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Un journaliste accusé d’incitation à la haine contre les anglophones

Au Cameroun, la crise anglophone se transporte dans les médias. Des dizaines de journalistes anglophones ont saisi le 3 octobre le Conseil national de la communication (CNC) avec une plainte visant un journaliste d’une chaîne de télévision privée, coupable à leurs yeux d’« incitation à la haine ». Une plainte que le Conseil a aussitôt décidé d’examiner en promettant des sanctions sévères en cas de faute professionnelle avérée. Plusieurs autres médias sont dans le collimateur de cet organe de régulation pour leur traitement jugé indélicat de la crise dite anglophone.

Peter Essoka
La pétition signée par une cinquantaine de journalistes camerounais d’expression anglaise met notamment à l’index le directeur de la télévision privée Vision 4. Il est reproché à Ernest Obama d’avoir, dans l’une de ses émissions, incité à la haine contre les anglophones et d’avoir qualifié de « terroristes » les auteurs des troubles dans les régions anglophones du Sud-Ouest et du Nord-Ouest.

Au Conseil national de la communication (CNC) où la plainte a été déposée, l’affaire est prise très au sérieux. Son président, Peter Essoka, met en garde contre ce qui pourrait s’apparenter, selon lui, à la Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM), de sinistre renommée au Rwanda.

« Langage de haine »

« Les médias, dans une période de crise comme celle-ci, doivent faire preuve de beaucoup de responsabilités, estime-t-il. Nous sommes dans une période sensible. Demander à des gens de s’attaquer à d’autres est inadmissible. Et nous allons traiter cela avec beaucoup de sérieux. Ce genre de choses est arrivé au Rwanda en 1994 avec la Radio Mille Collines, avec les conséquences que l’on sait. Est-cela que souhaitent ces télévisions en utilisant leur langage de haine ? »

Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga, le propriétaire de Vision 4, se défend de toute stigmatisation visant les anglophones. « Je voudrais qu’on nous présente là où on a parlé de génocide, là où on a appelé les uns ou les autres à combattre les anglophones, déclare-t-il. Je dis non, je ne peux même pas le faire puisque des anglophones vivent chez moi. Ils travaillent ici, ce sont des responsables. Il y a des émissions en anglais ».

Mieux encore, il reprend à son compte les propos reprochés à son collaborateur : « Quand on pose des bombes, quand on a les armes, quand on brûle les écoles, on appelle cela comment ? Moi, j’appelle cela terrorisme ».

Ernest Obama a quant à lui déjà présenté ses regrets à tous ceux qui, dans la communauté anglophone, ont été offensés par ses propos.


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  1. Obama and Ze said it and the government hired mercenaries and did it! More than 50 deaths came from the helicopter shootings. ICC awaits Biya.

  2. Happy now Mbappe, pinguiss , Ras tug and co at least your people are killing the Anglophones is that not what you wanted. However let me warn you unlike in Rwanda the Anglophones especially where I come from are warriors as you have never imagine and trust me we saw what happen on the 10/1/17 this might not seem like a threat my friend but we are watching and the end will justify the means.

  3. by the way look at who wants to investigate that SOB Obama. Peter continue to dine with your brothers time shall tell traitor.

  4. Peter Essoka is Bassa man and part of the problem, he cannot do any thing against his francophone brothers who call for genocide of anglophones. what those boys is on record but Anglophones are killed base on simple (I hear say)

    • Peter Essoka is Douala and part of the solution. He is undeniably a so-called Anglophone! Who are you to decide where he belongs? Continue fooling around on the streets, and you will eventually pay the ultimate price.

      • If Peter Essoka is from Douala, then he is of same ancestry as some of the South Westerners. Since the NW and SW people have completely different cultures and of different ancestry, Peter Essoka is more likely to form a country with some South Westerners as they are brothers and sisters. Conclusion. The South West and North Westerners are not one thus they can’t form a country. They are not related like the Spanish Catalonians or the Kurdish Iraqis. The only thing they have in common is that they are called Anglophones because they speak the English Queens language just as Peter Essoka does and since the English Queen’s language is Peter Essoka’s first language he is an Anglophone.

