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Panafricain-e-s : Ruben Um Nyobè, le héros oublié du Cameroun [+vidéo]

Jusque dans les années 1990, au Cameroun, toute évocation de Ruben Um Nyobè était interdite.

Il a fallu attendre la loi de réhabilitation du 16 décembre 1991 pour briser ce tabou. Pourtant l’ancien syndicaliste, fondateur de l’Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC) en 1948, a été l’objet, après son assassinat par l’armée française, d’une immense admiration populaire.

Excellent orateur, il a parcouru le Cameroun pour transmettre les idées d’indépendance et de réunification du pays et est devenu, au cours des années 1950, une des icônes internationales du tiers-mondisme naissant. Il a fini sa vie dans la clandestinité, tué en 1958 par l’armée française.

Retour sur le parcours de l’un des plus importants nationalistes subsahariens, artisan de la réunification du Cameroun.

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  1. RIP, Patriot.

    Your fight against French puppets wasn’t in vain.

    Greetings to all comrades, not forgetting Ntumazah, Ouandjie, Afande, Moumie…ur fight can never be in vain.

    Panafricanism would rise again, no matter the upheavals…

  2. Papa,

    The counter-revolutionaries aka equatorial gaulists are still in power, but the struggle continues. They are currently butting heads with tropical anglo-saxons, but even that too will come to pass.

    Rest in peace.

  3. MoFos are weeping up erstwhile sentiments. RIP to all that put in the fierce resistance to root out French imperialism out of the mother continent. Because you were brutally defeated and your generations inherited the fear that have bent them into submission, creating fear that force them to kowtow to a tropical Gaullist creation of a dictator, collaborating with the English crooks and American mercenaries to see Ambazonian annihilation, Ambalanders have decided to restore their homeland by enforcing UNGA Resolution 1608. Live free or die trying. Let the war struggle continues. Sissy BrotherJoe who only see Ngraffi things and evoking commercial avenue not knowing there’s one in K-Town too and his Bamelike scum friend called ZamZam aka the movie jester can go to hell. Live free or we die.

    • How can you be sure Zam-Zam is bamileke? The Bamilleke’s are much more informed, aware and sympathetic to the trials and tribulations affecting the masses all over and not just in Cameroon. It shouldnt be that hard to figure out where he originates from?

      • New Day,

        don’t mind that frustrated boy…..some of us are already taking the BLACK fight to a continental level while some sickos are lying there at village level—giving themselves some bestial names like tigers, dragons, cobra, goats, cows, etc.,…

    • Mabanda Boy,

      Please keep exposing yourself for the blood thirsty psychopath that you are. Cameroonians from the NW and SW regions are reading your words. They will be the judge…

      Dull ting..

    • Hahahahaha, Banda Boy!

      Need I remind you that it was a Franco who used his own money to raise a statue of Foncha in D’la a few years ago? Can you ever do same?

      Were your agenda genuine, pple would have taken you seriously. You exposed your agenda, mass-killings of Francos, too early. That is why ur mov’t has been isolated, ur little days of fame are over.

      Genuine and authentic Anglos like Barrister Ba-lla, Mancho, even Boh H…are out for federation, and it would happen in this our time.

      Ghost towns and war can only make matters worse for ppl feeling the heat, not for those like M Boy hiding in WEST.

      You’re forcing Francos to fall into ur trap and start hating Anglos, so fire may be ignited, but no way. Francos have learnt how to differentiate b/w ur mov’t and authentic Anglos…

  4. Heroes can have their place in history if and only when contemporary society lives up to its expectation. But where the press is routinely gagged (Issa Tchiroma is back and stepping on the feet of press freedom!), history is tainted/loaded with palimpsest and rulers makes it look like it all began when they came on scene (Paul Biya in 1982, Ahidjo in 1961, etc), the business becomes quite murky indeed. People should learn to give due credit to those that left their marks on the landscape.

  5. What sense, is therein when the powers that be, like we see today, kill patriots
    and then come to label and honour them as heros tommorow?
    Does this make any sense with the likes of Mancho B, Sissikou etc etc today?

    • You can’t put Sisiku and Um Nyobè in the same sentence.
      Blasfeme total!

      • Boy, Sissikou et al, have already gone down in the history
        and history books of Cameroon, as patriots, like it or not.
        The Nera Hotel abduction story, is one part of the whole,
        that no Cameroonian or historian worth the salt, writing the
        story, will skip or ignore. I know you are either not a history
        fan or you are envious. Meet a politician, journalist, historian
        etc and talk or ask questions to proove me wrong.

        • Well stated @Joshua. I will even go further to assert that the great Sisiku sits on a pedestal just a step below that of Mandela.
          Umaru Nyobe remains a LRC figure to be revered. However, Sisiku is par excellence, and the revolutionary iconography of all who seek liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        • …Um Nyobe…

        • Where is he? Where is Sisiku?

        • It is irrelevant where ever he is. What is of importance is his impeccable legacy as a champion of liberty and justice.
          In the event that he has moved on to join the other great African champions of freedom like Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, and Thomas Sankara, he will always be held in high esteem and remembered by posterity as a matyr.
          Hope I answered your question.

  6. stolen Freedom…like they say black man kills black man..how different was that fight with the Ambazoshit traitors of today? at least the traitors of yesterday are struggling infront of history …now the french used their proxy american to start another war against africa..cameroon full independancs and some are clapping hands

    • Voilà un chien errant ,in drogué ,dégénéré qui compare un hero panafricain comme Um Nyobé à un vulgaire bandit come Ayuk tablet Manyaka signifie miracle un miracle ne saurait être idiot fut-il camerounais.

