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Top US Diplomat Suggests Taking Cameroon to Global Forum

JOHANNESBURG (AP) | — THE top United States diplomat to Africa says perhaps it’s time to take the deadly separatist crisis in Cameroon to an “international forum.”

An exasperated Tibor Nagy told reporters on Tuesday that “my heart breaks for Cameroon … I just don’t understand why this crisis goes on and on and on.”

Some half a million people have been displaced as Cameroon’s government battles an Anglophone separatist movement in the largely French-speaking country. Weary residents in the middle have pleaded for peace.

Nagy, the U.S. assistant secretary of state for Africa, called for “open, unlimited national dialogue.”

Cameroon’s government in a strongly worded statement last week criticized Nagy’s earlier comments on the Anglophone crisis, accusing him of misunderstanding the situation and interfering in the West African country’s internal affairs.

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    Only an “international forum” can resolve the ROOT CAUSE of the Anglophone Question.
    Dictator Biya is simply playing to the gallery with his COSMETIC measures and his sh*thole unwinnable war.
    The commission on bilingualism, the commission on disarmament, translation ofthe OHADA text, etc. have nothing to do with the ROOT CAUSE of the problem.
    The writer has said it severally that Dictator Biya’s sh*thole unwinnable war will end one day with a NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT under the auspices of international referees. The US has now coroborated this school of thought.


    The Anglophone Question is NOT an internal affair of the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.
    The truth of the matter is that “one and indivisible” SC voted in1961 to join “one and indivisible” LRC in a UN-envisioned federal union code named, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, made up of two states of equal status as defined in UNGA Resolution 1608 of April, 21, 1961. This resolution of the UN was NEVER implemented. “One and indivisible” LRC then seized the opportunity to annex and assimilate “one and indivisible” SC.
    The struggle today is to correct the illegal annexation of “one and indivisible” SC by “one and indivisible” LRC.
    It is therefore an INTERNATIONAL MATTER and not an internal affair of the entity that created the problem in the first place.

  3. What exactly is an international forum? And what guarantee is there to show that Cameroon will be any less schizophrenic towards it? Did Cameroon not praise and hail an international organization when it found favor ( Bakassi conflict)? Now the very Cameroon is demonizing the very international organization for exposing an inconvenient truth!
    Ambivalence may serve internal needs but with the wider world, hypocrites have no leg to stand on.

  4. @ Zero Vivre Ensemble
    Nice, timely reminders!!! Bravo.

    Any updates on the Mama Fouda incident at Kye Ossi? I’ve searched but failed to find it.

  5. In this century Separate or Federate!
    Equatorial Africans unable to build a bamboo bridge over a stream in the forest will not succeed in their attempt at re-colonization, forced Francophonizaton, marginalization and apartheid towards the Anglophone minority in Cameroon.
    The war on Anglophones in Cameroon so far;
    550,000 internal refugees
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    320 villages burnt
    130,000 children no school
    20,000 killed
    10,000 missing and or jailed in French Cameroon.
    The post colonial tribal worshippers of France, given power and protected by France to kill other Africans on the land of their ancestors so Cameroon can become more French will expire this Century.
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms resulted in war, WHY?
    Equatorial Africans very Low IQ approach!

  6. If the international forum, doesn`t include the ICJ OR ICC, then it is as good as nothing.
    The likes of Biya and his Beti clanish devils, the Atanga Nji / Ngole Ngole errant boys,
    the Badjocks in the military etc, must have a taste of the pudding. Biya declared war
    and they helped him masterming it. Tchiroma, was their songbird.
    `Unto you a savior is born`, can Tibor Nagy, be our jesus Christ?
    Long since, everyone had called for a stop to the Biya war, but the support of military
    force and financing from France and China mostly, Mr Biya, did not see the need to stop
    killing his own – a people who have all along, shown the love for fatherland. How else,
    would the people have contributed to the building of the general good of their heritage,
    by expressing their thinking by running around

  7. with peace plants to show?
    Oh, in collaboration with Tchad and mighty Nigeria, they saw death and wanton
    destruction of hard earned property, as better tools, to bring down a whole
    generation of humans, created in like manner. But the struggle, continues.
    Ambazonia, has risen to fall no more.

