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Cameroon to crackdown on military-print clothing

APAnews | The crackdown on military-print clothing worn by civilians will be intensified in January 2018 in Cameroon, Joseph Beti Assomo the Defence Minister has said.In a message addressed to all the unit heads of the gendarmerie, Assomo noted that the wearing of the controversial outfit has become common in the country.

Defence Minister Joseph Beti Assomo pledged that “after the current awareness campaign,” as of January 2018, to take the necessary measures to enforce the regulations in place.

Assomo had already started a communication campaign on the matter more than a year ago, which targeted mainly young people, sportsmen and women, and artistes.

At the time, the head of the Defence Ministry’s communication department, Colonel Didier Badjeck, recalled that the wearing of military uniform by civilians was strictly forbidden, a phenomenon that he believes is “causing confusion in society”, and spoke of “the white-collar bandits who often wear it during their dangerous operations.”

In Cameroon, the sale, making, distribution, wearing and holding of military uniforms or insignia are governed by a November 1982 law, with offenders liable to imprisonment from three months to three years, and a fine of 50,000 to 200,000 CFA franc.

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  1. Fight Biya’s war and stop chasing shadows.

    • When Biya declared war on the peaceful people of SC, he thought it would be a BLITZKRIEG. Southern Cameroonians would be crushed in a few days and forced manu militari to accept the Commission on Bilingualism as the solution to the Anglophone Question.

      Of course, Biya was dead wrong.
      He has now discovered that it will be an open-ended war. To divert attention, his Minister of Armed Forces has declared war on people wearing camouflage resembling military uniforms.

      Camouflage or no camouflage, the WAR WILL CONTINUE

  2. The brave people of Manyu and lebialem have dealt with the so called “Bir”. Now they have relegated their fight to military fatigues…cowards

  3. one serious question we should ask before everything is why the military dressing inherited from aryan occupation was maintained in the first place?under normal cercumstances we should have banalized and assimilate it to the image of creminality.then design something we can call ours.not only would it enable us to distinguish ourselves from others,but also creat an economic chain,where raw materials are grown processed and used to manufacture the clothing.let me inform those who do not know that the military clothing used in many african territories is manufactured by a french company.for people aspiring total self determination,this does not look serious.we can apply the same thinking to the school uniforms used in cameroon today,cloths that make our children look like prisoners.

  4. Military personnel routinely pass on their outfits to members of their family for various reasons – to show off their patriotic achievement, encourage others to serve in the army, etc.

    What the authorities should lose sleep over is the use of such outfits to commit crimes – Rob a bank, pose as traffic control official, mount illegal roadblocks, etc.

    By the way, for those in love with challenging others to return home to Cameroon to prove their mettle, the arrest, detention and harassment of Professor Patrice Nganang should provide an elegant answer for the hesitation of those so challenged.

  5. Cameroon is still a primitive country what is wrong in wearing a common military uniform that i can’t even put on me there are more important things look in to they are talking of wearing a address God punish the devils

  6. You do require a military outfit to wedge war. Stop barking up the wrong tree. All these petty efforts, all this radicalisation of the populace, all these insinuations of war and pending carnage, only helps to foster the movement that will in the long run separate SC from LRC.

    The problem is simply. We came together in a Union and now we saying we not happy. You can either let us go or we can sit down together in therapy to resolve the situation. Smelly mouth Tchiroma goes on record saying how Cameroon is indivisible running high on the adrenaline of ignorance concocted by his hermit master. I am no politician, will never be and I often abstain from discussions, but right now my blood too is beginning to bubble at how the Biya regime continues to undermine us, wishfully beckoning for war.

  7. Before any fall comes, there must be madness first. They are in the drowning stage
    and anything goes.
    One thing is worthy of note: they are not gathering any points eg. for all what they
    have been doing in the name of arguing that gov`t is addressing the Anglophone
    problem, even Baroness Shame, has told them that dialogue is the solution. Meaning.
    that nothing has started so far. And she spoke in clean and clear english language
    and right there infront of them all and in Yaounde of all.
    One question begs for an answer: how are they taking it?
    Those in lrc, should be asking themselves, if all the monies spent so far, is called
    investment or leakage.

  8. Laws are usually printed in STATUTE books and publicised as much as possible for the benefit of the citizen. When laws become a secret, they are hard, if not I’m possible to apply and so people are arrested, brought to court, taken back to prison, brought to court, over and over and over, as court officials look for a charge that does not exist. This takes a toll on the citizen and society at large.

    Today it is Fotokol mayor, Ramat Moussa being set free. Yesterday it was Stonybrook University professor, Patrice Nganang. And before that….and….and…..and…..How can we possibly maintain the “image de marque du Cameroun” this way?

    By the way, can anyone cite the reference of the law that makes a debate on the form of the state of Cameroon/ donning military uniform illegal?

  9. Military print clothing is sold all over Europe ,America and Asia.Civilians wear these clothes even in many African countries.Why is it a taboo in Cameroun?Is it the clothes frightening Paul Biya ?What a primitive country called Cameroun?

  10. First, wearing military regalia is a sign of deep respect to the army. Secondly, I just read somewhere that billions were embezzled by custom officials. Now compare the emphasis on fighting the wearing of military wear and fighting to eradicate the national favorite pass time.

  11. Military cloth should be worn only by people who are paid by the state to defend the population from harm and distress .Anyone impersonating them is puttting these guys code of conduct with civilians or engagement and defense in a more serious situation at risk and anyone passing on their uniforms to relatives to wear is not doing anybody any favours either.Its common sense to avoid civilians build up in using this cloth and past instances in history have probably made these ristrictions to come about in other countries so the state is doing its job in following its intuition to put in place restrictions .
    Firefighter saying thankyou sir or ms to army personal when they are on duty within civilian areas is respect and they are they are pleasantly suprised when strangers do .