      • As a corollary, let me add that Um Nyobe (a terrorist) is only hero to the sympathizers of the macquisard cause.
        He is among the pioneers of terrorism on the African continent. A legacy that his descendants who benefited from the magnanimity of Southern Cameroonians have inherited and are now exercising on our people.
        How dare you compare him with the great Sisiku.

        • Wow! Now you are comparing a ganster in the name of Sisiku to Thomas Sankara? How dare you?
          You guys are really crazy.

        • Do answer this one question; was Um Nyobe not a macquisard?

          Of course I’m “comparing”Sisiku the great to Sankara. I actually even believe that he should be heralded as a more accomplished champion of liberty.
          For example he advocated for non violence as a tool towards achieving his mission of liberating Southern Cameroon. Sankara on his part came to power and initially enforced his objectives by means of violence.
          You are the crazy one and you are stupid to think we can see through your foolishness.

        • Who granted visa to such things????

        • The question should be asked; what beast was cursed with the misfortune to bring your retarded self into this world?

        • Mola,
          You too much for dat French slaves, I mean degenerates!

        • Lol
          Bro no mind..
          I know exactly how to irritate them.
          Just pinch them a little bit that’s all it takes.

  7. He is not a forgotten as you may think. French genocide is catching up with them. I hear they are asking their citizens to stay away from Ambazonia. Even if you hide in Yaoundé, the hands of justice will find you out. Someday we will match down the street with Um Yobe on every ones flag while the last Frenchman in that country is getting into air France, never looking back .

  8. How can you ask people who are killing other Africans because they don’t speak French to remember an African hero?
    There heroes of Cameroon are in France and French text books.
    The Africans who fought the French are called terrorist by the same Francophones who are killing West Cameroonians today trying to run away from France and Francophone marginalization.
    To celebrate a hero you must first know your history and be proud of it.
    Is there any street in or an airport named after Nyombe?
    In West Cameroon we are fighting to preserve our history including the pidgin we speak to each other

    • Don’t Southern Cameroonians have heroes too?
      Do you think those from the “other side” will ever accord them the same degree of recognition and relevance that they expect of everyone for their own heroes?

      • what heroes? punk? you were bending over and serving tea to your british masters till we liberated you . LRC fought a war against france stood her ground and precipitated the liberation process. while you on the other hand were begging the queen to not leave you just like your nigerian brothers. the results are there for all to se, we gained our freedom before you, and 57 years later you are still begging us to free you aka remove our feet from your necks. heroes my left foot . besides barking mollah mollah mollah oil oil , what else do you know to do ?

        • I would have been inclined to react in kind to your crude and rude interjection. However, your obvious impervious disposition, and your determined zeal at advertising stupidity prompts me to underscore the pressing urgency to expand the scope of education in our society.
          You may want to be reminded that it is never too late to go back to school; even for ex-convicts.

      • @Manyaka76
        Oh yes we have our heros and we don’t only know them we are also proud of them.
        We will always celebrate them we expect nothing from the other side.
        We expected so much in 1961 that’s why we entered the 419. It is blantantly obviously today that death to us and our children is all that can be expected.
        62000 refugees in Nigeria!
        Nobody in East Cameroon has made mention of them, nobody will ever visit them, nobody cares about their plight, no one questions how they became refugees etc
        We know our history and our heroes we will not wait for appointed griots to narrate our history for within us Griots are born Griots they are not appointed by Yaoundé/France.

    • @Lum
      Go to Cameroon-info.net and the first picture that introduces the website is John Ngu Foncha’s statue being brought down and desecrated in Rond Point, Deido in Douala. That is how heroes of Anglophone Cameroon are remembered. And of course during the famous 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Buea, not much was mentioned about those who made re-unification a reality. Want some more? It gets annoying in the context of the perfidy being celebrated these days.

      No matter the misgivings about the use of Victoria to celebrate an English Monarch, it is risible to replace it with Limbe, another foreign designation(Lindburgh).

      • idiot, who put that statue in the first place? and how come you don’t have a statue of the same foncha in your own village? at least the douala people are honouring people they see as cameroonian heroes. you on the other hand is still begging and craving for that franco-Beti hug. stay there don’t honour your so clled anglo heroes, wait for Beti to do it for you, you hear?

        • We will not elevate your senile predicament to the level of a sane discourse.
          JD take note that we do not need our heroes celebrated on foreign soil.
          We Recognise Foncha for at least realizing that he left us in a bad way with these nation wreckers of Larepublique. We shall Recognise him, Endeley, Jua and all others appropriately with squares, parks, gardens and transport terminals as soon as we get to Buea. Ayuk Tabe, Mancho and all those paying the price for our freedom will also be fixtures in our literature and infrastructure.
          La Republique must be left behind us like the smoke that they are.
          It is finished, just as Christ said today, we are free!
          Long Love Ambaland!

        • Tossing “idiots” around like confetti, leaves very little for the Atangana Kounas poorly disguised as Amougou and fished out of a Bauchi hotel in Nigeria, having been shepherded there by clansmen in military and religious grabs. Such therapeutic words would serve better in the rehabilitation halls of Kondengui, n’est-ce pas????????????????????

  9. Pinguiss,
    The quaint statue of Charles Atangana is hidden away under trees in Yaounde. You rushed to Bamenda to give birth to the rotten wound rdpc. We are still waiting to see how you celebrate your heroes! Don’t forget to build 200 statues of those of your heroes at Kondengui, small gorilla thug!