” LRC had her independence on the 01.01.1960
    2. “one and indivisible” SC had her independence on the 01.10.1961

    Simply put, SC and LRC are TWO distinct nations with internationally recognised boundaries. LRC even REJECTED SC in 1961 ( cf. UNGA Resolution 1608 of April, 21, 1961)


      UNGA Resolution 1608 of April 21, 1961, is crystal clear proof that SC and LRC are TWO DIFFERENT NATIONS.
      Citizens of the above-mentioned nations are therefore TWO DIFFERENT “PEOPLES”.

      The “Anglophone problem” is, therefore, an international problem because a “people” who were recognised by the UN and their independence voted, has been reduced to an annexed, assimilated and underdeveloped territory with on-going genocide. That is the justification for the UN to intervene and restore the “independence” of the people of SC by organising a referendum for them to:

      1. choose either to remain in the Union with LRC with a signed treaty between the two NATIONS


      2- stand-alone as an independent country


      Believe me or not, the internationalisation of the Anglophone Question is:

      1. a ” mami water” victory for the Anglophones
      2. a morale booster for Amba boys
      3. a CRUSHING defeat for Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate
      4. a humiliation of apologists of the junta who were shouting on this forum that the Anglophone struggle has no supporters.

      Recently, the LRC Ambassador to the UN wrote a letter BEGGING the UN not to discuss the Anglophone Question because Dictator Biya had already:

      1. created the so-called commission on bilingualism
      2. created the so-called commission on disarmament
      3. etc.

      Of course, the US said NIET because COSMETIC measures can NEVER EVER resolve the impasse.
      Now that the UN has accepted to discuss the matter, the next step will be to refer the matter to the ICC.



      1. Executive – the head is from LRC

      2. legislature

      2.1 Senate – the head is from LRC
      2.2 lower house- the head is from LRC

      3. Judiciary- the head is from LRC

      MY TAKE

      Citizens of LRC are very GREEDY.
      All ( i.e. 100% ) the branches of the state are headed by them. Citizens of SC are simply spectators in the decision-making process.
      The above-mentioned distribution of the powers of government raises credible and compelling questions about the participation of Anglophone Cameroonians in the decision-making and power-sharing processes in the country.
      In order to preempt unnecessary justifications from apologists of this regime, permit me to remind the readers that the post of Prime Minister is NOT considered as an arm of the state.



      SONARA is exploitative in character since:

      * the appropriation of its profits is restricted to entities situated
      outside of SC
      *The head of SONARA is always a citizen from LRC
      * More than 99 % of the “cadre” in SONARA are citizens of LRC.
      * VICTORIA City council provides the factor of production: Land, but does not participate in the appropriation of the profits.
      * Royalties are paid to the Douala City council although SONARA is situated in the VICTORIA municipality.
      LRC registered SONARA in Douala instead of VICTORIA

      Dictator Biya decided to open an English section at the SONARA school after 38(thirty-eight) years in order to “appease” the Anglophones


      CASE STUDY 3: The Inequitable distribution of Development Projects

      All priority development projects are executed in LRC. They include the Memve’ele hydropower plant in the South Region, the Foumban–Tibati Road Project, the Zoetele–Nkolyop Road Project, Obala-Batchengo-Bouam Road Project, the Kribi Seaport Project, the Lom Pangar Dam, the Menkin Dam etc, etc, etc.
      Significantly, the Bamenda Ring Road is the only project in SC is still waiting for Dictator Biya to PERSONALLY supervise the construction.
      But, as it stands, nothing is being heard of similar if not bigger projects in West Cameroon like the Menchum Falls with potential to light the whole of the central African sub-region. Nothing is heard of the Yoke facility that merely needs only rehabilitation, etc.


      CASE STUDY 4: Systemic Marginalisation

      Anglophones have regularly been relegated to inferior positions in the national decision-making process and have been constantly underrepresented in ministerial as well as senior- and middle-level positions in the administration, the military and parastatals.

  9. This is just the begining of the end.thank you Lrc finally Ambazonia is gone.the big man was offered an olive branch which pretenciouly accepted it infront of everyone but behind the scenes ventured for christ thorn with the complicity of his ministers,tribesmen,and a lot of francophones including many on this forum.
    I know it might get worse,but the cry of the innocent is finally being heeded to.the souls of the helpless sacrificed by the Yaounde junta will finally find justice.
    The US does not go behind the scenes lobbying other countries just to come and give the old man a pat on the back,there is a lot going on behind the scenes,lets watch and see.
    To my dear Ambazonians,i would say it is time for us to double our efforts and remove our hand from the lions mouth once and for all.

