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Unexpected spending related to security crisis could rise to CFA24bn in 2018

Business in Cameroon | In Cameroon, unforeseen expenses caused by the current security crisis could climb to CFA24 billion in 2018. This was revealed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a report issued August 31.

According to the report, the situation led the Cameroonian authorities to propose last June a revised budgetary consolidation. A strategy which is seen as a step forward since the Bretton Woods institution repeatedly warned the country on budgeting unforeseen expenses related to security, as part of the economic agreement ongoing since June 2017.

Cameroon faces various security risks, the major being the crisis in Anglophone (North-West and South-West) regions, which has significantly grown in recent months. The unrest in these regions rose concerns about the whole country’s stability, and increased humanitarian and economic costs. In May this year, the government decided a CFA12-billion budget for the humanitarian assistance plan.

Let’s note that in the Far North, the terrorist group Boko Haram continues exactions against military and civilians, but incidents remain limited, while in the East, the large number of refugees is causing an instability issue.

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  1. Using lethal military force to kill the very people you intend protecting has always proven to be counterproductive. This war is unwinnable, unsustainable, unproductive and economically/politically very unwise for LRC. A gov’t doesn’t win a war against its own people- killing one separatist breed two new more.

    It’s 24B FCFA in 2018, it would be 80B in 2019 and 150B in 2020- all because LRC doesn’t want to negotiate and dialogue. The resolve of Southern Cameroonians especially its diaspora should not be threaded lightly and I can’t say same for LRC.

    LRC spends billions importing ammunition and tanks but with our chack-vum and n’grimba, we di show them say ndiba na ndiba. The game is yet to begin, we di wait them na for ground zero.


    LRC ain’t see nothing yet.
    This is an open-ended war. It might only end after 2035

  3. Using the NorthWest and Southwest as collateral to borrow and beg as the lie they want to develop the place with the real intention to come back and teach them a lesson. Yi go explode for wuna face. Biya your Mami yi Mvomeka.

  4. “The unrests in these regions rose concerns about the whole country stability, and increased humanitarian and economic costs” And this is coming from IMF. Bye bye pinguiss, zam zam, USA, et al. Keep d fending a dying regime. Borrow, borrow, borrow.

  5. The expenses, are just there to maintain biya in power. Frustrating

  6. #kill any animal that prevents students to go to school and our brothers and sisters to sleep quietly!

  7. We die proud men and women defending he land of our ancestors!
    We will never yield.
    Freedom! Amba! Freedom! West Cameroon

  8. Crack education system! no innovation, no room for creativity, no research, no scientific advances in agriculture or animal science. Cram and cram and throw up the same crap. Ghana is getting a VW factory. Was in Jamaica and Jamaican engineers and workers were building their own roads We cannot even assemble a lawn mower. CFA 24 billion is only $4.4 million we don’t even have that much for a rainy day!