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Paul Biya renforce l’offre universitaire

Journal du Cameroun Le chef de l’Etat a signé des décrets vendredi portant création de certaines facultés et écoles, notamment, la faculté de médecine de l’Université de Dschang, et l’Enset de l’Université de Yaoundé I.

Au Cameroun, l’université de Bamenda bénéficie de la création d’une Ecole nationale supérieure polytechnique. L’organisation administrative et académique de cet établissement est fixée dans un décret qu’a signé le président de la République, Paul Biya, vendredi, 23 novembre 2017. Dans le même temps, l’Université de Ngaoundéré est dotée d’une Ecole de géologie et d’exploitation minière.

Le président Paul Biya a également créé l’Ecole normale supérieure d’enseignement technique (Enset) de l’Université de Yaoundé I. Elle sera basée dans la localité d’Ebolowa (région du Sud). L’Université de Dschang est dôtée d’une Faculté de médecine et de sciences biologiques.

« Avant que le chef de l’Etat ne signe les décrets créant ces établissements, tous les pré-requis avaient déjà été validés : infrastructures, équipements, ressources financières et humaines. Sauf objections de la hiérarchie, le démarrage de ces établissements se fera au cours de l’année académique 2017-2018.

L’opinion publique sera tenue informée des dispositions pratiques inhérentes au démarrage des activités académiques, dès que nous aurons eu les différentes autorisations réglementaires », indique le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, Jacques Fame Ndongo, dans une interview publiée dans la presse publique ce lundi.

Le chef de l’Etat vient ainsi de renforcer les structures d’enseignement supérieur dans le pays. Le nombre d’Ecole polytechnique passe à trois, les deux premières étant à Yaoundé et Maroua. On compte dorénavant à deux, le nombre d’Ecoles normales d’enseignement techniques au Cameroun.

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  1. Merci Papa Biya , you are doing a lot for the youths.

    • @Pinguiss, what is taught in the classroom is more important than opening schools. Mr Biya better go and resolve the Anglophone crisis before spending more money there. Ambazonians are marching on firmly to decolonize from LRC under France. From a federation of equals to just La Republique du Cameroun again is a pretty illegal annexationist strategy that has crashed on camera. Mr Biya also needs to revisit Clauses 1 and 2 of the 1959 Cooperation Slavery Accords ceding the sovereignty of LRC to France. Why should France have a say on what is taught in our schools? Independence must mean independence. Ambazonians will not buy Mr Biya’s gimmicks. What happened to the computers to college students?

      • @MD
        I hope you don’t expect to crack open a rock to get water??????????

        • OLD and senile fag are you scared of me ? Why you trynna throw shades behind someone ? Come up straight like a man if you are one and make your concern heard . Ah ah I guess I’m asking you too much . If you don’t have anything to say go back to the kitchen where you belong

        • Which is better – to let others speculate about one’s stupidity or to hurriedly open one’s mouth and confirm it?

      • Wirba has amassed more than 200Millions in micro projects funding alone since he joined the assembly , do you mind pointing to us what he has accomplished in his barren Jakiri that doesn’t produce or give anything to the nation with that money ? I’m not asking for much just a market place he built ? Instead of the goods being sold on the ground as it is the case in his constituency, just public toilets or a small library to educate the youths ? Please tell us what the Sdf parliaments members have done for their constituencies with the over 3billions of state money they received between 1997-2017 . I’m talking about micro projects funding I don’t even want to dig into their bonuses and diverse allowances . Osih should be ashamed of himself whenever he looks in a mirror , his native Diang

        • Looks like a pit latrine and he hasn’t done anything for his Douala constituency either but guess what they all have in common big and small businesses worth millions ah ah it is so easy to put a smoke screen on your work or should I say absence of work when your constituency citizens are gullible and illiterates but the punks call osih wirba ndam etc can’t deceive us ,keep buying their antics,in the end there will never be again a 2 states federation, it is a pipe dream and you better wake up from your slumber at best you can have a 10-12 states federation but it still very unlikely due to the shenanigans you guys are doing you don’t even realize that you are strengthening the Center as any move toward autonomy/autonomous entities will scare whoever is in charge. Period maybe in 100years.