  10. South Africa will pay dearly for this misdemeanour. Garbage. Because they happen to have found themselves at the head of the African Union, they seek notice by halting the move of the UNSC and encourage a genocide. A xenophobic country that drew sympathy from the entire African to exit apartheid should be ashamed of their inglorious acts. Ramaphosa is truly a bigger shame than I thought. The Ambazonian diaspora especially in South Africa should summon courage and present their pleas to the no nonsense Julius Malema so that he can shake the foundation of the South African parliament in his usual rhetorics.

  11. Forever young

    Were are all those ignorant wicked regime apologist in dis forum writing rubbish after election Biya will do this bla bla bla, Because Biya and his tribal rapist army is supported by France to kill Ambazonia citizens an steal its natural resources and deposit half in French treasury , France will stop U.N.from intervention to stop Biya moronic army killing innocent Ambazonia citizens, get ready for the downfall of that your wicked moronic king Biya shall get crushed like rat, it’s a matter of time before Mr Trump sent order to USAFricom command in camp lemonnier in Djibouti for two naval carriers to head in the gulf of guinea beginning the military barriers and bombardment of all Biya military equipment cammad and control center were the genocide is being planned against Ambazonia populace

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      These ambazombie fools think that the fact that UN is going to discus the security situation in Cameroon is a victory for them. How can people be so stupid?

      If these ambafools had any sense they will know that the UN will never grant them independence. However because they are too dumb I will let them.

      I bet you these same fools will be here by 15 May blasting the UN after the UN makes a press release on the subject!

      Ambazonia does not exist and will never exist!

      • Kum Kum massa !!!! Your mind, man!! Oh boy take it easy !!!! A small trigger sets you off. Hysterics hardly work!!!! Good communicators change minds, put forth good ideas and make things better. Multiplied jarring and responses is a cheap sell. There are a lot of crazy ideas from the Ambazonia camp and Anti Ambazonia camp. No middle ground, no progress!!! Holly molly!!!! Emotional intelligence? Any clues?? Let’s try this.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          I am not here to sell to you. I am not here to change minds!

          I am here to expose the scammers/losers in the diaspora the ambafools call leaders!

          I am here to expose the stupidity of the amba fool supporters and the terrorism that the ambazombie terrorists are dishing out to people in the NW and SW.

          I can not teach people who believe that abolishing education for the poor is the path to independence.
          I cannot teach people that chopping off a man’s hand because he went to work to earn a living for his family is evil!
          I can not teach people who deliberately deceive children not to get an education!

          I am here on a mission and I am proud of it! I carefully select my words, and tone to suit my mission.

          I am here to play my role and not to play the role you perceived for me!

      • Kumkum Pass Garri


        The ambazombie idea in practice is to terrorise/kill all people of the North West and South West who do not agree with their objectives so that the UN will pass a resolution to separate Cameroon!!

        Why does it irk you when I call this absolute stupidity? Do you believe that ambazombie terrorists will kill their brothers and sisters to the point that the UN passes a resolution to separate Cameroon?

        There is not one good idea from the ambazombie camp. Manipulating youth with tramol/marijuana and amulets and pushing them to go fight a trained military with dane guns is plain evil! Why does it irk you when I expose this evil?

        Raising money for the struggle and swindling it away for personal use is evil. Why does it irk you when I expose this evil?

        Are you evil or stupid or both?

  12. Forever young

    This wicked killer regime of Biya will get deposed and humiliated like all the wicked despotic Regime that has killed thousands of innocent people got humiliated from idi Am in Dada , Mobutu sese seco, Jean Bokassa, Saddam Hussein etc , and the same prison dis wicked bastard condemn his political opponents shall be his last stopped like Omar albashir the future is pregnant for dis bastards eventual fall from the grace of GoD

  13. @Zam-Zam ”Chris Aenus dong confirm Sisiku yi letter”…Ha ha ha ..I can see how desperate u have become. So, people govern from the enemy’s den,hmm? Why are u wasting your time? Even if it is Sisiku that wrote and signed that letter,if u ask him,he will tell u that he knows that it will not work.Sisiku remains our president but let me tell u,the letter is null and void.Back to sender……

  14. @Zam-Zam ”Once Oyibo man go see the heads dem wey wuna dong cuttam then throweh’am for on top nkontah, mbrr”..Wow,so,we are chopping heads,hmm? Chris Anu also said that it is your military that disguises as Amba boys and are chopping up people’s heads.Why is it that u did not believe that one, u chose to believe but the one where he said that it is Sisiku that wrote and signed that the IG should be dissolved? What about another letter alledgedly coming from Sisiku in which he states that he is not the one that wrote and signed the executive order that the IG should be disolved? So,we should take Chris Anu for the executive order alledgely coming from Sisiku,dissolving the IG and not the second one alledgely coming from the same Sisiku distancing himself from the executive order,right?

