“No Cameroon to stay in Naples”, Anguissa denies on social media: “Fake news”

SparkChronicles | Anguissa-Cameroon, the Napoli midfielder has denied some rumors about his failure to call up with the African national team.

Napoli football news. The absence of Frank Anguissa among those called up for the Cameroon it made a lot of noise. The midfielder remained a Naples in this latest round of pre-world engagements, generating some rumors in the neighborhoods of the African national team.

Cameroon, Anguissa denies rumors about the convocation

The portal CamerounWeb.com has even published some alleged statements by Anguissa about the failure to call, claiming that the midfielder spoke with the coach Song and the federal president Eto’o: reference is made to some messages, in which Anguissa specified that he had important commitments with Napoli (Champions and Championship) and for this reason he asked not to be called up.

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