        • AMEN to that

        • Agbor Pinguiss,
          You senior gorilla at the presidency in charge of dancing and drinking told us to leave Essimi Menye alone, when he swindled tax payers’ hard earned income and absconded. When you will lay out what he did in his village for all the years that he served as minister, bring your drunken head let’s talk development! Wirba is awarded 200 million for projects , but Biya controls the budget for35 years, and you have no express way in your colonial out post. Trained parrots talk more about others than your brothers who have been given everything , but still manage to end up at Kondengui.

        • @ Firefighter
          I doff my hat to that.

      • @depimentaldog eater, can the moron1c bastard that you are tell us why the Anglo CPDM MPs did not stay to dance lile drunkards with their brothers from the sdf ? Ah ah clown besides we already know that the gorillas from the forest can’t do anything right in your eyes ,but at least they gave money actually billions to your MPs well I guess it’s time to show us what their Anglo Saxon heritage helped built with such amount of money, I mean I thought all of this was about showing us how the Franco system is backward and decaying vs the superior Anglo system with accountability, well the floor is yours tell us what brainless Wirdba did with the over 300millions of micro projects funding he received in his constituency (jakiri) ? The place looks like a pit latrine yet he has been MP for +20

        • Agbor Pnguiss?
          Gorillas gave money to our MPs? You don’t get it at all! Gorillas from one part of the jungle have no right to “ give” and “ take” the country’s money at will! Anglophone MPs who did not stay are house slaves, keep them in your jungle! Before Wirba ever dreamt of becoming MP, your brothers were already making away with our taxes for decades. You who asked us to shut up about Essimi Menye are now asking the same us to tell you what Wirba has done. Slow learner and drunkard extraordinaire, your place is in the forest! Stealing is in your DNA, lazy punk! You lack drinking water and public toilets in the capital Yaounde, then you are shamelessly ecstatic talking about Jakiri! For the past 3 months how much money has been discovered in Wirba’s home?

  2. Placing the cart before the horse. As usual!

  3. Another cosmetic solution using yesterday’s solution for today’s problems. The Ayuk Government now run things here. Akwanga, Balla or Boh, Biya, Ze Meka, Birs, Gendarmes, Crtv, France cannot stop the moving train.

    • WHEN Franco kids start filling up places don’t come around and cry blue murder . If you don’t cease the opportunities in your regions others will . Since the state has decided to pampers only 2 regions we will all go over there

  4. This old megalomaniac who stole the position of two generations is completely confused. The game is over. All the lackeys and sycophants have to start to re-educate and re-orientate themselves before it becomes too late.

  5. Biya, it is high time, you dialogue with Anglophones or u let them go,We are tied of all these nonsense and would rather die fighting for our freedom then listening to these your old decrees.Are u not seeing that is time off for You? Please, you will never ever fool us again. We shall create our own higher institutions of learning. Border not about us baba.

  6. Biya, it is high time, you dialogue with Anglophones or u let them go,We are tied of all these nonsense and would rather die fighting for our freedom then listening to these your old decrees.Are u not seeing that is time off for You? Please, you will never ever fool us again. We shall create our own higher institutions of learning. Border not about us baba.

    Biya, it is your time over, please, learn a lesson from Mugabe.

  7. That’s what he’s good at, signing decrees left and right.

  8. The gentle butterfly flaps its wings, generating a mild current of air which grows imperceptibly from the tropics to reach hurricane proportions in the Carribean and Southern United States. Ever heard of the butterfly effect?

    Grace Mugabe, PhD started as a modest secretary carrying out philandering with Robert Gabriel Mugabe behind her husband’s back. She tasted power and liked it. Look where it ended
    These small streams of despondent fellow citizens who find their way to Iran, Iraq, Israel,, France, Azabeijan, UK, US, undergoing tough times and loneliness will eventually constitute a formidable force, if they haven’t done so already. In engineering and many other areas, forces do work. Work!