        • Exactly! Even the Bassas have a common ancestry with the SW people… unlike the people of the WESTERN REGION, and NW folks that are close relatives of the Tikars up north. Absurdly, the NW folks dubiously claim to be related to the SW people on the basis of some ridiculously fictional heritage they call NATIVE BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROONIAN (according to this brother/sister named MD). We will set the record straight in that country in this era!

        • Ras Tuge, you will set the record straight by killing folks right? Are you now happy as dead bodies shot from the helicopters after they escaped teargas from their houses are being retrieved from the bushes? Are you happy the military followed with the advise of the journalists to exterminate the rats and dogs? The black man is really an evil person as demonstrated by you and your kind in this forum. There was a time Vikings used to raid from Europe to North America as they so pleased. Their history they are not proud of and chose to work hard and uplift their social status to benefit all. Here you are plunged into such benefits head first and calling for the setting straight of an extermination record. You all are a big disgrace to your race. Big book without compassion is really a waste!

        • According to your defination every Nigerian could as well claim he or she is a S Cameroonian simply because English is thier first language. I hope I did not get you correctly else this would be a new low. You keep on breaking your own record, when is the next

        • You are an idiot.what is common between the people of l rc is it not the same colonial language .what have betis or bassa or peuls have in common? According to you nw should be independent country because we have nothing to do with LRC.so we are out.I dont think Franco’s can be so stupid and naive like you .my maternal grands parents are Francos, So keep quiet.chop broke pot.you are just fighting to protect your pot of soup.

  5. Let that odontol drunk called Ernest Obama continue fanning genocide . Our people are brave they will move corridor by corridor and fetched those francofools .Biya used helicopter killing our brothers who were protesting peacefully unarmed. About 8 bodies were seen this morning around a bush in buea

  6. Yes, the blood of our people cry out for revenge and that is the next stage of the intifada.

  7. Webmaster you can withhold my comment forever but I guarantee we will resist you and your Beti killing machine till the last man. Our heads may be bloodied but we shall never bow.

    • Vaiocomputers

      But u were not at the war front neither in Buea nor Bamenda.You r one these idiots that John Mbah akuro is condemning.Only noise behind the computers

  8. I will suggest SC leaders who have exiled themselves ( in Belgium , South Africa , Canada , Nigeria , USA,.. ) should all head home and protest. Those complaining on this forum should do the same. If you think independence will come good , you must be deceiving yourselves. Those 2 anglophone regions can not live together as one. The Biya regime is not at the cause of this problem. Our political and most educated elites in the 1960s and 70s are to be blames. Corruption is older than we all are. Those same people have kids all over Cameroon occupying high ranking positions. LRC rewarded them for the dirty job. Let’s stop complaining and fighting. Let’s think about a better Cameroon. Maybe a federal system and try to prove French Speaking Cameroon that we are better organized.

    • Nice one bro. Spot on. Federalism is the way forward and I like the way u put it aptly, federalism will help us proof to our francophone brethren that we are better organized. They will soon cross over to enjoy our well planned cities and economic goldmine.

      • HouseKeeper!

        Federalism seems like an enticing idea but would this regime submit to that? I would think that a lot of anglophones would have preferred the pre-1972 Federal status but that would diminish the power of the regime. The very essence of making it a united republic, then LRC was to assimilate and the constitution provided a forty year period of reassessment after which a referendum would be conducted. That should have been in 2012.
        I always cherished the idea of federalism be it two or ten states but this kind of carnage does not suggest Biya is willing to do so. He is drenched in dictatorship, he’s prosecuted a lot of his comrades and he fears that he may be prosecuted or persecuted should he leave power. He has chosen to go down a difficult road to the end like Abacha, not like J Rawlings.

  9. Peter Esoka will end up in Kondengui… Let’s wait and see. Paul Biya will get him.

  10. House keeper!You said it all.I think and belief federalism would be the best option for cameroon at this stage especially a ten states but would this corrupt neo colonial tribal govenment accept? You see we Africans have categorically refused to help ourselves,the solution is right infront of this k leg dictator but he would rather let this country go down the drain.what is more important right now Paul Biya or Cameroon?

  11. In the matter of calling Ernest Obama of Vision4 to order, Peter Essoka’s NCC has run out of steam.