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      Chris Anu’s brother the Field Marshall chooped more heads in Lebialem than the government has killed people in the entire country.

      Akwanga Ebenezer the chief kidnapper calls Criz Anusz the biggest disgrace in the world and said the Lebialem people have shown him videos of atrocities, beheadings, committed by Chriz Anusz and his brother in Lebialem
      In fact Akwanga actually said he treated people from the NW/SW in Nigeria who were victims of the atrocities of Chriz Anusz and his brother.

      Only an absolute fool or a terrorist will believe anything said by Chris Anusz. The terrorist said UNESCO will cancel the GCE and we all know that was a lie he made up just to stop children from pursuing their education.
      How can you support such evil? Kongosa must be Ikome Sako!

  15. Epée Dipanda

    You are all delusional if you think that Anglophones will let go.
    We will never give up. If people have fought since 1972 why do you think that even in 2022 we will give ?
    If we must work 4 jobs, we will to ensure that our children do not fight this fight ever again.
    Freedom or death

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      Mumu di lap ndiba di carry ye!

      Epee di lap ndiba di carry ye!

      Epee you will work 4 jobs and send the money to Ikome Sako! Ikome Sako will use the money to renovate his house he bought with donations from the struggle.

      Epee if you were smart you will not work 4 jobs and send the money to Ikome Sako and then fold your arms while the government of Cameroon neutralises the unequipped manipulated amba terrorists! Epee, you may have a little impact if you go join the fight in Cameroon as General until the BIR locate you and neutralise you!

      Tapang Ivo say he will not contribute any more for the struggle and that Cameroonians willnot! Sisiku dissolved the internet government (IG) on May 3. The IG says Sisku can dissolve the IG when he gets out of prison. Juvenile terrorists!

      • For somebody who is not a part of the struggle, you seem to know every detail down to the letter.
        Why are you so entrenched in “Our Internet Republic?”

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Kedioh the dumb shegue

          I know every detail down to the letter of the ambazombie struggle because the ambazombies comedy revolutionaries are very very stupid! These ambazombie comedy revolution leaders like to fight like Mbanyas in the open market. When they fight in the market they reveal their secrets and inner workings to the whole market. Those of us with excellent listening/reading comprehension skills listen and retain the information.

          It is not my fault that I have a brain that can do that and don’t claim that Paul Biya gave me brain enhancement medicine!

          The behavior of the scammer leaders fighting like Mbanyas in public makes me wonder how foolish does one have to be to select Ikome Sako, Akwanga, Ayaba, Tapang, Anusz, Nso Foncha, mark brekete, Eric Garri etc as their leaders?

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Kedioh the shegue

          The other reason I know every detail to the letter about your comedy revolution is because I have made it my mission to expose the scammers, thieves, fools and terrorists behind the revolution!

          I usually make sure I get all the details down to the letter when I am on such a mission! Now that I have all the details I can “match fire” on exposing the thieves, fools and terrorists!

          Thank you for confirming that I am a credible source of information because I know every detail down to the letter about your comedy revolution.

          The reason I got the role of BIR internet warrior is the fact that I know every detail to the letter. I will continue to use that nowledge to neutralize the ambazombie internet warriors while the BIR neutralizes the terrorists in Cameroon!!

  16. There should be much dishonesty, in the numbers killed on both sides in Mr. Biya`s war.
    200 / 500, should be fraud. Much wonder, why the UN, will be concerned only on
    humanitarian aid in that war, where there are refugees, pow, idp, whole villages touched,
    foreign gov`ts { france / tchad} involved in the massacre of other peoples etc etc etc?
    What is most concerning, is the trophies, that Mr. Biya has recently taken as a diplomatic

  17. Long Live Ambazonia

    • Cameroon is ready we are cameroonians and unshakable not Coward terrorists what unite us with the UN,European Union and ACP is more important than what divide us we are defending our country only “mumu” can think the countrary of what i am saying i am ready to challenge whosoever.