  8. where are the camerounese & equtorial guinean @pinguis, @mbappe today. Very soon they will dissappear from the forum

  9. @Chidi,
    forget about those people. Once we have our country, we will build it with much justice and love..and eventually peace. Many of them will be crossing the Mungo to seek asylum. They sometimes don’t even reason out what they write. They call for youths to be slaughtered for simply asking questions and try to better their lives. The list of those to be judge also include some of our so called leaders in the diaspora who due to power hunger and greed have continue to act terribly resulting to the death of many of our own. May the gods of our forefathers continue to guide and protect us.

  10. cameroun has to pay Ambazonia for exploiting their resources in Bakassi and Ndian

  11. @ Chidi, He said he felt sorry for Cameroon. He never mentioned Ambazonia. For your information the U.S. will never ever support separation again with what is happening now in South Sudan. Killing, beheading and kidnapping school children has never liberated any people. The Algerian people just liberated themselves from their old diaper wearing dictator by uniting and marching in their capital. Nobody was beheaded or killed and no school children were kidnapped. This your foolish tactics has never liberated any people from their dictator for they have more fire power and sometimes supported by the west. The only way is for everybody to unite and march like the Egyptians, the Burkinabes and the Algerians just did. The African Americans liberated themselves by marching. Marching works.

  12. @bobjazz camerounese soldiers are beheading ambazonians and kidnapping students in the midst of imposed curfew. The tactics of camerounese soldiers kidnapping has been busted, Rene Sadi kidnapped ambazonians leadership from Nigeria remember! American s know now who is kidnapping and asking for ransoms camerounese soldiers in civilian clothes. Remember atangana nji, Meka and badjeck ? The world know those camerounese masterminds of the genocide, where is the lazy diaper wearing dictator and his leaking pipes? Did nyamding hear this? The handicap professor and nguini owona? Member ngoooo the corruption riden la republic

  13. @bobjazz fire power has nothing to do with what is going on in Cameroon. The size of Indonesian Army was more than the population of East Timor. Try to read their story.

  14. @ Patrick, keep on dreaming if you think this your nonsense is going to make this old brutal diaper wearing dictator blink. All your foolishness is doing is punishing the anglophone people. Biya loves this. It got him easily reelected without any problem like in Algeria, Sudan and Morocco. He knows he is on the driver’s seat. The people from the Katanga province in DRC have been doing this for years and they are still fighting till today and the world doesn’t care. Use your brain my friend, we are now in the 21st century.

  15. @ Chidi. Please you can’t deceive me with that stupid propaganda you Ambazonians have been using on this forum. I personally know people who have been attacked by your Ambazonia thugs. I even know a lawyer who was attacked in his own house by some of your thugs demanding a ransom of 300,000cfa or they were going to kidnap his son. This lawyer was one of those who marched with Bala against the marginalization of anglophones before your stupid organization hijacked the cause.

  16. @ Lum, there are millions of refugees from the Katanga province of the DRC as a result of years of fighting. Nobody in the world cares or even talks about them. All your Ambazonia nonsense has achieved is make life difficult for anglophones. Biya likes what is going on. The Katanga people of the DRC have been fighting the DRC gov’t for years without any liberation. The Burkinabes and now the Algerians never used any weapons to liberate themselves from their dictators. They used common sense and unity. The people got together and marched in their various capitals and demanded their dictators to leave. African Americans didn’t use force to liberate themselves, they marched. Fighting never works when your opponent has more fire power and is supported by a western power in our case France.

  17. The government of dictator Paul Biya says the USA is intervening in Cameroon’s internal affairs .But as I am writing Tchadian and French soldiers are fighting for the Cameroon government against Anglophones.So according to the Cameroon government Tchad and France are not intervening in Cameroon ‘s internal problems?

  18. No..only Anglophone countries intervene . Francophone countries don’t intervene, after all it’s their back yard.
    Man die, no rotten.

  19. FrogsnaCowards

    The Cameroun army started the.war by killing peaceful demonstrators and beating,raping and toturing lawyers and students.Remember the helicopter gunship that shot demonstrators from the air.Later Paul Biya himseld declared a full scale war against our people.There are.so many witnesses to testify about this.

  20. @Bob Jazz but he did mention amba boys and by implication Ambazonia but I know you wouldn’t accept. Bulu dog

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