Zambian Pastor James Sakala is Dead after being buried Alive

VENAS NEWS | A pastor by name James Sakala from Zambia was buried alive by his church members as he promised them that he will resurrect in 3 days just like Jesus Christ.

The pastor, who commands a huge congregation chest thumped that he has supernatural powers to keep him alive for three days.

Convinced by his courage, the congregation dug a grave and buried him.

After three days, his church members went digging his grave just to find him dead. The pastor was dry like old sugarcane.

He is the owner of Sakala Zion church In Zambia.

May his soul rest in Peace.

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  1. There are two things that a people must not lose to retain thier autonomy in thinking, and it is spirituality and language.once both are lost they lose the capacity to think rationally and become slaves of those whose spirituality and language they adopt out of is like surrendering thier future into the hands of the enemy.such people can not develop economically because it is a scientific process needing cold headed calm rational thinking.this explains why Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, have not developed rapidly like rational shinto Japan or confucian China and Korea.all those countries have one thing in common, they are battered by Christianity and Islam.we can not be an exception.

    • It is up to the individual to develop a rationalized thinking pattern. It is not the religion that makes oneself ignorant. If the person is ignorant, it is because he/she is ignorant. If one is said to be religious, he/she has the traits of humbleness, caring, loving, respectful, honest, truthful …. There is no concrete evidence that a certain religion has connection economically with the individual. Thanks

    • as an european, here i read a lot of stupid comments…

      you may know how to read and write, but you still have old, outdated, primitive superstitious beliefs.

  2. Confirmed: You can ONLY go to heaven by passing through AFRICA
    -Pathetic indeed!

  3. Obudu Ranch Resort Nigeria, come visit

    My people perish for lack of knowledge. Christ has won the victory over dead, why trying so hard to convince the world differently.

    Why not try to emulate Elijah who never tasted death, but, taken by the lord to heaven. You can as well tell your congregation to watch you ascending to heaven.

    Gullibility is a sin, the congregation has killed their pastor due to ignorance.

    What a news!

    • Obudu Ranch Resort Nigeria, come visit

      * Over death * correction.

    • One cannot climb the hill from the top. This is what is wrong with most of the thinking in AFRICA. It is said that Jesus died and the rose after 3 days. Here is a man who is ALIVE and want to rise up again ALIVE after 3 days. If you want to copy something, do it right. DIE FIRST and then RISE AGAIN.

      Until Africa shake off this religious blind fold they have over their face, economic development will NEVER be reality.

      • FON kikikikikikikiki, instead of a setup geared towards producing engineers, scientists, architects and designers for industrial production.we have produced pastors and imams cascading every Christian or Islamic nation will become and Economic and military power in future.

  4. Never put the Lord into test

  5. Our African must learn from such mistakes,they believe in bible more than the western world were Bible’s were written by unknown people,Our African brothers and sisters are poor like hell,while praying 24/7 asking God to free them from stressful life, however they still losing everything they have over and over,and they not learning from them

  6. HAHA! You are death!

  7. Religions are the horribelst forms of Colonialism. So horrible that some believers from Africa are coming to Europe for mission of that and collecting money…