      • Je n’ai rien pigé sur ton charabia hyper grotesque et incomestible. Il faut commencer par relever le simple éfis de donner de l’eau à boire à Yaoundé When pencil heavy too much, take axe for wood cutting.

        You can star by challenging yourself. How comes for 3 years now, you’ve been incapable of bridging a problem which you considered from the start that it did not exist ? Give people water to drink in Yaoundè, c’est trop fort pour toi. Lazy Ripoublique.

        Keep your dream for your self confinement.


        Brave Ambazonians, we are winning our fight for FREEDOM.

  18. Ambaland shall be FREE

  19. One should be wondering, why the insults, castigations, name calling, deaths, whole
    villages raged down etc etc. Are Ambazonians, angry with themselves, to the point of
    inflicting such on themselves? It is time for folks to reason, talk and act straight. This,
    is the curse, called the Cameroonian`s mindset.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      Do you wonder why you were passing orders for the youth to go burn down the homes of people from the North West and South West whho do not agree with your secessionist objectives?

      Do you wonder why you ordered your terrorists to torture and kill Tantiyo and his mother in Wum and to torture his father to the point that he is crippled?

      Do you wonder why you are terrorizing children of the NW/SW not to go to school?

      Do you wonder how the ambazombies will achieve independence through the abolishment of education for the poor? Do you wonder why the terrorists are destroying farm to market roads preventing people in the NW?SW from taking their produce to the market?

      Do you wonder why Ikome sako and co stole USD 1.8 million from the struggle?

      Joshua stop killing and die now!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      You will get even more frustrated.

      I am making a plea to admin to start posting the videos of MKPD here… MKPD is the thorn in the flesh of the ambazombie comedy revolutionaries i.e the chukuchuku in the kanda of the comedy revolutionaries!

      Admin please post MKPD’s vides here and all the thieves, fools and terrorists on this site will disappear! You can get his videos from youtube – My Konti Pipo Dem.

      Some of you ambazombies are dumb enough to comment about my choice of words and tone as if you know better. Reserve those your lessons for your idiot scammer leaders! When their loser/scammer leaders make sentences like “no matter the number of biabia in your lass we shall hold u by the kanas” they clap for the wise words.

      Nyamfukah Dieman Joshua you are dying slowly from evil!

  20. No one will stop this never again generation of Southern Cameroonians fighting for self rule.
    The UN, AU or even SA will not convince us that black on black apartheid, black on black colonization promoted by greedy Equatorial Africans with France is our destiny.
    What our children have come to understand today is that not every Blackman is a good Blackman even your so Called brother or neighbor can and has been bought by France to kill you in the name of Francophonization.
    The war on Anglophones aka southern Cameroonians declared by the Yaoundé Francophone government in collaboration with France;
    550,000 internal refugees
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    20,000 killed
    300 villages burnt
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon
    130,000 children no school!
    Who is fooling who?
    Low IQ

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Lum the dull one

      The ambazombies (terrorists) have killed 20,000 people from the NW/SW who do not agree with their tupid secessiist goals.
      The terrorists have burnet down over 120 schools in the NW/SW
      The terrorists have chopped off the fingers of 15,000 people from the NW/SW
      The terrorists have raped at least 8000 girls some as young as 5 years old
      The terrorists have beheaded over 2000 people and thrown their body parts on the streets
      The terrorists have kidnapped over 11000 ppl from the NW/SW and are holding them in the forest without food water and medicine.
      The terrorists have forced at least 500,000 people from the NW/SW to relocate to Douala and Yaoundé for safety!

      Lum is fooling her dull delusional self otherwise.

      The terrorists are tripping over themselves. Watch them die!

      • You forgot to write a comment under ZVE post. How come-:)
        Biya is the head of the armed forces, the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.
        4 in 1.
        You can write here after every comment until thy kingdom come you will convince no one.
        A president without vision destroys his nation.
        Biya has destroyed Cameroon that’s his legacy.
        You the lazy majority on the Internet only good at trolling will convince no one.
        In southern Cameroons we are fighting for self rule, to dismantle black on black apartheid, black on black colonization with black enablers Called Equatorial Africans.
        You are a paid surrogate for the regime but you will not convince 95% of Anglophones that the Yaoundé tribal government has served them well.
        Keep collecting your blood money.
        Very low IQ.

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